Hey Champions,

We are happy to announce Update 0.471 for WWE Champions 2020 which brings you incredible FEATURES for you and your FACTION.

What’s New?

🏳 Bye Bye, Lockboxes and Faction Coins. Hello, Faction Store.

  • We are going to retire the Lockboxes and replace them with a completely new Faction Store.
  • Additionally, the current Faction Coins will retire as well with the upcoming Update. So make sure to SPEND THEM all now! But worry not, there will be a new Faction currency
  • More cool stuff coming in this update! Just continue reading! 🥳

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 NEW Faction Environment

We have done an overhaul of the existing Faction Hub, for easier navigation and to make room for the BRAND-NEW Faction Features!

The Hub will be your new daily landing point for interactions within your Faction.

You can access all faction-related activities from here except Contests, those are still accessible via the Contest tab.

🔎 Improved Faction Recommendations

  • Thanks to our improved Faction recommendations, new players, or players who are looking for more actions will have it easier to join an active Faction.
    • They will see a list of recommended active Factions that they are qualified to join.
    • A Quick Join button will allow them a frictionless experience.

🧙 NEW FACTION QUESTS: Solo and Group

  • For many players, it is important to play and work together in an active Faction.
  • Your hard work completing the Quests will be rewarded with awesome prizes in the new Faction store.
  • The more participants daily the more Faction currencies your Faction can earn and obviously the more rewards you can claim in the end.
  • Solo Quests
    • You get 3 daily Solo quests.
    • Each quest grants new faction currency and a “Star”.
    • Strive to complete these tasks and collect all the Stars for your Faction.

  • Group Quests
    • Work with your Faction to complete these weekly quests.
      • Example: Play X Showdown matches
      • Increase Superstar Levels
      • Spend Faction Coins
      • Complete Expeditions
      • …and more!
    • The requirements for these quests scale with your Faction Tier.
    • Completed group quests grant you milestone progress points.

⬆ Increased Max Faction Level

  • The Faction Tier Limit will be increased to 200, which helps you compete with other Factions for prestige.
  • Additionally, we will remove the Faction Tokens to help lower Faction to climb up the Faction Tiers and make faster progress.

🛒 ALL-NEW Faction Store

  • Spend your new Faction Coins in this all-new Faction Store!
  • It refreshes on a regular basis, but can also be manually refreshed, similar to the Showdown Shop.
  • Get Epic Straps, Strap Parts, Rush Tokens, and more resources!
  • Additionally, you can obtain currency for the brand-new GEAR LOOT, which offers most of the existing gears!

Faction Store EXCLUSIVE: Collect the BRAND-NEW 3-Pieces Gear Set for Charlotte Flair “The 2nd Nature” over time!

🧙 IMPROVED Expeditions

  • Expeditions now source the new Faction Coins, which you can use in the new Faction Store.
  • Legendary Expeditions can contain Epic Straps now!
  • Also, instead of Common Straps, you will now find Strap Parts in Expeditions!
  • To get the most out of those improved Expeditions, you and your Faction will have to fulfill more challenging objectives.
  • In addition to these changes, we will reduce the 30-minute Rush Tokens to 5-minute Rush Tokens.


  • Key to Faction-success are active members, that’s why you should see only relevant and useful activity information.
  • The Faction Activity Log will now show only important “milestones” for a player. Celebrate their latest enhancements/fuse ups or even high-rarity Superstars from Loot!
  • You will now also gain visibility into a member’s contribution towards Faction activities.

A new button in the Player Profile will link you to the player’s profile page on the all-new Web Portal for WWE Champions 2020.


Are you a Leader and want to contact members directly In-Game? This NEW nudge feature is all you need!

Send messages to individual members and let them know how happy you are with their performance or what they should do to help out your Faction.

A Cooldown will prevent Leaders from spamming.

Bug Changelog:

  • The Expedition tutorial was stuck when opening the hamburger bar and while playing this tutorial.
  • “Button” Text appeared over the Contest milestone meter.
  • Connection timeout error happened when there was a deleted Faction in the recommended list.
  • Leech Gem – The player could steal more health from his opponent even when the opponent’s health was zero.
  • The player was able to unpin while being knocked out.
  • Faction Chat – Join requests disappeared sometimes after closing a profile pop-up.
  • Faction Feud – The health of the Superstar was unexpectedly lost.
  • Tag Team – After tapping on the Pause icon when the tag was ready, the player was forced to tag the second Superstar.
  • The number of gems generated by Moves or Perks was working incorrectly under buff and debuff effects.
  • The effect “defense move damage flat” was healing the player in the turn where the opponent used a Submission move.
  • PVP defensive did not get bonuses from Gears.
  • The Move Panel description was not updated after the Trainer Boost ‘Gem_Berserker_Perc’ is activated.
  • The player could purchase items even though the swag store was not unlocked yet.
  • The Claimed Reward popup displayed as blank if the reward contains the grabbag token only.
  • The Faction Tier popup was overflowed on widescreen devices.
  • Commas were missing as thousands separator on contest milestone points.

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

We plan to roll this update out to all major platforms on November 10th (PT). If you do not see it in your Store, please come back later and try again.

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