We’re kicking off WWE Champions’ 2nd Year Anniversary with a month-long Birthday Bash Event, including new Superstars, big event improvements, and awesome prizes! Celebrate all month with us and rake in the rewards!

The Backstage Birthday Bash is a multi-week event containing activities that’ll reward you with Birthday Bucks which count as points in the Event. And as a new feature, you’ll be able to spend them to win even more prizes! Play through the Limited Time Tours, Feuds and Blitzes, and additional supporting events to earn points to win big!

New Event Changes & Additions

The Birthday Bash event brings some fresh new changes and improvements that we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Special Solo Vault added to Spend Birthday Bucks (event points)
  • New Superstars
  • Bats (Keys) Event is Faction & Lasts all Month!
    • Spend your Bats at will! Event is all month. No solo events
  • TP & Coin/Evo Events are combined
    • Requires fewer TP each event
    • More events overall
  • 4-Star Monthlong Loot!
    • Top featured Superstar can be won up at 4-Star Bronze
    • 4-Star Featured Superstar changed regularly
  • Event points added to Feud leaderboard
    • No monthlong-related Feud events this month

New Superstars

February will include 3 new Superstars, Brutus Beefcake, and the Bludgeon Brothers, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper!

The Event

Look out for the Brutus Beefcake Kickoff Talent Up Event in order to win fuse up posters of Brutus Beefcake by leveling up your roster! Players can also win a 1-Star Bronze Brutus Beefcake Poster from the 1st node in the Brutus Beefcake Limited Time Tour!

By playing the event, you’ll earn “Birthday Bucks” and “Birthday Bats.” Birthday Bucks count as points in the event, but can also be spent in the Birthday Bash Vault which includes additional rewards, including top prize, Erick Rowan “The Bludgeon Brothers.”

Birthday Bats, on the other hand, can be spent to hit the Burro (Pinata) Loot for a chance to win Brutus Beefcake and other Superstars needed for the Limited Time Tours.

Look for the Birthday Bash Vault and Brutus Beefcake Burro in the Loot section in the game!

Limited Time Tours

Play through Birthday Bash Limited Time Tours in order to win Birthday Bucks, Headliner Chips, Diamonds, and Token Cases! A new Tour will launch every few days and will require one of the Superstars listed below.

Win a 1-Star Bronze Brutus Beefcake Poster from the 1st node in the Brutus Beefcake Limited Time Tour!


Birthday Buck Events

Look for these banners in the Events screen for events that give Birthday Bucks!

Faction Feuds & Gauntlet Blitzes

Earn additional Bucks and Bats by playing Gauntlet Blitzes throughout the month, starting off with the Brutus Beefcake Blitz at the start of the event. You can also earn Birthday Bucks from the leaderboard in Faction Feuds this month.

Note: Bucks will be given out in the Faction Feud leaderboard instead of corresponding Feud Events this month.

Victory Tour

In the end, players who win select, prize Superstars in the month will gain access to a special Victory Tour that will give additional rewards!

Are you ready, Champion?