Update: 3/19

We made a few changes to the Prize Wall in this contest. The Scott Hall “Outsider” gear has been temporarily removed for the following changes:

  • We will add 600 Scott Hall “Outsider” shards to the offer with the gear! The new price point for this will be higher than before.
  • We will add 1 additional offer with a Scott Hall Legendary Extra Turn Strap. At the same costs, the gear was originally priced at.
  • We will add an additional offer with a very high-value resource bundle. At the same costs, the gear was originally priced at.

Hey Champions,

The grandest stage of ’em all is going to open its gates again! For the 36th time in WWE History – Icons, Legends, and Future Hall of Famers are coming together to celebrate the biggest event in Sports Entertainment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s WRESTLEMANIA and the New World Order wants their share!

  • Get Bret Hart “nWo 2000” for FREE in the Talent Up and increase his Talent with Evolution Tokens to speed up your progress in the contest!
  • Play the contests throughout March to collect shards and unlock brand-new Superstar Big Show “nWo” at 4-Star Bronze!
  • Make progress by earning WrestleMania Ingots in Tours, Feud, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournaments, and additional contests!
  • Redeem your Ingots in the Prize Wall for valuable resources, LEGENDARY STRAPS and GEAR for Scott Hall “Outsider” and Kevin Nash “Big Kev”!
  • You can expect more nWo members ransacking WrestleMania! Stay tuned!
4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for all-new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The nWo Ransacks WrestleMania contest begins on Monday, March 16th at noon PT and lasts until March 30th at noon PT.

Talent Up

Get the brand-new Bret Hart “nWo 2000” for FREE with the very first milestone!

Monthlong Boost for Bret Hart “nWo 2000”: tbd

Increase your Roster talent to win great rewards, including a 4-Star Bronze Poster of Bret Hart “nWo 2000” and shards for Big Show “nWo”!

Increase roster talent by 11
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 2-Stars400
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 3-Stars 4000
Enhance or fuse a Superstar with 4-Stars13000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token700
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token1600
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token20
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token140
Win Showdown Match with Kevin Nash “Big Kev”50,000 (Limit: 1)


  • 3-Star Bronze Poster of Bret Hart “nWo 2000”
  • 1-Star Bronze Poster of Bret Hart “nWo 2000”
  • Up to 300 shards of Big Show “nWo”
  • Up to 300 Bret Hart “nWo 2000” Evo Tokens
  • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 100,000 Diamonds
  • Up to 132,000 Headliner Chips
  • Up to 1200 WrestleMania Faction Feud Perks

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to a 4-Star Bronze Bret Hart “nWo 2000”
  • 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Up to 40000 Diamonds
  • Up to 120000 3-Star Shard Chips
  • Up to 1000 TP
  • Up to 2,000,000 Coins
  • Up to 18000 Blitz Tickets

Solo Contest

Obtain 1 WrestleMania Ingots1
Increase the talent of Bret Hart “nWo 2000” by 150
Spend 1 Limited-Time WrestleMania Universal Perk1


  • Cheap Shot Skill Plate (Whenever you land a Gem Critical Hit, reduce all of your opponent’s Gem damage by 50% for 1 turn)
  • Legendary nWo Anti-Bleed (Bleed Immunity) Strap
  • Up to 6x Diamond Chest
  • Up to 4x Ruby Chest
  • Up to 44x Gold Chest
  • Up to 26x Silver Chest
  • Up to 35x Bronze Chest
  • Up to 161x Onyx Chest
  • Bret Hart Evo Tokens
  • Up to 550000 Gold WrestleMania Ingots
  • WrestleMania Universal Perks
  • WrestleMania Tour Perks
  • WrestleMania Feud Perks
  • Bret Hart Chests (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 9x 5-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 20000 Diamonds
  • Up to 200000 Headliner Chips
  • Up to 10000000 Coins
  • Up to 10x random TP bag

Bret Hart “nWo 2000Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Bret Hart “nWo 2000Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Bret Hart “nWo 2000” during this monthly contest.
  • In the first week, you could already get over 1000 FREE Bret Hart “nWo 2000” Evolution Tokens!
  • If you want to be ahead of everyone you can always purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop!
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:
EvolutionToken Cost

Limited-Time Tours

Play through the nWo Ransacks WrestleMania Tours in order to win required WrestleMania Ingots, Keys and other great rewards, such as Turnbuckles, Big Show “nWo” shards, and Evolution Tokens to evolve your Bret Hart “nWo 2000”!

