Update (21.03.2019)

Hey Champions,

Here is a quick follow up on our Star Fragments Post from 13.03.2019.

We plan to run the blitz regularly and will be giving a free ticket (i.e. one free “run” in the blitz) each time it goes live. ┬áThis means that every player now has a free path to fill in empty stars for all of their Superstars.

Please note: There no Star Fragment blitz live yet!

(Original Post from 13.03.2019)

Hi Champions,

The Star Fragment Blitz is available in-game! Earn star fragments during this blitz event to fill hollow stars!

Filling hollow stars will increase your health and gems damage.

How to fill the hollow stars?
1000 fragments to fill 2 stars
1500 fragments to fill 3 stars
2000 fragments to fill 4 stars

This recurrent blitz requires Female Superstars to play the event.

Are you ready Champions?