Hey Champions,

Regal, arrogant, and extremely well-dressed, that’s BRAND-NEW Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H), giving all Champions violent lessons in manner and class.

  • UNLOCK him at 4-Star Silver with shards in milestones, Limited-Time Tour, Loot, Offers, Faction Vault, and Faction Feud Leaderboard!

  • Earn points in the Solo contest by playing the What a Year Faction Feud.

  • Play the Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” Tour and collect Ornaments in grab bags with your Faction to make progress in the Faction Contest.

  • Collect Faction Vault Coins in milestones, Loot, and offers for more regal rewards in the Faction Vault!

  • Check out the Community Portal EVERY DAY for Extra Points!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” Debut contest begins on 12/11 at noon PT and ends on 12/14 at noon PT!

The relevant What a Year Faction Feud will start on Saturday 12/12 at 4 PM PT and ends on Sunday 12/13 at noon PT.

Solo Contest

Increase Talent of any Technician Superstar60
Spend 1 Triple H Premium Loot Coin8,500
Win a Feud Battle in the What a Year Faction Feud16,000
Complete a Feud Brawl in the What a Year Faction Feud32,000
Increase your Faction’s Warscore in Faction Feud22,000,000
Max Milestone10,000,000


70Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards
20Holiday Bags
15-Star Gold Token
21Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shard bags
5,000What A Year Contest Point
50Randy Orton “The Apex Predator” shards
1Legendary Blueblood Strap
1Epic New Gen Trickster Strap

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Triple H Gold “Connecticut Blueblood”
100-200Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Shards
1Random 5-Star Gold Token
2-3What a Year Safe

Faction Contest

Collect 1 Christmas Ornament (RED)75070
Collect Christmas Ornament (GOLD)4,000
Collect Christmas Ornament (BLUE)1,00075
Collect Christmas Ornament (GREEN)75070
Collect Christmas Ornament (Silver)1,500100
Defeat the Hard Mode Boss in the Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Tour 80100
Defeat the Hell Mode Boss in the Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Tour180100
Max Milestone1,100,000


3,850Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Faction Vault Coins
595Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards

Leaderboard rewards

2Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards bag
1What a Year Safe

Faction Vault

Obtain a Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Debut Vault Coin and redeem it in this 4-Level Faction Vault for noble rewards.


1,880Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards
1,200Randy Orton “The Apex Predator” shards
640Lacey Evans “The Women’s Right” shards
720Kevin Nash “Big Kev” shards
960Scott Hall “The Outsider” shards
480Tommaso Ciampa “Blackheart”
44-Star Silver Triple H “The Authority”
44-Star Bronze Triple H “The Game”
155-Star Gold Token
515-Star Silver Token
1284-Star Gold Token
1304-Star Silver Token
1523-Star Gold Token
4643-Star Silver Token
4602-Star Gold Token

Each Vault Level UP will give ALL Faction members additional COINS, HP and for the FINAL Unlock Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards!

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” Debut Tour to earn Ornament Bags and shards for the brand-new Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood”.

Contest SuperstarsChapterPoints
Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood”Normal3,500
Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood”Hard7,000
Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood”Hell15,000


3Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards bag
80Triple H “Connecticut Blueblood” shards
10Ornament Bags


Win BRAND-NEW Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” at up to 4 Star Gold or his shards, alongside other Versions of him, Faction Vault Coins, and RARE Superstars you could need for the Faction Feud!

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