A new Tour will launch every few days.

The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our contest calendar.

First WeekSide Nodes Requirements
Bret Hart “nWo 2000”Steve Austin “Austin 3:16”
Bret Hart “Hit Man”
Bret Hart “The Excellence of Execution”Any Booker T
Big Show “The Giant”
Kevin Nash “Big Kev”Any Booker T

Please note: The Bret Hart “nWo 2000” Tour will run from Monday to Friday every week!


  • WrestleMania Keys
  • Gold WrestleMania Ingots
  • WrestleMania Ingots
  • Bret Hart “nWo 2000” Evo Tokens
  • 4-Star Token Case
  • WrestleMania Turnbuckles

FLASH Limited-Time Tours

Those Tours will run once a week for 24 hours and have only 2 nodes!

You can earn more Ingots and Keys, Veteran Mode Blitz Tickets (with a super high value) plus shards for rare nWo Superstars such as

  • Brand-new Superstar Big Show “nWo”
  • Scott Hall “Outsider”
  • Kevin Nash “Big Kev”

Monthlong Faction Contest

Obtain 1 WrestleMania Key1
Spend 1 WrestleMania Key1


  • Up to 100100 WrestleMania Ingots
  • Limited-Time WrestleMania Universal Perks
  • Limited-Time WrestleMania Faction Feud Perks
  • Bret Hart Evo Tokens

Leaderboard rewards will be up to 50000 additional WrestleMania Ingots

Weekly Faction Contest

Play the weekly Blitzes and earn various great rewards for your Faction!

Beginner Blitz500 regular Tickets
Advanced Blitz2000 regular Tickets
Veteran Blitz1 Veteran Blitz Ticket


The Veteran Blitz Mode has talent ranges, meaning if your card is above 31000 talent in the first blitz, you will get a Safe that has 100 shards for Big Show “nWo” in it PLUS one of the normal items in the Safe!

Week #1
WIN Beginner Blitz40000
WIN Beginner Blitz with Bret Hart “nWo 2000”10000
WIN Advanced Blitz120000
WIN Advanced Blitz with Bret Hart “nWo 2000”40000
WIN Veteran Blitz800000
WIN Veteran Blitz with Bret Hart “nWo 2000”200000
Spend Diamond1
Spend High Roller Loot Coin12500
Spend Loot Coin1000

Rewards for Week #1

  • 1x EPIC Attitude Powerhouse Strap Men’s Division
  • 1x nWo Bag (with EQUAL ODDS and a chance at rare nWo Superstars, including Kevin Nash “Big Kev” and Mr. Perfect)
  • Bret Hart “nWo 2000” shards
  • Epic Tier 3 Medals
  • Rare Tier 4 Medals
  • WrestleMania Faction Feud Perks

Leaderboard rewards will be up to 500,000 coins.

Prize Wall

  • Exchange your Ingots for resources such as TP, Tokens, Coins, Blitz Tickets, Diamonds, etc.
  • Additionally, you can get the following items:
  • All kinds of AWESOME Combo Packs!!!
  • Up to 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Gear for The Fiend “Let Me In”, Scott Hall “Outsider” and Kevin Nash “Big Kev”
  • Big Show “nWo” shard bags
  • Legendary Straps

Special Offers

Required Superstars for the contests can also be obtained in the Loot with respective Loot Coins. Get a chance at Bret Hart “nWo 2000” at 4-Star GOLD, Randy Savage “nWo”, Kevin Nash “Big Kev” and many other rare nWo and Attitude Superstars!

Get ahead in the nWo Ransacks WrestleMania contest with Starter Packs, Key offers, Catch up Packs and many more!