Hi Champions,

We have been looking into the Birthday Vault issue that affected some players few weeks ago (the Birthday Vault ending before the event did)

To resolve the issue, we sent out grab bags to players who 1) reached Level 3-5 in the Vault, 2) had enough for 1 pull (50,000 Birthday Bucks), and 3) had not completely emptied their Vault.

(Please note that this exclude anyone who exploited the “Farmageddon 3.0” issue and received Birthday Bucks this way.)

Players reaching Level 1-2 who fit these criteria received an inbox message with 100k Coins, 5 Super Player Appreciation Boxes, and 1,000 Blitz Tickets.

The grab bags emulated the items that had been unlocked at the level these players last achieved.

We appreciate your patience while we have worked to resolve the issue.

Thank you Champions!.