Hey Masters,

The “Glowing Phantom Phenom” has returned and is seeking for destruction!

Get him and many more galactic rewards in this weekend’s Faction Contest!

Update 9/25

We updated the Top Faction Competition Milestone reward

  • Work with your Faction to UNLOCK Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” at 4-Star Silver!

  • Collect shards in milestones and Limited-Time Tour!

  • Earn additional FREE Phantom Phenom Frenzy Loot Coin Bags for a Chance at Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” at up to 4-Star GOLD!

  • Use him or ANY Undertaker in Flash Feuds to speed up your progress in this contest!

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The Phantom Phenom Frenzy contest begins on 9/25 at noon PST and lasts until 9/28 at noon PST.

The relevant Masters of the WWE Universe Flash Feuds contest will start on 9/25 at noon PST and ends on 9/28 at 8 am PST.

Faction Contest

Collect Phantom Phenom Frenzy Faction Points in Tours!
Spend 1 Phantom Phenom Frenzy Loot Coin250
Obtain 1 Phantom Phenom Frenzy Diamond Vault75,0001
Obtain 1 Phantom Phenom Frenzy Platinum Vault50,0001
Win a battle in Faction Feud with Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom”2,50080
Win a battle in Faction Feud with any Undertaker100400
Max Milestone1,199,999
Contest SuperstarsTour Location
Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom”Chapter 1
Ultimate Warrior “Heroic Champion of WWEternia”Chapter 2
Big E “The Man-E-Faces of Positivity”Chapter 3
John Cena “Evil Robot of the Skull King”Chapter 4


1All Heart Skill Plate
5-300Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” shards
1Phantom Phenom Frenzy Gold Chest
1Phantom Phenom Frenzy Silver Chest
1Phantom Phenom Frenzy Bronze Chest
5-80Walter “Ring General” shards
500-5,000Strap Parts
250-10,000Clash of Champions Contest Points
250-1,500Clash of Champions Faction Points
25-100Pete Dunne Evo Tokens

Leaderboard rewards

1-3Clash of Champions Safe

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Phantom Phenom Frenzy Tour with required Superstars and obtain more shards for Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” and FREE Phantom Phenom Frenzy Loot Coin Bags!

Phantom Phenom Frenzy TourRequirements
Chapter 1Any Undertaker
Chapter 2Any Modern Era
Chapter 3Any Trickster
Chapter 4Any John Cena


1,700Phantom Phenom Frenzy Points
12Phantom Phenom Frenzy Loot Coin Bags
190Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” shards
1Rare to Legendary MOTU Strap with random Bonus
7,500Clash of Champions Contest Points
…and many resources!

Special Offers

With the Power of Grayskull, you shall spin the loot for a chance at shards and poster for the Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” at up to 4-Star GOLD, along with RARE WWE Superstars such as Aleister Black “Root of all Evil”, Ricochet “The One and Only”, Kevin Nash “Big Kev” and many MORE!