Hey Champions,

Many battles have been fought and glorious victories won, but there was always one important thing missing: a true Champion needs a Title to hold up high, to absorb the electricity of the moment for their history-making match!

It’s about damn time you earn your own Titles and become a true CHAMPION!

  • Superstar Titles allow you to improve and customize every 3-Star or higher Superstar!
  • Equip Straps and enhance your Superstar with powerful Medals!
  • Get amazing Medal set bonuses and use the strongest Medals to create the best combination ever!
  • Get FREE Straps and Medals once the update hit all platforms!
  • A massive TITLES KICK-OFF CONTEST with awesome TITLE REWARDS launches on November 11th! Don’t miss out!

  • First of all, these brand-new Titles are additive to your entourage – they will not replace Trainers or Coaches. Thus, Titles will provide distinct benefits in addition to overlapping with some existing bonuses.
  • A Title consists of a STRAP and MEDALS, which give your Superstar additional bonus effects. A high-rarity Strap allows you to equip more Medals!
  • You can create all kinds of Title variations for anything you want, whether for a special contest, Tours, Blitz, Feuds, etc…The sky’s the limit!
  • Be unique. Be a CHAMPION!

 We plan to release this brand new feature in WWE Champions 2019 with our upcoming 0.390 Update, rolling out this week!

 Please keep on reading for a full overview of Titles, Straps, and Medals!

  • You can find the new Titles button on your Superstar Management page.

  • Tap the TITLES button and choose whether you want to manage your Straps or your Medals.

  • Straps and Medals have their own inventories, completely separate from your global inventory. These inventories come with a pre-defined capacity that you can increase over time with Strap Inventory Tokens and Medal Inventory Tokens.

  • Straps come in different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic). The higher the rarity, the more Medals you can equip, and the more chances to unlock a permanent boost for the Strap!

Example: This “Epic” Strap has a permanent boost and 4 Medal Slots.

  • Complete brand new Expeditions, each of which will require a specific Superstar.
    • You can get Common, Uncommon or Rare Straps from these Expeditions, depending on the rarity of the Expedition and the talent of your Superstars.
    • The higher the talent of the Superstar you send on an Expedition, the better your chances to get a high-rarity Strap!
  • Acquire them in the Shop and Loot when available.

  • Every 3-Star or higher Superstar can equip Straps.
  • The requirements for Straps are shown on their central and side plates.
  • Requirements at release can be
    • Era
    • Gender
    • Class
    • Stable
    • Tag Team

This example shows you a Modern Era, Women’s Division Acrobat Strap.

  • You can view them by simply clicking on the Strap in the “Select A Strap” Box in the Straps overview.

  • The Strap screen shows you the Rarity, how many Slots for Medals it has and the requirements to equip the Strap to your Superstar.
  • All Straps start with one unlocked Medal Slot, but depending on the rarity a Strap can have a maximum of 4 Slots!

Example: 3 Locked Slots

Example: 4 Unlocked Slots

  • You can reinforce a Strap with Strap Parts, which unlock another (random) Medal Slot on the Strap.
    • Once you have unlocked ALL available Slots you can’t reinforce the Strap anymore.

  • Strap Parts can be obtained by selling unused Straps. 
    • You have to remove applied Medals before selling.

In this example, we selected multiple Straps to sell.

  • Straps can come with a powerful Bonus when you get them! But even Straps with no Bonus have a chance to gain a Bonus each time you reinforce them!

  • The following Strap Bonuses will be available at release (and more will be available in the future):

  • Existing Strap Bonuses can neither be overwritten nor improved with “Reinforce”.
  • Strap Bonuses can appear on a Strap of any rarity.  This means even “Common” Straps can have Bonuses!
  • Once you have your Strap equipped you can go back to the Titles menu. The example shows you an equipped Title with an “Epic” Strap and 4 Medal Slots.

  • To see all its bonuses you can click on the upper right “Stats” Button.

The example shows the Strap Bonus but no Medal Bonuses because there are no Medals attached to the Strap.

  • Tour and Blitz opponents won’t have any Titles equipped at release.

  • A basic Strap is all you need to get started, but you might also want to add some powerful MEDALS to customize and improve your Superstar Title’s power.
  • You can find Medals in “The Road” and sometimes in Limited-Time Tours.
    • We have added all-new tiers of Lootboxes which gives you increased chances to receive high rarity Medals and more Medal bits!
    • Opponents from 2400 talent upwards can have Lootboxes with Medals inside.
    • Gold Loot Boxes against the toughest opponents will always have a better chance at higher-tier and higher-rarity Medals!
  • Medals in Lootboxes are additional very high-value resources that provide you with PERMANENT BUFFS for your Superstars, as long as attached to a strap and equipped to a Superstar!

