Update 10/5

Since we want all of you to enjoy these brand-new Stipulation Tours in its full glory, we have decided to postpone this update for the time being.
We have already tagged the new game mode as BETA, which means that we are still working on its completion. But due to recent performance difficulties that we encountered during testing this update, we don’t feel confident enough to release it in its current state.

We’d like to spend more time on fixing these issues and do some more fine-tuning on this release, to ensure you a truly exciting new gaming experience in WWE Champions 2020.

While there won’t be a 0.46 Release as announced, we will still roll out some minor bugfix updates, which will also include some of the changes to the Showdown Shop. We will already add the 5-Star Hall of Fame Tokens and the three new Hall of Fame straps to the Shop.
Thanks again for your patience and all your early Feedback in these upcoming NEW features!

Your Dev Team

Hey Champions,

We are happy to announce Update 0.460, which will bring new exciting and fresh additions to WWE Champions 2020 in early October.


  • NEW Stipulation Matches & Tours (Beta)

  • NEW Special Enforcers

  • Showdown Shop Changes

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


NEW Stipulation Tours (BETA)

Please note: The Stipulation Mode is still in BETA and will be improved over time, based on your Feedback.

  • Put your feet in the ring and experience a whole new way to fight for amazing rewards! (League 7+ only)
  • Join the Stipulation Tour and Marquee Stipulation Tour, and claim your rewards in dedicated Prize Walls.
  • Two new Stipulation Tour Chapters will go live at a fixed time during the day/week but the content (including opponents) will be variable every time.
    • Each day at 3 am and 9 pm PST a new Tour/Chapter will start and last 24 hours to give everyone a chance to play it.
    • A Marquee Stipulation Tour will launch every Saturday at midnight and ends on Monday noon PST.
  • Your in-ring performance will be measured with different scoring methods, Universal and Match scoring methods.
  • The higher your score, the better your rewards!
  • While in other game modes you might want to win the match the fastest, in the Stipulation mode, you want to maximize your Score to get the best out of this Mode.
  • Six Stipulation Tours and one Marquee Stipulation Tour will be playable:
    • Color Clash: The match scoring methods are focusing on a certain color gem
    • Move Mayhem: The match scoring methods are focusing on a certain color move
    • Gemolition: The match scoring methods are focusing on a certain area break Gem Modifier
    • Fearless Fighters: The match scoring methods are focusing on a certain attack Gem Modifier
    • Vigilant Defender: The match scoring methods are focusing on a certain defense Gem Modifier
    • Domination: The match scoring methods are focusing on Submission and Stun
    • All-Star: A combination of simple Scoring Methods


  • You can enter a Stipulation Tour for FREE when a Free Entry is available.
  • Free Entries expire with the Chapter.
  • When there is no Free Entry available you can use the required Credentials to enter the Chapter.
  • The number of Free Entries and costs may vary between different difficulties and Tours.
  • Each Chapter has limited entries. A Tour/Chapter will be locked if the maximum number of entries is reached. Once that happens, you will have to wait for a new Chapter to start.
  • You need to spend a Free Entry or Credential to enter the Chapter after completing the whole Chapter or lose a match in the Chapter.
    • The Chapter progress will reset if one of those situations occurs.
    • Play from the first match and earn the rewards again.
    • You need to complete all matches at 3-Star to unlock the next difficulty. (Auto-Clear tickets can be used but won’t grant you points!)
    • Your active Membership benefits will still retain in this game mode!
  • Marquee Stipulation Tours have no Free Entry.
  • Marquee Credentials can be obtained from the Stipulation Tour Prize Wall.
    • Participate in the Stipulation Tour every day to earn Chips and redeem Chips for Marquee Credentials.
    • Play the Marquee Stipulation Tour over the Weekend for Marquee Chips and great rewards on the Prize Wall!
    • You can not receive Free Entries from a Marquee Stipulation Tour.


  • Reach the maximum points to get maximum rewards.
    • Any score that meets or exceeds the point maximum will earn the reward maximum (100%).
    • Any score that falls short of the point maximum will receive an equivalent percentage of the reward maximum. Example: If the point maximum is set to 1000, and you score 500, you will earn 50% of the maximum rewards.
    • The maximum score is not the cap! You can always try to earn a better score and compete in the Leaderboard (if the leaderboard is available in that Chapter).
  • Earn Chips rewards no matter if you win or lose. You receive 20% of the earned rewards if you do not win the match.
  • Earn Chips and Marquee Chips in the new Stipulation Tours and redeem them on the Prize Wall.
Stipulation Tours – Prize WallMarquee Stipulation Tours – Prize Wall
Marquee CredentialsUp to 5-Star Gold Tokens
Up to 4-Star Silver TokensTier 4 Medals
Up to T4 MedalsSuperstar Gears
Superstar ShardsBlitz Tickets and exclusive rewards
Health Packs, Blitz Tickets, Gear Chips, and more!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Leverage the large variety of your Roster and choose the right Superstars to enforce and boost other Superstars!

Every Superstar can have a purpose and help you achieve the BEST scoring, thus maximizing your rewards!

  • Enforcers do not actively fight but can provide Score Boosts and/or increase Chip Rewards.
  • The Boost does not come with the Superstar. The types and the Superstar requirements for Boosts can vary between different Chapters.
  • Try your best to meet the requirements to obtain stronger Boosts:
    • To trigger the 1st boost, you just need to slot in a Superstar that meets the requirement, no matter what talent the Superstar/Enforcer is at.
    • To trigger stronger Boosts, you need to have the required 2nd tier Superstar at a higher Talent range. The higher the Talent, the stronger the Boost you’ll unlock.. 
    • Boosts of different tiers do not stack.
    • There are up to 5 Enforcers you can equip to boost different Scoring Methods and/or Rewards.
  • Remember, EVERY Superstar in your Roster can be important!

Showdown Shop Changes

In order to provide you with various ways to obtain certain rewards in the game, we will make some changes to the existing Showdown Shop.

  • We will move all regular Tokens from the Showdown Shop over to the NEW Stipulation Tours Prize Walls. By playing that new game mode you will obtain Chips which you can redeem for Tokens and other rewards.
  • We will add 5-Star Hall of Fame Tokens to the Showdown Shop, along with three more Hall of Fame Straps for Eddie Guerrero, Steve Austin, and Nikki Bella.
  • Of course, you will still be able to obtain Superstar Poster, Shards, Gear, Chyna Evo Tokens, TP, and Star Fragments in the Showdown Shop, no changes there.

Bug Changelog:

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

  • The special gems icon got stuck on the gem board and post-match screen when a player matches trap gems that destroy gems in the gem board when being activated.
  • Faction Search – There was no requirement of minimum members to appear in the Recommended list.

We plan to release this update in all major app stores in early October. The roll-out might take a bit longer on some devices, so please come back later and check your store again.