Hey Champions,

Since the implementation of our Leagues System earlier this year, every player got content proffered that is more customized to their roster strength and progression needs.

The more you progress in Leagues, the better the rewards and the more game features & modes you unlock. The max League Tier was set to 15 and we stated we might increase it in the future as we see the player base grows.

Well, good news, we are about to release a NEW League Tier to WWE Champions 2020!

What does it mean for League 15 players?

They can finally RANK UP and take on their next challenges in upper Leagues! They can also compete in future Contests for even more valuable rewards.

The Manager’s Loots will offer them more rare Superstars, such as Nikki Bella “Fearless”, Bruno Sammartino, Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy”, Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty”, and increased odds for Mr. Perfect “nWo”!

League 15 Rank-Up rewards

15-Star Silver Token
600Random TP

League 16

Collect 30000 League Points1,000Cash
Own a total of 4 Superstar at 5-Star Bronze6,000,000Coins
Level up 25 moves to level 146,000,000Coins
Level up any 4 Superstars to level 210300TP of each Color
Win 200 Limited-Time Tour Matches100TP of each Color
Win 170 Gauntlet Blitz Matches2,000,000Coins
Win 400 Faction Feud Matches2,000,000Coins

Additionally, we will add 2 more Royal Rumble chapters to The Road! They are very challenging, even for the toughest Champion amongst you!

Due to the higher difficulties, the whole Royal Rumble Road Tour will be available for League Tier 15+ only! So make sure to take your League and Roster to the next level first before trying! 💪

We plan to implement the NEW League Tier in the upcoming days. Once this is done we will also add the new Royal Rumble chapters afterward.