Hey Champions,

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment is back! BRAND-NEW – GOD TIER – The Rock takes on his rivalry with none other than “TITAN” Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Each The Rock will get a special temporary boost throughout this contest:

Temp Boost
The Rock “People’s Champ”+200% Yellow Gem damage
Rocky Maivia “Blue Chipper”+200% Immobile Gem damage
The Rock “The Great One”+200% Bleed damage
The Rock “The People’s Chomp”+4 Red MP

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The Rock’s Most Electrifying Debut4/16 at noon PST4/19 at noon PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com4/16 at noon PST4/18 at noon PST
Titan Feud4/17 at 4 pm PST4/18 at noon PST

Titan Feud: The Rock vs Stone Cold

Revive history and fight against TITAN Steve Austin and maximize your points in this Titan Feud!

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  • Everyone will get the TITAN Trial version of Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake” fully maxed at 5-Star Bronze in their Roster.
  • Scoring differs from regular Feuds. Winning is a bonus but not the objective! Dealing damage against the Titan even if he’s not defeated will yield massive points. Do as much as you can within the time limit.
  • Use him against other Superstars, versus your opponent’s Titan, use your strongest Superstars to face him or other Superstars. The choice is all yours to bring home points to your Faction!

Defeating the Titan or reducing his Health will get you the most points!

Min Requirement5
Brawl Size2v2
Brawl Timer20 mins
Prop Limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 25,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Titan Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake
50% Power Gem Damage
x2 Multiply Gem Damage
100% Bleed Move Damage
+10% Warscore Boost

Leaderboard rewards

2The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
2The Rock’s Titan Chest
1Up to a Legendary Hall of Fame Strap with random Bonus
5Tier 2 to Tier 4 Epic Medal Bag

Based on Community Feedback, we have made the following changes from the previous Titan Feud to ensure an even better experience and smoother contest progression:

  • Titan Health has been reduced to 4,000,000
  • Titan will have a Kick-out bonus so you can get more points out of him
  • The brawl timer increased to 20 minutes (up from 15)
  • More points for CSS & extra points for winning with any Rock & The Rock “The Great One”

Solo Contest

Get a Chance to win BRAND-NEW The Rock “Most Electrifying Man” at up to 4-Star Silver in grab bags, alongside shards for Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”, Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” and more!

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Increase the Talent of any Trickster1,500
Spend 1 The Rock’s Most Electrifying Loot Coin305,000
Win a Feud Match10,000
Complete a Feud Brawl305,000
Increase Feud Warscore by 12
Max Milestone110,000,000


1Legendary Trickster Strap w/ random Bonus
1New The Rock Skill Plate
2The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
5The Rock’s Silver Trickster Bag
14The Rock’s Bronze Trickster Bag
500,000The Rock Faction Contest Point
35-Star Diamond Token
85-Star Gold Token

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold The Rock “Most Electrifying Man”
85-Star Diamond Tokens
155-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Play the TITAN FEUD with TITAN Steve Austin and Contest Superstars to make progress in the Faction Contest.

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Use a Health Pack100
Increase Warscore100
Defeat the Boss in the Rock’s Most Electrifying Blitz200,000
Earn Faction Points1
Max Milestone720,000,000
Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Defeat Blitz Boss w/ Titan Steve Austin40,000
Defeat Blitz Boss w/ any Rock110,000
Win a Feud Match with Montez Ford1,000,0005
Win a Feud Match with Ken Shamrock500,00010
Win a Feud Match with any Triple H1,000,0005
Win a Feud Match with any Godfather1,000,0005
Win a Feud Match with Cena “Veteran Salute”1,000,00010
Win a Feud Match with any Drew McIntyre200,00040
Win a Feud Match with MVP300,00030
Win a Feud Match with The Rock “The Great One”3,000,00010
Win a Feud Match with any Rock500,00020


1The Rock’s Titan Chest
2The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
3The Rock’s Silver Trickster Bag
10The Rock’s Bronze Trickster Bag
1Legendary Trickster Strap w/ random Bonus
25-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
55-Star Silver Tokens
2,500Health Packs
10,150The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Solo Points
and more

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

3The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
1The Rock’s Silver Trickster Bag

Rock’s Electrifying Blitz

Take a break from Feuding and stock up on your Health Packs, and earn even more points for your Faction by playing the Gauntlet Blitz with the Any The Rock and Titan Steve Austin

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LaneRequirements: 3Fill Bonus
Top 2
Mid 3Open
Any The Rock
All Starting MP +3
Bot 4
Entry cost: 1000 regular Blitz Tickets



Limited-Time Tour

Play these Limited-Time Tours for The Rock’s Trickster Bags, Coins, TP, and Tokens!

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Playing with The Rock “Most Electrifying Man” in his own Tour gets you 2,800 TP!

ChaptersRequirementsContest Superstar
The Iron SheikAny The RockRocky Maivia “The Blue Chipper”
Hulk HoganAny The RockThe Rock “The Great One”
Steve AustinThe Rock “Most Electrifying Man”The Rock “Most Electrifying Man”
4-Nodes only


4The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
14The Rock’s Silver Trickster Bag
10The Rock’s Bronze Trickster Bag
2,800Additional TP with The Rock “Most Electrifying Man”
and more!


Get a chance at BRANDNEW The Rock “Most Electrifying Man” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside other TOP Tricksters such as Justin Bradshaw “Hawk”, Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” and MORE of The Rock’s rivals and sidekicks!

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