Hey Champions,

Relive another GEM in WWE History! The iconic Underdog 1-2-3 Kid is BACK and debuting in WWE Champions to face his arch-rival, Razor Ramon! Let’s start counting, 1-2…3!

  • Unlock this NEW Top Tier Superstar at 4-Star Gold with shards in Milestones, Tours, Loot, and Offers.

  • PRIZEWALL: Collect Medallions throughout this contest and redeem them for an ALL-NEW 1-2-3 Skill Plate, Legendary Stun Immunity and Extra Turn Straps, an Affiliate Strap for Akam, and much MORE!

  • ⭐ COMMUNITY PORTAL: Come back DAILY and enjoy FREE REWARDS and Limited-Time Exclusives that will help you in this contest. Including a HIGH chance of getting a 2-Star Bronze Poster of 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid contest begins on 12/18 at noon PT and ends on 12/21 at noon PT!

The relevant Showdown Tournament will start on 12/19 at noon PT and ends on 12/21 at noon PT.

Solo Contest

Spend 1 X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid Loot Coin7,500
Earn Showdown Coins50
Increase Talent of any Showboat Superstar50
Win Showdown with any Lacey Evans20,00050
Win Showdown with any X-Pac*50,00020
Win Showdown with 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”*500,0002
Win Showdown with X-Pac “DX”*150,0003
Win Showdown with Syxx “nWo”*50,00020
Win Showdown with Adam Cole*700,0001
Win Showdown with Rhea Ripley*150,0002
Win Showdown with Lana*250,0002
Max Milestone11,000,000
*Showdown Contest Superstars


50,000The X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid Medallions
10X-Pacular Shard Bag
3001-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero” shards
45-Star Gold Token
50Randy Orton “The Apex Predator” shards
24-Star Gold Token
5,000What a Year Solo Contest Points
1,000What a Year Prize Wall Coin
353-Star Silver Tokens

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”
5001-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero” shards
3Random 5-Star Gold Token
3What a Year Safe

Limited-Time Tours

Play the X-Pacular 1-2-3 Tour to earn shards for 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero” and X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid Medallions.

1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”
Women’s Division TrickstersAny Trickster
Men’s Division ShowboatsAny Showboat
Contest SuperstarsChapterMedallions (/Node)
Adam ColeNormal2,000
Adam ColeHard4,000
Adam ColeHell5,500


4151-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero” Shards
1X-Pacular Shard Bag
470Health Packs
102-Star Gold Token
53-Star Gold Token
44-Star Silver Token
64-Star Gold Token
15-Star Gold Token
1Legendary New Gen Showboat Strap Men’s Division
1Epic New Gen Showboat Strap Men’s Division
72,000The X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid Medallions

The X-Pacular Prizewall

Spend your X-Pacular 1-2-3 Kid Medallions here for AWESOME rewards!

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Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Items and costs are subject to change!


Spin the Loot for BRAND-NEW 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero” at up to 4 Star Gold or his shards, alongside other POWERFUL Showboats and a separate 4-Star Gold Showboat Level Up Bag.

This Loot also includes Prizewall Medallions and a special X-Pacular Sean Waltman Bag which contains GUARANTEED 4-Star GOLD poster of Syxx “nWo”, X-Pac “DX” AND 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”, all in one bag!

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