nWo Superstars are finally making their grand debut in WWE Champions, with the introduction of nWo Syxx, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and ONE mystery Superstar that players can unlock if they collect enough shards by the end of the event. Read all about it below:

nWo Meets WrestleMania is a multi-week event containing activities that’ll reward you with Mania Coins which count as points in the Event and like win even more prizes! Play through the Limited Time Tours, Feuds and Blitzes, and additional supporting events to earn points to win big!



March will include 4 new Superstars, Syxx “nWo”, Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, and Scott Hall “Outsider” and 1 mystery nWo Superstar–who will it be?!


Players can claim the bonus 3-Star Bronze Superstar by working to collect every one of the 200 Shard Bags added throughout the event this month. Be careful not to miss any!



Look out for the Syxx Kickoff Talent Up Event in order to win fuse-up posters of Syxx by leveling up your roster! Players can also win a 1-Star Bronze Syxx Poster from the 1st milestone reward in the nWo Meets WrestleMania main event.

By playing the event, you’ll earn “Mania Coins” and “Liberty Torches.” Mania Coins count as points in the event, but can also be spent in the nWo Meets WrestleMania Bonus Vault which includes additional rewards, including top prize, Scott Hall “Outsider.”

Additionally, to celebrate WrestleMania 35 being hosted in the Big Apple this year, players can collect Liberty Torches and spend them in the Freedom Crate to earn more Superstars and shards.


Look for the WrestleMania Vault and Liberty Crate in the Loot section in the game!



Play through WrestleMania Limited Time Tours in order to win Mania Coins, Headliner Chips, Diamonds, and Token Cases! 

A new Tour will launch every few days and will require one of the Superstars listed below.

WrestleMania Limited Time Tours

  • Syxx
  • OPen
  • Any HHH
  • Female Division Tag-Team
  • Any Sting
  • Hardy Boyz Tag Team
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Any Randy Savage
  • Any Shawn Michaels
  • Any Chris Jericho
  • Any Undertaker
  • Any Steve Austin
  • Any Charlotte Flair
  • Any Andre the Giant
  • Any Randy Orton
  • Edge and Christian Team Team



Look for these banners in the Events screen for events that give Mania Coins!



Work with your Faction and play Gauntlet Blitzes and Feuds this month to earn more Torches and Mania Coins!



In the end, players who win select, prize Superstars in the month will gain access to a special Victory Tour that will give additional rewards!


Are you ready, Champions?