Hey Champions,

The Horde of the Black is marching, led by BRAND-NEW Aleister Black “Fade to Black”.

We hope you enjoyed the first-ever Superstar Trial and could witness the incredible power of this TOP TIER Superstar. Now it’s time to get your hands on him and join his Black Mass!

  • Get a chance at a 4-Star Bronze Aleister Black “Fade to Black” in Horde Skulls!

  • Play Blitzes and Flesh Feud matches to make points in the Solo Contest.

  • WIN the BRAND-NEW Aleister Black Skill Plate in milestones, together with a Legendary Zombie Trickster Skip Turn Strap.

  • Collect Medallions and redeem them on the Prizewall for Zombie shards, Horde Skulls, and TP.

  • Redeem Flesh Feud Medallions for Green, Orange, or Golden Pumpkins.

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Horde of the Black contest begins on 10/23 at noon PST and ends on 10/26 at noon PST!

The relevant Flesh Feuds begin on 10/23 at 6 PM PST and end on 10/25 at 4 PM PST!

Solo Contest

Spend 1 Horde of the Black Loot Coin117,000
Spend 1 Flesh Feud Loot Coin70,000
Increase Feud score by 11
Collect Horde of the Black Medallion1,0004,000
Use Health Pack1,500500
Use Faction Heal Token2,500200
Beat Horde of the Black Normal Blitz32,000
Beat Horde of the Black Hard Blitz68,000
Beat Horde of the Black Hell Blitz148,000
Win a Feud match with Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”80,0003
Win a Feud match with Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”50,0004
Win a Feud match with Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”50,0004
Win a Feud match with Asuka “The Empress Of Yesterday”50,0004
Win a Feud match with Triple H “The Skull King”80,0003
Win a Feud match with Aleister Black “Fade to Black”80,0003
Max milestone19,999,999


1Horde of the Black Safe (with a chance at the brand new Twilight Ritual Skill Plate which makes 7 blue gems into purple gems whenever you break 3 or more red gems.
1-3Horde Black Skull
1-3Horde Red Skull
30,000-1,000,000Flesh Feuds Faction Points
15-Star Gold Token
1Legendary Zombie Trickster Strap with Skip Turn
5-55Jeff Hardy “The Decomposing Enigma” Evo Tokens
2-54-Star Silver Token
2-53-Star Gold Token
2-52-Star Gold Token

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Gold Aleister Black “Fade to Black”
2-3Horde Black Skull
2Horde Red Skull

Gauntlet Blitz

Play the Gauntlet Blitz and collect Horde of the Black Medallions. Use Contest Superstars to speed up your progress in the Solo Contest.

NormalReq 2Fill Bonus
Top 2
Mid 3Open
Any Zombie
50% Bleed DMG
Low 4
Costs: 800 Regular Blitz Tickets
HardReq 3Fill Bonus
Top 2
Mid 3Trickster Zombie (3-Star)
Any Zombie (4-Star)
Open (4-Star)
100% Bleed DMG
+1 Match MP
Low 4
Costs: 2000 Regular Blitz Tickets
HellReq 3Fill Bonus
Top 2Aleister Black “Fade to Black”200% Bleed DMG
+2 Match MP
Mid 3Triple H “The Skill King”
Any Zombie (5-Star)
Trickster Zombie (3-Star)
+2 Starting MP
+2 Black Gem Gen
100% Finisher DMG
Low 4
Costs: 5000 Regular Blitz Tickets
Contest SuperstarsNormalHardHell
Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”4,0008,50018,500
Kane “The Big Dead Machine”4,0008,50018,500
Aleister Black “Fade to Black”8,00017,00037,000
Triple H “The Skull King”8,00017,00037,000
Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”8,00017,00037,000
Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”8,00017,00037,000

Prize Wall

Redeem your Medallions on the Prizewall for Horde Skulls, Zombie Superstar shards, Pumpkins, and MOAR!

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Items and costs are subject to change!


Get a chance to win Aleister Black “Fade to Black” at 4-GOLD, along with Aleister Black “Root of All Evil”, Zombies, and other RARE Superstars.

Make use of great offers to speed up your progress in the contest and increase chances to get BRAND-NEW Aleister Black “Fade to Black”!