  • With an equipped Strap in the Titles menu, tap on one of its unlocked Medal Slots to enter the Medals menu.
  • The equipped Strap in our example has 4 unlocked Medal Slots, which means it allows you to equip 4 Medals.

  • There are four types of Medals:
    1.  Move Defense
    2.  Gem Defense
    3.  Move Damage
    4.  Gem Damage
  • A Medal can only be equipped to a slot that matches its type.
    • Example: A Gem Damage Medal can only be used in the Gem Damage Slot.

  • All Medals have a primary stat buff and gain substat buffs as they rise in level.

Example: A “Rare” Tier 3 Move Damage Medal with a primary stat buff “ALL Move Damage +1500” and 4 additional substats.

Example: An “EPIC” Tier 1 Move Defense Medal with a primary stat buff “ALL Move Defense +500” and 4 additional substats.

  • Each Medal can be leveled up to increase their strength and to unlock and/or boost powerful substats!
  • Medal Bits are needed for this process (and to un-/equip) and can be obtained by selling unused Medals.

  • Selling Medals works the same as with Straps. 
    • Click on the “Sell” button and select the Medals you want to sell.

  • Now that you have some Medal Bits together you can start leveling up your Medals.
  • Basic level ups are guaranteed. Advanced level-ups require a little luck! Give it a shot!

  • In the Level Up Dialog, you can try to level up once or ten times.
    • Tapping Ten Tries will continue to attempt to level up the Medal until it’s successful. If you’re still unsuccessful after ten attempts, the process stops and you can once again choose to try once or ten times.
  • The higher the Medal Tier and Level the more Medal Bits you will need.
  • The max level for Medals is 15.


  • The higher the Medal’s Tier the greater the Medal’s potential strength.
  • Higher rarity Medals have also more substats immediately unlocked!

  • Based on the above table, Common Medals will need to upgrade until level 12 to unlock all substats while Epic Medals will have 3 substats unlocked by default.

Example: A Rare Medal with 2 substats unlocked by default.

  • Medals also belong to a specific SET, which gives you an additional SET BONUS if you equip enough Medals of the same set. The following example shows you two equipped Medals of a “Vitality” set and two for the “Armor” set.

  • Back in the Titles menu, you can now see every Medal applied to your Strap, including an indicator if and what kind of Set bonus is currently active on this Strap.

  • To get a full overview of all your Title Stats you can click again on the “Stats” button in the upper right corner.

Example: We have 14 Stat bonuses active on this title

  • 🎁 We want to celebrate this brand-new feature with all our CHAMPIONS, thus you will be able to claim valuable STRAPS and MEDALS for FREE once the update is available on all platforms! Gift packages include the following items (in addition to others):
    • 1x Epic (4 Slots) Attitude Era Strap (highest rarity at launch!)
    • Rare Medals!
  •   You will also get a chance to play through our massive Titles Kick-Off contest including:
    • Limited-Time Tour
    • Special Faction Expeditions
    • Faction Lockbox
  • The Kick-Off contest will launch Monday, November 11th! Don’t miss out!
  • Bring your roster to the next level with brand-new Titles!
  • The BEST thing is yet to come! Our NEW Strap Up Pass provides you with daily Medals, weekly Straps AND increased chances for Medal Level Up attempts!
    • It comes with a 1 week trial and provides the known VIP Bonuses!
    • As a SIGN-UP BONUS you will get an EPIC 4 Slot “DX” Strap with a 10% Bonus “All Gem Damage”, 4 Medal Inventory Tokens and 2 Strap Inventory Tokens!
    • The Sign-Up Bonuses, including the “DX” Strap, are yours to keep, even if you don’t keep your membership!
    • This Membership comes with all the known VIP benefits including the VIP gauntlet Blitz. It won’t have any additional VIP tours or Gauntlet Blitzes.

Please note: The 0.390 update will be rolled out this week but some related features such as Lootboxes, Expeditions, Offers, Contests, etc. will be live next week at the latest, once the update is available on all platforms.

  • Once you have updated to 0.390 you cannot go back to a previous version on any other device with the same account.