I needed something I could play in one hand while it was my turn to rock the baby

djanonzt, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What is going on?
His name is djanonzt and he is featuring our latest Spotlight Interview!

Being a Content Creator for WWE Champions for a long time now, we thought it’s about time to give his audience and everyone else in the WWE Champions Community a proper spotlight on him and his channel!

So, if you ever wanted to know why he went for the name “djanonzt”, keep on reading! 🤯

What’s your YouTube channel all about?

My channel is about having fun first and foremost, but also being able to document and share my experiences in life and games with others, especially WWE Champions!!

Why did you become a YouTuber?

They say “Do what you love and you will never work another day”, and I love making content. The ultimate goal would be to do this full time!

Why “djanonzt”?

Long story, I started out as a rapper, my name was “Anonymous”. Then I became a DJ and took the short version of my rap name, so “DJ Anon”. When I started gaming competitively we had a team called “Zero Tolerance”. So it actually means “DJ Anon of Zero Tolerance”.

What does your family think about your “hobby”?

My family is, and has been very supportive of my journey every step of the way. Especially my wife, she even makes appearances in my champions videos occasionally.

What do you do when you are not in front of the cam?

I work full time sub contracting for a carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning company. When I am not working or making videos I am probably hanging with my 3-year-old daughter, who has also made a presence on my channel haha.

Do you have any special abilities?

Well, I can live mix DJ, I can rap, and I’m also a world-class Call of Duty Zombies player!!

Since when are you playing WWE Champions and what do you like about WWE Champions?

I started playing around April-May 2017. My daughter was just a few months old and I needed something I could play in one hand while it was my turn to rock the baby lol. What I like is the chase, planning towards a long term goal, and having to make critical long term roster decisions.

Do you have any favorite WWE Superstars?

I grew up in the 80s right in the middle of Hulkamania, so naturally Hulk Hogan. Then along the way the 5 members of the Kliq were all my favorites way before I knew what that meant. If you’re not familiar, it’s Shawn Michaels, HHH, Hall, Nash, and Xpac.

Do you use them also in WWE Champions?

Sadly I have no Hogan yet, but I did just acquire both Hall and Nash last month and am enjoying them thus far!! I also use HHH and Xpac quite frequently.

Do you own WWE action figurines and do you still play with them?

I had a ton as a kid, but I didn’t hold onto any of those. I collect pictures with WWE legends and autographs. My daughter has a ring and a few figs though, and we play together.

What was your favorite moment in WWE history?

I could never pick just one, every 1980s Hogan promo, Kevin Nash ending Goldberg’s streak, and all the surprise royal rumble entrants and returns!!

Anything you wanna add before you continue with your content creation?

Thanks so much for having me!! Thanks to the team for creating a game I love very much. Huge shoutout to my wife Tiffany for putting up with all my youtube talk and video games, and a huge shoutout to my friend Johnny for helping me with all my graphic needs!! #TheOutkastFamily. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and drop some insane elbows on those like buttons!!!

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