Hey Champions,

Black Friday is upon us, with LIMITED-TIME EXCLUSIVES and BRAND-NEW John Cena, paying tribute to our Veterans!

  • Get BRAND-NEW John Cena “Veteran Salute” at 5-Star Bronze exclusively in LOOT!

  • Use Black Friday Loot Coins or collect Black Friday Stamps in Offers to progress in this extravagant contest!

  • Earn AWESOME rewards that will help you to LEVEL UP your favorite Superstars and get a chance at RARE Superstars such as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Keith Lee, Sid Vicious, and MORE!

  • Cash in your Black Friday Bucks on the Prize Wall for a 4-Star GOLD The Godfather, Level Up bags, and more! 

  • Empty the Vault together with your Faction and enjoy INCREDIBLE Level Up Bonuses for ALL members, including a 4-Star Bronze John Cena “Veteran Salute”!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Black Friday Extravaganza begins on 11/27 at midnight PT and ends on 11/30 at noon PT!

Solo Contest

Get Stamps in Offers or spin the Loot to progress in this Solo Contest.

Spend 1 Black Friday Loot Coin1,000
Collect 1 Black Friday Stamp (in offers)7,500
Max Milestone1,000,000


1,018,900Black Friday Bucks
20Black Friday Vault Coin
1Black Friday Mystery Bag

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
1Up to a 4-Star Gold Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling”
1Up to a 4-Star Bronze Doink “The Prankster”
5Up to 5-Star Gold Token

Black Friday Vault

Obtain a Black Friday Vault Coin and redeem it in this Faction Vault for incredible rewards.


Each Vault Level UP will give ALL Faction members TONS of Black Friday Bucks and for the FINAL Unlock a 4-Star Bronze John Cena “Veteran Salut”!

14-Star Silver Chyna “DX Army”
14-Star Gold Gobbledy Gooker
14-Star Gold The Godfather “All Aboard”
14-Star Gold Shawn Michaels “DX Army”
14-Star Gold Road Dogg “DX Army”
975Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” shards
266Random 2-Star Gold Token
446Random 2-Star Silver Token
271Random 3-Star Gold Token
362Random 3-Star Silver Token
498Random 4-Star Gold Token
725Random 4-Star Silver Token
95Random 5-Star Gold Token
194Random 5-Star Silver Token


Cash in your Black Friday Bucks in this extravagant Prizewall for various Level Up Bags and a 4-Star Gold The Godfather “All Aboard”!

14-Star Gold The Godfather “All Aboard”
14-Star Gold Ultimate Warrior “Warrior”
35-Star Bronze Level Up Bag
34-Star Gold Level Up Bag
35-Star Gold Token Case
35-Star Silver Token Case
34-Star Gold Token Case
54-Star Silver Token Case
33-Star Gold Token Case
23-Star Silver Token Case
3Mystery Coin Bag
3Mystery TP bag


When we say EXTRAVAGANZA then we mean it! Spin this Loot for a 5-Star Bronze poster of BRAND-NEW John Cena “Veteran Salute”, alongside high-rarity posters of RARE Superstars!

But that is not all, you get also the chance to win shards, Tokens, or Level Up Bags for various classes! Those Bags contain everything you need to level your favorite Superstar up to 4-Star Gold or even 5-Star Bronze!

Ohh, there is one more thing…a new and IMPROVED RAINMAKER Strap II with +2500 LOOT BOX Damage!!!! Want it to destroy your opponents? Get it in LOOT!

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