Hey Champions,

Sarge wants YOU… to join the INDEPENDENCE ALL-STARS. Celebrate Independence Day with special tours & contests this holiday weekend.

  • WIN Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” at 3-Star Gold and up to 240 shards in the Faction Contest!

  • Earn points in Tours and Blitzes for the Solo Contest which will give you Faction points for the Faction contest!

  • Use Contest Superstars for Extra points in Tours and Blitzes and speed up your progress in the Solo Competition and Faction Contest.

  • Brand-New Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame” is making his debut in his Induction Loot Contest!

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame” can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Independence All-Stars Contest begins on 7/3 at noon PST and lasts until 7/6 at noon PST.

BRAND-NEW Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame” can be acquired in his very own Induction (Loot) Contest, running at the same time as the Independence All-Stars contest!

Faction Contest

Clear the Independence All-Stars Blitz1500
Earn Faction Points in the Independence All-Stars Solo Contest Milestones

Contest SuperstarsExtra PointsLocation
Lex Luger, Sgt. Slaughter “HoF”, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Sting “The Stinger”500Final Blitz


13-Star Gold Sgt. Slaughter
10-240Sgt. Slaughter Shards
1Legendary Random Legends Strap
3Epic Random Legends Strap
1-4Random Tier 4 Chests
1-19Random Tier 3 Chests

Leaderboard rewards

1-4Tier 4 Medals
1-3Tier 3 Medals

Solo Competition

Play the Solo Competition and earn Independence All-Stars Faction Points for the Faction contest!

Spend an Independence All-Stars Loot Coin5,982
Earn Solo Contest Points by progressing through the Independence All-Stars Blitz
Obtain Solo Competition Points in the Independence All-Stars Bronze, Silver, Gold Bags
Contest SuperstarsExtra PointsLocation
Jason Jordan “American Alpha”, Undertaker “American Bad-Ass”, Kevin Owens “New Face of America”Total 36,000Freedom Chapter
Dusty Rhodes “American Dream”, “Hacksaw” Jim DugganTotal 36,000Historic Chapter
Sting “The Stinger”, Lex Luger “All American”Total 60,000American Attitude Chapter
Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence”Total 84,000The Patriot Chapter
Sgt. Slaughter “HoF”Total 180,000Home of the Brave Chapter


13-Star Gold Kevin Owens “The New Face of America”
1Kevin Owens “The New Face of America” Gear
13-Star Gold Rocky Maivia “The Blue Chipper”
2,000-150,000Independence All-Stars Faction Points
24-Star Gold Tokens
1-34-Star Silver Tokens
1-33-Star Gold Tokens
2-93-Star Silver Tokens

Leaderboard rewards

1Eternal Positivity Skill Plate
1-2Tier 4 Medals
1-2Tier 3 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

With Update 0.440 You can now enjoy less restrictive Tours! Play all Tours to collect Points for the Solo Competition and use specific Superstars for winning BONUS points!


10Gold Bag
5Silver Bag
5Bronze Bag
9,000Headliner Chip
22-Star Silver Tokens
22-Star Gold Tokens
33-Star Silver Tokens
33-Star Gold Tokens
24-Star Silver Tokens
14-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
1,300Blitz Tickets


The Independence All-Stars Blitz will get you more Solo Contest Points. If you use the Contests Superstars you can earn BONUS Points for the Faction Contest.

SlotSlot Requirements (4)Rarity
Top 2Any Sgt. Slaughter, Sting” The Stinger”none, none
Mid 3Open,Open,Opennone, none, none
Bottom 4


15,000Solo Contest points
1Independence All-Stars Blue Bag (Up to 500,000 Coins)
1Independence All-Stars Red Bag (Up to 5-Star Silver Token)


WIN the Independence All-Stars at up to 4-Star GOLD in Loot! Get a Chance at Sgt. Slaughter, Sting “The Stinger”, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and many more!

Brand-New Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame” will be available at up to 4-Star Bronze in his very own Induction Loot! Get Poster, shards, and induction Ingots, which you can redeem in the Induction Prize Wall for great rewards!