BRAND-NEW Daniel Bryan is rising and hungry for delicious prey! 🐉

Do you have what it takes to tame him, or will your Roster be roasted?

  • Unlock BRAND-NEW Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” at 4-Star Silver by collecting shards in milestones and Limited-Time Tours!

  • Participate in the Faction Feud to make additional Points in the Contest.

  • Win Urns with shards or a poster for Kane “The Big Dead Machine”, The Rock “The People’s Chomp, Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”, and many MOAR!

  • Obtain more Zombie Apocalypse Points in the Faction Contest, along with an Epic Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant” Strap in the Leaderboard!

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The Inhuman Rampage contest begins on 10/9 at noon PST and lasts until 10/12 at noon PST.

The relevant Zombie Apocalypse Faction Feuds contest will start on 10/10 at 4 pm PST and ends on 10/11 at noon PST.

Solo Contest

Obtain 1 shard of Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”3000
Increase the talent of Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” by 150
Win a Feud Match32000
Spend 1 Inhuman Rampage Loot Coin1000
Spend your first Inhuman Rampage Loot Coin100001
Win a Feud Match with Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”200001
Win a Feud Match with Jeff Hardy “The Decomposing Enigma”100001
Win a Feud Match with Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”100001
Win a Feud Match with Kevin Owens “Bite Owens Bite”100001
Win a Feud Match with AJ Styles “The Possessed One”100001
Win a Feud Match with Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style Has Arrived”100001
Win a Feud Match with Finn Balor “Squalor Club”100001
Win a Feud Match with Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”200001
Win a Feud Match with Kane “The Big Dead Machine”200001
Win a Feud Match with Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”200001
Win a Feud Match with John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”200001
Win a Feud Match with The Rock “The People’s Chomp”200001
Win a Feud Match with Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”200001
Win a Feud Match with Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”200001
Max Milestone8,000,000


1Legendary Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection” Gem Damage Strap
30Triple H “The Skull King”
80Jeff Hardy “The Decomposing Enigma” Evo Tokens
1Golden Rising Dragon Egg
1Silver Rising Dragon Egg
1Bronze Rising Dragon Egg
1Urn of AJ Styles
1Urn of Kevin Owens
1Urn of Shinsuke Nakamura
1Urn of Brock Lesnar
1Urn of Steve Austin
1Urn of John Cena
1Urn of The Rock
1Urn of Kane
1Urn of The Undertaker
1Tier 4 Fury Medal
15-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
34-Star Gold Tokens
54-Star Silver Tokens
53-Star Gold Tokens
1-82-Star Gold Tokens

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Gold Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”
1,000-5,000Zombie Apocalypse Prize Wall Coins

Faction Contest

Brawl with your Faction for brains and glory, and earn nice EXTRA Faction rewards in this zombielaxing Faction Contest!

Win a Feud Match610
Earn Faction Points in the Inhuman Rampage Tour!
Max Milestone8,000,000


5-4,940Zombie Apocalypse Contest Points
13-Star Bronze Kevin Owens “Bite Owens Bite”

Leaderboard rewards

1Epic Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant” Strap with random Bonus

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Inhuman Rampage Tour with required Superstars to collect plenty of shards for brand-new Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” and Faction Points for the Inhuman Rampage contest!

Inhuman Rampage TourRequirements
OpenMen’s Division
Kevin OwensAny Kevin Owens
Brock LesnarAny Brock Lesnar
KaneAny Kane
Contest SuperstarsChapter/Mode
Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”1/Normal
Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”1/Hard
John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”1/Hell
Kevin Owens “The New Face Of America”2/Normal
Kevin Owens “KO”2/Hard
Kevin Owens “Bite Owens Bite”2/Hell
Brock Lesnar “The Beast Incarnate”3/Normal
Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”3/Hard
Brock Lesnar “Next Big Thing”3/Hell
Kane “The Big Red Machine”4/Normal
Kane “The Devil’s Favorite Demon”4/Hard
Kane “The Big Dead Machine”4/Hell


4Bronze Rising Dragon Eggs
816Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” shards
9,600Inhuman Rampage Faction Points

Special Loot

Get BRAND-NEW Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” at 4-Star GOLD, alongside Kane “The Big Dead Machine”, “The Rock” The People’s Chomp”, The Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” and MANY MOAR hungry Zombie Superstars!