Hey Champions,

As promised in our previous Community Update, we wanted to provide you with additional ways to obtain more Health Packs and TP Posters. Today we would like to announce several changes to the daily FREE bag you can claim in the game.


Before, you could grab that bag every 6 hours and got a small amount of HP and a small amount of Superstar shards for several low-to-mid-tier Superstars. Thus, our adjustment looks as follows:

  • We changed the Timer from 6 hours to 12 hours, which gives you the chance to grab it twice a day, and you don’t feel you are missing out on it when you are asleep!
  • We increased the amount of HP! You can get between 5 and 25 now!
  • We added TP Poster to that bag! Expect up to 25 TP from each FREE bag!
  • On top of that, we replaced the common Superstar shards with top-tier Superstar Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz” shards! You get 1-20 shards AND if you are super lucky, a chance at his 3-Star GOLD Poster!

If you’re reading this announcement, the changes are already live in your game!

We hope you enjoy these changes to the daily FREE grab bag! Rest assured, this won’t be the only change regarding HP and TP Posters. More adjustments will come!

Your Dev-Team