Hey Champions,

You had the Superstar Trial with brand-new Shawn Michaels “DX Army”, now it is time to get his FULL Version in your Roster! DX Army VS nWo is the perfect battleground for his debut, including two new Skill Plates and a Legendary D-Generation X Strap!

  • UNLOCK  BRAND NEW Shawn Michaels “DX Army” at 4-Star Silver or get a chance at him in Crates at 4-Star Bronze!

  • Collect shards of him in Tours, Milestones, and Crates to progress in the Contest.

  • Win ALL-NEW DX Army and Shawn Skill Plates in Leaderboard and TOP Milestones rewards!

  • Play the Faction Feud Contest to earn more Shawn Michaels “DX Army” shards.

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The DX Army VS nWo contest begins on 11/13 at noon PT and ends on 11/16 at noon PT!

The relevant Faction Feud begins on 11/14 at 4 PM PT and ends on 11/15 at noon PT!

Solo Contest

Spend 1 DX Army Loot Coin16,000
Collect Shawn Michaels “DX Army” Shards8,800
Use Health Pack2,500300
Use Faction Heal Token2,500200
Earn more Points in the Limited-Time Tours!
Collect more shards in Faction Feud milestones!
Max Milestone13,999,999


1DX Army Skill Plate
1Legendary D-Generation X Acrobat Strap
15-Star Gold Token
5-60Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” shards
10-50Road Dogg “DX Army” Evo Tokens
1-2Random Epic Strap
300-4,050Thanks & Tanks Contest Points
10-20Thanks & Tanks Prize Wall Coin Bags

Leaderboard rewards

1Shawns Showstopper Skill Plate
1DX Army Skill Plate Safe

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours to collect Shawn Michaels “DX Army” shards and to make progress in the DX Army VS nWo contest.

Shawn Michaels “DX Army”Shawn Michaels “DX Army”
OpenAny Superstar
D-GD-Generation X (Universal)Any DX Army
Any D-Generation X
Any Chyna
Rick Rude
Attitude EraAny Attitude Era
Any Steve Autin
nWoAny nWo
Any Bret Hart


280Shawn Michaels “DX Army” shards
30Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” Shards
42-Star Gold Token
43-Star Gold Token
44-Star Silver Token
15-Star Silver Token
15-Star Gold Token
900,000DX Army VS nWo Points
4Bronze Army Bag
4Silver Army Bag
4Gold Army Bag


Get a chance to win shards for BRAND-NEW TOP TIER Superstar Shawn Michaels “DX Army” or his poster at up to 4-GOLD, alongside other DX and nWo members!

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