Hey Champions,

The Million Dollar Corporation reunites for another BIG TIME opportunity for the whole WWE Champions Community!

  • WORK together with the entire WWE Champions Community and WIN 3 notorious Million Dollar Corporation Superstars for EVERYONE!

  • PLAY the Limited-Time Million Dollar Corporation 2021 Tour and COLLECT T-Shirts in GOLD Lootboxes to progress.

  • Subscribe to a Membership Pass and use its Autoclear Tickets to progress faster!

  • REDEEM your T-Shirts In-game in IMPROVED T-Shirt Loot and WIN awesome Rewards!

  • The more T-Shirts the entire Community collects, the more milestone rewards can be UNLOCKED and CLAIMED on wwechampions.com!

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The Million Dollar Corporation Community Event begins on 3/8 at noon PT and ends on 3/15 at noon PT!

Visit wwechampions.com EVERY DAY to see the overall progress and to claim your unlocked milestones rewards.

You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.

Community Event

UNLOCK 10 milestones together with the WWE Champions Community by collecting MDC T-Shirts in the Limited-Time Million Dollar Corporation 2021 Tour.

Collect MDC T-Shirts in the Limited-Time Royal Rumble Tour1
Max Milestone10,000,000
Please note: This event is only available on the Community Portal, which means you fulfill the tasks In-game and CLAIM the rewards on the Community Portal.

Changes from previous Global Events:

  • Points will now count even for players who have never logged in to the portal before but these points can’t be attributed to the player who earned them because the Portal doesn’t know who they are.
  • Due to previous participation rates and speed, milestones have been increased, including the prizes, with more coins and more FREE Superstars for EVERYONE!


Claim unlocked rewards on the Community Portal and receive them in your Inbox.

335,0001 Mystery 10 TP Bag
2,000 Coins
670,0001 Mystery 10 TP Bag
3,000 Coins
1,000,0001 Mystery 10 TP Bag
5,000 Coins
1,660,0001 Mystery 5 TP Bag
10,000 Coins
2,320,0001 Mystery 10 TP Bag
20,000 Coins
2,980,0003-Star Bronze Ted DiBiase “Million Dollar Man”
1 Mystery 10 TP Bag
30,000 Coins
4,140,0001 Mystery 10 TP Bag
50,000 Coins
5,800,0001 Mystery 25 TP Bag
100,000 Coins
7,500,0003-Star Gold Bam Bam Bigelow
1 Mystery 50 TP Bag
300,000 Coins
10,000,0004-Star Bronze Nikolai Volkoff
1 Mystery 100 TP Bag
1,000,000 Coins
Reminder: These rewards are for EVERYONE!

Limited-Time Tour

Play this Limited-Time Tour and collect MDC T-Shirts in Gold Lootboxes to make progress in the Community Event.

One-Time Rewards

2,000Million Dollar Mayhem Solo Points
3,500Blitz Tickets

T-Shirt Loot

Spend your MDC T-shirts to WIN Coins, TP, Medals, Hall of Fame shards, alongside 4-Star Gold Poster of TOP Superstars!

💚 Thank you for all your Feedback!

We heard your feedback on the previous Royal Rumble Event and made sure your time spent in this event will feel a lot more worthwhile, especially when spinning the Loot with your earned T-Shirts!

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on this contest and the changes we made!