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Feel the GLOW with brand-new Superstar Naomi “Always Shine”! As part of The Rock’s extended family, she takes center stage in her own Showdown Scrimmage.

UNLOCK her at 4-Star Gold!

Naomi’s Showdown Scrimmage comes with some requested adjustments to the Showdown Tournament mechanics:

  • In order to impose less offensive limitations, Players who are shielded or currently engaged in a defensive match will now be available to be attacked but will not lose notoriety from defensive losses until their shield timer expires or their defense finishes being attacked.

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Naomi’s Showdown Scrimmage4/23 at noon PST4/26 at noon PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com4/23 at noon PST4/25 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (F/M)4/24 at noon PST4/25 at 4 pm PST

Solo Contest

Win shards of brand-new Naomi “Always Shine” by playing the Showdown Tournament and climbing up the milestones.

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Earn Showdown Coins80
Spend 1 Naomi Shine’s Showdown Loot Coin7,000
Increase the Talent of any Showboat25
Increase the Talent of any Modern Era25
Max Milestone11,000,000
Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win a Showdown Match with Naomi “Always Shine”1,000,0002
Win a Showdown Match with any Naomi15,00015
Win a Showdown Match with Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”500,0004
Win a Showdown Match with Brie Bella “Hall of Fame”50,00010
Win a Showdown Match with Jey Uso “I’mma Get ‘Em”15,00020
Win a Showdown Match with Jimmy Usos “The Usos”20,00015
Win a Showdown Match with any Roman Reigns10,00015
Win a Showdown Match with any Hall of Fame Superstar25,00010


1Boss Time Skill Plate
65Roman Reigns “The Head of the Table” shards
210Mickie James Shards
6Gold Naomi Shine Bags
7Silver Naomi Shine Bags
9Bronze Naomi Shine Bags
4,500The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Solo Contest Points
250The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Prize Wall Coins
75Jey Uso “I’mma Get ‘Em” Evo Tokens
35-Star Diamond Token
15-Star Gold Token
24-Star Gold Token

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Naomi “Always Shine”
500Naomi “Always Shine” shards
55-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Collect Naomi “Always Shine” shards with your Faction and progress in this contest!

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TasksPointsLimit (shared)
Collect Naomi “Always Shine” Shards10
Win a Naomi’s Showdown Match with Trish Stratus “Hall of Fame”4,00010
Win a Naomi’s Showdown Match with “The Ballad of “Mickie James8,00010
Win a Naomi’s Showdown Match with Becky Lynch “The Man”2,50020
Spend 1 Health Pack2
Earn more Faction Points in the Limited-Time Tours with selected Contest Superstars
Max Milestone1,000,000


70Trish Stratus “Hall of Fame” Shards
50Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” Shards
25-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Gold Tokens
23Random Tier 4 Medals
13Random Epic Strap for Women’s Division
700The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Solo Points

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

25-Star Diamond Tokens
3Random Legendary Strap for Women’s Division
5Random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tour

Play these Limited-Time Tours with Contest Superstars to earn points towards the contest.

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Use any Women’s Division Superstar and obtain Naomi Shine bags.

ChaptersRequirementsContest Superstar
NaomiOpenBecky Lynch “The Man” (Normal)
Trish Stratus “Hall of Fame” (Hard)
Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame” (Hell)
Naomi Victory TourNaomi “Always Shine”


1Silver Naomi Shine Bags
1Bronze Naomi Shine Bags
220Naomi “Always Shine”
and more!


Get a chance at a 5-Star Bronze Poster of BRAND-NEW Naomi “Always Shine”, alongside Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”, “The Ballad of” Mickie James, and many more Hall of fame Superstars!

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