Hey Champions,

It’s time for the next chapter in WWE Champions 2020! Unlock ALL-NEW 5-Star Superstars and take your roster to another level!

5-Star Superstars will enable you to dive even deeper into your roster planning and strategies. Each existing and upcoming Superstar will have a new move to unlock at 5-Star, which makes some more viable and others even stronger. It is up to you to find your perfect setup and become the undisputed WWE Champion!

To unlock a 5-Star Superstar you will need brand-new 5-Star Gold Tokens, which can be obtained for the very first time in our upcoming Dynamic 9 Contest!

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The Dynamic 9 Contest will be available from 7/6 at noon PST and lasts until 7/27 at 9 am PST.

Solo Contest

Collect Dynamic 9 Contest Points in the Limited-Time Tours by using specific Superstars and earn Vault Coins and a D9 Loot Coin to get ready for new challenges in WWE Champions!

Contest SuperstarsPoints
Rey Mysterio1
Nikki Bella1
Fandango “Deputy Dango”1
Undertaker “The Phenom”1
Sycho Sid1
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan1
Bret Hart “nWo”1
Typhoon “The Natural Disasters”1
Extra: VIP Stable1


Collect ALL 9 contest points in Tours and win one D9 Ultimate Loot Coin for a guaranteed 5-Star Bronze Superstar!

1D9 Ultimate Loot Coin
114-5500D9 Vault Coins

Leaderboard rewards


Limited-Time Tours

Play the 1-Node short Tours with the required Superstar to earn points towards the contest and Vault Coins!


Spend your D9 Vault Coins in the D9 Solo Vault for AWESOME rewards that will help you to bring your favorite Superstar to 5-Star Bronze!



Finish the Dynamic 9 Contest to earn the D9 ultimate Loot Coin, which can be redeemed in the Dynamic 9 Loot for a GUARANTEED 5-STAR BRONZE POSTER!