Hey Champions,

Are you already hyped for the biggest event in this Summer? Well, we definitely are and we would like you to join our revolt, the SummerSlam Revolt!

Rising Superstars are ready to take the lead and you can make it happen! With your Hawaiian shirt on and cold drinks in the cooler, you are going to stand the heat that is caused by the revolt. Play through this monthly contest to earn shards and poster for 3 highly requested NXT Superstars!

You will get the chance to recruit Ricochet, Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream at 3-Star Gold!

And you will not only get their NXT versions, but their WWE versions will also be available throughout this SummerSlam Revolt, starting with Velveteen Dream “The Vainglorious One” at 3-Star Bronze!


That makes it 6 new Superstars available during this month! You better don’t miss out!


  • The SummerSlam Revolt starts on Monday, July 15th at 12 pm PDT and lasts until Monday, August 12th.

     General Contest Info

    • To make progress and win awesome rewards in this contest you have to collect SummerSlam Coins  throughout this month.
      • You can get them in Limited-Time Tours, Feud-, Blitz-, Faction-, Showdown Tournament-, and additional supporting contests.
      • You can also obtain Perk currencies and SummerSlam Keychains  in those contests to get more advantages in your battles and to earn more Superstars and shards in the Summer Slam Revolt Briefcase.
    • Additional ways to make progress in this monthly contest are as follows:
      • Increase Talent for Aleister Black “Root of all Evil”
      • Increase Talent for Ricochet “The One and Only”
      • Increase Talent for “Velveteen Dream “The Vainglorious One”
      • Spend SummerSlam Revolt Perk currency
    • Milestone rewards will be Headliner coins, Diamonds, Perk currencies, Blitz tickets, safes, and SummerSlam Revolt bags.
      • The Revolt shard bags  (can contain up to 100 Revolt Shard Coins, prior NXT Superstars AND a chance to win a 3-Star Bronze Revolt bag , which gives you one of the new NXT Superstars at 3-Star Bronze!)
      • The Dream Bags  (can contain a Dream Coin  and chances to win up to 1500 SummerSlam Coins, a 2-Star Bronze Poster of Velveteen Dream “The Vainglorious One” or more!)
  • Leaderboard Ranks will get additional Coins, Diamonds, Headliner Coins and random 100 TP bags!

 Faction Contest

  • Collecting and Spending SummerSlam Keychains will give you points in the faction contest which has SummerSlam coins, Perk currencies and Dream Bags for you ready!
  • The SummerSlam Revolt Briefcase contains also possible SummerSlam Revolt Faction Loot Coins, which enables you to get great rewards from the Faction Vault!

 Kick-Off Talent Up

  • Well, a lot of you were saving their coins, TP, and fuses for this opportunity! Time to get wild and to increase your roster talent which will help you to battle your way through this monthly contest!
    • You can earn plenty of Revolt Coins , Revolt Shard Coins , and Dream Bags , to be used in the Prize Wall.
  • Conditions for this Kick-off Talent Up are as follows:
    • Level up a 2-Star Superstar (20 puts)
    • Evolve or enhance a 2-Star Superstar (800 pts)
    • Evolve, enhance or fuse up a 4-Star Superstar (40000 pts)
    • Level up a 4-Star Superstar (200 pts)
    • Increase Roster Talent by 1 (1 pt)
    • Increase the talent of Velveteen Dream “NXT” by 1 (3 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Ricochet “NXT” by 1 (3 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Aleister Black “NXT” by 1 (3 pts)
    • Evolve or enhance a 3-Star Superstar (10000 pts)
    • Level up a 3-Star Superstar (100 pts)
  • This Kick-off Talent Up starts on Monday, July 15th around 1 pm PDT and ends on Thursday, July 18th at 12 pm PDT.

 Monthlong NXT Talent Up

  • The SummerSlam Revolt provides you also with a monthlong Talent Up, focused on the new NXT Superstars.
  • Rewards include Revolt Choose Coins , which can be used in the Prize Wall to choose one of the new NXT Superstars.
    • Each Superstar requires 100 Revolt Choose Coins
  • Conditions for this Talent Up are as follows:
    • Increase the talent of Velveteen Dream “NXT” by 1 (1 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Ricochet “NXT” by 1 (1 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Aleister Black “NXT” by 1 (1 pts)
    • Max milestones set at 30000 points.

 The Prize Wall

  • The SummerSlam Revolt comes with its own Prize Wall, stuffed full of resources in exchange for SummerSlam coins.
  • Revolt Coins, Revolt Shard Coins, Revolt Choose Coins, and Dream Coins  can be used in a separate Prize Wall section.
    • As aforementioned, you can use Revolt Coins to get The Revolt Bags in various rarities, which give you a chance to obtain one of the new NXT Superstars up to 3-Star Bronze!
    • Revolt Choose Coin  lets you choose one of the new NXT Superstars at 1-Star Gold.
    • Revolt Shard Coin  unlocks shards and poster for your “chosen” NXT Superstar!
    • With the Dream Coin  you will be able to get more Revolt Shard Coins, Velveteen Dream “The Vainglorious One” shards, and a 3-Star Silver poster!

In a nutshell:

  1. Check out the SummerSlam Revolt Kickoff Talent Up Contest
  2. Talent up your roster to earn Revolt Coins
  3. Use Revolt Coins in the SummerSlam Revolt Prize Wall for Revolt Bags
  4. Revolts Bags give you up to 3-Star Bronze Posters of Velveteen Dream “NXT”, Aleister Black “NXT” or Ricochet “NXT”
  5. Talent up the new “NXT” Superstars in the SummerSlam Revolt NXT Talent Up Contest to earn Revolt Choose Coins
  6. Use Revolt Choose Coins in the SummerSlam Revolt Prize Wall to redeem your next new “NXT” Superstar!

If you got lost with all those new currencies, we have prepared a little dummy chart for you which makes the currencies functions a bit easier to understand:

 Limited-Time Tours

Play through these Tours in order to win required contest currencies and other great rewards. A new Tour will launch every few days. The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our event calendar.

  • Week 1
    • Any Superstar
    • VIP Superstars
    • Aleister Black “NXT”
    • Ricochet “NXT”
    • Velveteen Dream “NXT”
    • Female Superstar Tag-Team
    • Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Future”
    • Kevin Owens “The New Face of America”
    • The Shield + NXT Tag-Team
    • Bret Hart “Hit Man”

Upcoming Contest Changes:

  • The next Faction Feud will give you a good amount of Summer Sprint Stones as rewards which can be redeemed in a dedicated Prize Wall, related to the upcoming Summer Sprint contest.
    • You will be able to choose for Superstars up to 3-Star Gold, which will also be requirements for the SummerSlam Revolt Limited-Time Tours!
    • The Prize Wall includes posters and resources.
  • The SummerSlam Revolt Faction Contest will have more milestones than in the previous month which reduces the gaps between the milestones.
  • Coin/Evo and TP contests will also have more milestones which make them easier to progress while keeping the same top milestone requirements.

 Event Schedules

  • As mentioned above you can earn more contest currencies in our scheduled contests during this month. Check the event calendar and find out when to prepare for the next Faction Feud, Gauntlet Blitz, Limited Time Tours, or extra point contests.