Hey Champions,

WrestleMania gave us Icon VS Icon, we will have Phenom VS Phenomenal (at some point), and we definitely can’t wait for nWo VS Hall of Fame – only here in WWE Champions

  • Work with your Faction to earn nWo Chests in various rarities with shards or posters for Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, Scott Hall “Outsider” and Randy Savage “nWo”!
  • Play with nWo or Hall of Fame Superstars in the Faction Feud to make points towards this contest.
  • Obtain valuable resources in the Limited-Time Tours, including Loot Coin bags!
  • Win Hall of Fame Tokens in milestones and up to 200 “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan shards in the Leaderboard!

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The nWo VS Hall of Fame contest begins on Wednesday 3/25 at noon PST and ends on Sunday 3/29 at noon PST!

The Faction Feud starts on 3/28 at 4 PM PST and ends on 3/29 at noon PST.

Faction Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tours for Loot Coins and spend Diamonds to get points towards the contest, before the Faction Feud starts this weekend!

Spend 1 nWo VS Hall of Fame Loot Coin25000
Acquire a 4-Star Bronze Sting “Hall of Fame” Poster bag50000005
Acquire a 4-Star Bronze Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame” Poster bag 50000005
Win a Battle in Faction Feud with a Hall of Fame Superstar12500080
Win a Battle in Faction Feud with a nWo Superstar12500080
Spend 1 Diamond110,000,000


  • nWo Chests in various rarities
  • 5x 4-Star Hall of Fame Token
  • 5x 3-Star Hall of Fame Token
  • 10x 2-Star Hall of Fame Token
  • 30x 1-Star Hall of Fame Token
  • Up to 50000 WrestleMania Ingots

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 200 shards for “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

Limited-Time Tours

TourNode 2 Requirements
Any Big ShowAny nWo
Randy Savage “nWo”Kevin Nash “Big Kev”


  • Up to 9 nWo vs HoF Loot Coin Bags
  • Up to 100,000 WrestleMania Ingots
  • Up to 4-Star Tokens
  • TP Poster
  • Blitz Tickets
  • Coins
  • Headliner Chips


Required Superstars can be found in the respective Loot! Get a chance at Randy Savage “nWo”, Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, Ted Dibiase “nWo” and other RARE nWo Superstars up to 4-Star Silver!

Take a chance in the Hall of Fame Loot for ALL Hall of Fame Superstars (excluding Booker T) up to 4-Star Silver!