Stand Attention, Champions!

Get ready for the drill and join the Champions Army to march into March! Noses in the mud and rewards held high!

  • Play the Limited-Time Tours and the Faction Contest and earn points towards the Solo Contest.

  • Contest Superstars will speed up your progress!

  • Earn Marching into March bags with a Chance at 2-Star Gold TOP CLASS Superstars, trained and experienced in battle!

  • Use selected Superstars in Showdown to progress in the Faction Contest.

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Marching into March begins on 2/24 at noon PT and ends on 2/26 at noon PT!

Solo Contest

Spend 1 Marching Into March Loot Coin12,500
Win Battles in the Marching into March Tour with Contest Superstars to earn a lot of points!
Make Progress in the Marching into March Faction Contest to earn more points!
Max Milestones15,000,000
Contest SuperstarPointsLocation/Mode
Any DX Army1,000,000Men’s Normal
Any Sgt. Slaughter or Cena2,000,000Men’s Hard
Shawn Michaels “DX Army” and “The Showstopper”3,500,000Men’s Hell
Any Lacey Evans1,000,000Women’s Normal
Any Trish2,000,000Women’s Hard
Any Chyna3,500,000Women’s hell


30Marching Into March Bags
35-Star Diamond Token
65-Star Gold Token
85-Star Silver Token
234-Star Gold Token
and more!

Leaderboard rewards

3Legendary Strap with random Bonus for Men’s Division
10Random Tier 4 Medals

Faction Contest

Win a Showdown Match with any DX Army5,000100
Win a Showdown Match with any John Cena5,000100
Win a Showdown Match with Any Sgt Slaughter6,000100
Win a Showdown Match with any Shawn Michaels6,000100
Win a Showdown Match with Sgt Slaughter “Hall of Fame”50,00050
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Veteran Salut”20,000100
Win a Showdown Match with Shawn Michaels “DX Army”100,00025
Win a Showdown Match with Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper”100,00025
Spend Cash5
Max Milestone11,000,000


15-Star Diamond Token
65-Star Gold Tokens
105-Star Silver Tokens
1,750,000Marching into March Solo Contest Points
8,3004th Anniversary Solo Contest Points
and more!

Leaderboard rewards

45-Star Gold Tokens
3Random Legendary Strap
5Random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tour

Play these 2- node Limited-Time Tours for Marching into March Solo Contest Points, Coins, and lots of Tokens!

Marching into March Men’s Division TourOpen
Marching into March Women’s Division TourOpen


2,000,000Marching into March Solo Contest Points
34-Star Gold Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens


AWESOME TOP CLASS offers and LOOT with required Superstars will accompany you throughout this drill!

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