Update 9/11:

More contest Superstars have been added.

Hey Champions,

Shock the System with BRAND-NEW “The Undisputed Era” Adam Cole, taking over WWE Champions 2020!

  • Unlock brand-new Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” at 4-Star Bronze with shard bags in Tours and milestones!

  • Get his 4-Star GOLD poster in Leaderboard rewards.

  • Climb up the milestones and get an EPIC Modern-Era Showboat Strap with Stun Immunity Bonus!

  • Use Contest Superstars to speed up your progress.

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” contest begins on 9/11 at noon PST and ends on 9/14 at noon PST!

Solo Contest

Increase Talent of any Showboat Superstar409,000
Spend 1 Adam Cole Loot Coin900
Win Solo Contest Points in the Adam Cole Limited-Time Tours!
Max milestone1,500,000


2-21Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” shard bag
1Epic Modern Showboat Strap with Anti-Stun
1random Legendary Strap for Men’s Division
1random Legendary Strap for Women’s Division
15-Star Gold Token
1-24-Star Gold Token
1-63-Star Gold Token
2-52-Star Gold Token

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Gold Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era”
50-200Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” shards
1Up to 5-Star Gold Token

Limited-Time Tours

Play with selected Superstars in this Limited-Time Tours to WIN more shard bags for Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” and Solo Contest points!

Modern EraOpen
Modern Day WomenOpen
Legends OnlyOpen
Watch the AttitudeOpen
Contest SuperstarsPointsNode
Pete Dunne “Bruiserweight”, Bayley “The Huggable One”18,000Normal 1,2 and 5
Ultimate Warrior “Warrior”, “Becky Lynch “The Man”35,000Hard 2,3,4
Ricochet “The One and Only”, Ember Moon “The Shenom”43,000Hell 2,4,5
Contest Superstars and points count for each Tour.


325,000 (+384,000)Adam Cole Solo Contest Points (+Contest Superstars)
12 (+16)Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” shard bags
14-Star Silver Token
33-Star Gold Token
33-Star Silver Token
22-Star Gold Token
22-Star Silver Token
80Health Packs


Get a chance to win Adam Cole “The Undisputed Era” at 4-GOLD, alongside RARE Superstars which will strengthen your roster!