Icons of Royal Rumble begins January 3rd starting at 12 PM PST (ways to earn points will begin soon after)! Our first Events will include a Key Event, a Book within Limited Time Tours, and for the weekend, a Gauntlet Blitz featuring Era-defined Superstars!


Our Icons of Royal Rumble Event brings back the ability to give you and your faction MASSIVE amounts of rewards when participating in Gauntlet Blitzes, Faction Feuds, and Limited Time Tours throughout the month! Similar to last month’s Event, you’ll rack up Medallions (points will be Medallions this time around) and earn amazing rewards individually AND with your Faction. Players will earn Onyx Royal Rumble Rings to contribute points for their Faction.

Earn and collect Icons of Royal Rumble Medallions!

Icons of Royal Rumble will feature TWO Wrappers – The Individual Wrapper and Faction Wrapper! Earn Medallions from Events to increase your Individual point score and earn Onyx Rings to gain Onyx Rings for your Faction point score.

With multiple Gauntlet Blitzes, Faction Feuds, Limited Time Tours, to other activities like Talent Up Events, TP, Coin/Evo, and Key Events, reach the best rewards within the Leaderboard and Milestone Tiers!

Elias, “Walk with Elias”

Tours, Blitzes, and Feuds – Icons will brawl this Royal Rumble

Icons of Royal Rumble will contain multiple Tour Books, with multiple chapters with a required Superstar. Similar to last month, we’ve consolidated the Tours. These Tours will provide Medallions and Rings.

These Tours bring the likes of Triple H “King of Kings,” Steve Austin “3:16,” Jim Duggan “Hacksaw,” Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing” and more will be featured in these Tours!

  • Triple H, “King of Kings”
  • Shawn Michaels “Degeneration-X”
  • Triple H, “DX”
  • Jim Duggan “Hacksaw”
  • Big John Studd
  • Rick Flair “Slick Ric”
  • I.R.S
  • Bam Bam Bigelow
  • Lex Luger + Bret Hart “The Excellence of Execution”
  • Steve Austin “Austin 3:16”
  • Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”
  • Mr. McMahon “The Chairman”
  • Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”
  • Batista
  • Undertaker “The Last Outlaw”
  • Sheamus
  • John Cena “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”
  • Randy Orton “The Viper”
  • Any Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Asuka
  • Shinsuke + Asuka mixmatch
  • Any Modern Era + Any Modern Era
  • Any Attitude Era + Any Attitude Era
  • Any Newgen Era + Any Newgen Era
  • Any Legend Era + Any Legend Era

Each Tour Chapter will feature the necessary Superstar. Between the Men’s Division and Women’s Division, you’ll need to recruit these Superstars to your Roster to reach the Leaderboard/Milestone reward you want to reach! These Tours will be released throughout the month as well, with each Book containing multiple Chapters, so keep a look out for their release! Our first chapters will start soon after the beginning of Icons of Royal Rumble.

Gauntlet Blitz

Gauntlet Blitz in Icons of Royal Rumble will grant Rings for your Faction. Beef up your Superstars maximize your Ring count and earn the top rewards!

First Blitz – Men’s Division Superstars, multiple Open Slots and Legends Tricksters for the Bottom Row in Normal Mode

Second Blitz – Men’s Division Superstars, multiple Open Slots and New Generation + Attitude Era Superstars for the Bottom Row in Normal Mode

Third Blitz – ?????

Faction Feud

Participating in Faction Feuds will earn Medallions and the exclusive Rings that contribute to your Individual Wrapper Score and Faction Wrapper Score! Each Feud during Icons of Royal Rumble lets you use Superstars from Legends Era, Attitude Era, Triple H, and more! Bulk up your Superstars to earn more Medallions and reach your Milestone + Leaderboard Reward goal!

Icons of Royal Rumble will mark the new year for WWE Champions and last through the month!