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Doink the Clown is back, fully loaded with Mutant Powers, and ready to bring Chaos into your game! Get his poster and shards in grab bags and join our Money in the Bank events for EXTRA rewards!

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Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” Debut7/16 at noon PST7/19 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)7/17 at noon PST7/18 at 4 pm PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com7/16 at noon PST7/18 at noon PST
Christmas in July Web Contests7/14 at noon PST7/19 at noon PST
Demon King’s Flash Market at wwechampions.com7/17 at noon PST7/18 at noon PST
Doink The Clown Sweepstakes7/16 at noon PST7/19 at noon PST

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Showdown Tournament Changes:

  • We heard your feedback on the previous Showdown Tournament mechanics, thus we will make Matchmaking a bit easier and increase the max number of Showdown Coins for the Top Leagues and the weekly Showdown rewards.
  • League 6 gives you 700 coins per win and League 7 2250.
  • The daily max for League 7 is set to 22500 coins.
  • The max weekly reward will be around 47250 coins.

Solo Contest

Progress in this Solo Contest by competing in the Showdown Tournament and by playing Limited-Time Tours. Win Chaos Doink grab bags with a chance at his Poster and his shards, alongside Coins, TP, and a Boss Skill Plate!

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Earn Showdown Coins75
Spend 1 Doink “Clown Prince of Chaos” Loot Coin for the first time500,0001
Spend 1 Doink “Clown Prince of Chaos” Loot Coin15,000
Increase Talent of Acrobat Superstars by 125
Increase the Talent of any New Gen by 125
Win a Showdown Match with Doink “Clown Prince of Chaos”1,000,0001
Win a Showdown Match with Doink “The Prankster”30,00025
Win a Showdown Match with Fandango25,00010
Win a Showdown Match with any Eddie Guerrero20,00015
Win a Showdown Match with Killian Dain12,00020
Win a Showdown Match with any Kofi Kingston8,000
Max Milestone14,000,000


1Boss Time Skill Plate
3Doink Gold Grabbag
5Doink Silver Grabbag
7Doink Bronze Grabbag
60Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” shards
65-Star Diamond Tokens
1Random Legendary Acrobat Strap
45-Star Gold Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
75John Cena “The Prototype” Evo Tokens
80Cesaro “The Swiss Cyborg” shards
7,900Mutants Solo Contest Points
30,000Mutants Faction Competition Points

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Doink “Clown Prince of Chaos”
1Doink Silver Grabbag
1Doink Bronze Grabbag
105-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Earn Faction points in the Solo Contest and Limited-Time Tours! Join the Showdown Tournament to make progress and earn Gem Skill Plate Safes for your whole Faction, alongside other rewards!

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Collect Showdown Coins1
Collect Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” Shards20
Spend 1 Health Pack5
Spend 1 TP (any Color)10
Max Milestone12,000,000


2Random Gem Skill Plate Safe
3,150Mutants Solo Contest Points
7,500Mutants Faction Competition Points
35-Star Diamond Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
and MORE!

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Doink Gold Grabbag
1Doink Silver Grabbag
1Doink Bronze Grabbag
3Random Legendary Straps
5Random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

Money in the Bank brings Chaos and a Prank! (There is no Prank, it just rhymes well) Complete the Chapters and earn Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” grab bags, shards, points, and FREE Premium Blitz Tickets!

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ChaptersContest Superstars
OpenKillian Dean (Normal)
Fandango (Hard)
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame” (Hell)
New GenTyphoon (Normal)
Doink “The Prankster” (Hard)
Mr. Perfect (Hell)
Money In The Bank (Sunday)Edge “The Brood”
Alexa Bliss “Little Miss Bliss”
4-Nodes Only!


30Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” shards
1Doink Ultimate Chest
310,000Doink Solo Points
154,000Doink Faction Points
5MITB Premium Blitz Tickets
2,390Mutants Solo Contest Points
19,500Mutants Faction Competition Points
25-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
134-Star Silver Tokens
and MORE!

Blitz (starts 7/18)

Use your Premium Blitz Tickets to play this MITB Gauntlet Blitz for EXTRA Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” shards, grab bags, Coins, Tokens, and more!

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SlotsNormal (Req: 3) | Costs: 300 TicketsFill Bonus
Top 2Any Ricochet (2-Star)
Mid 3Open (2-Star)
Open (2-Star)
Open (2-Star)
all starting mp +1
Bot 4
SlotsHard (Req: 3) | Costs: 1,000 TicketsFill Bonus
Top 2Any Edge (2-Star)
Open (2-Star)
+10% health
Mid 3Open (3-Star)
Any Roman Reigns (3-Star)
+10% gem dmg
Bot 4
SlotsHell (Req: 3) | Costs: 3,500 TicketsFill Bonus
Top 2Any Kofi Kingston (3-Star)
Open (3-Star)
+30% health
Mid 3Open (3-Star)
Bobby Lashley (3-Star)
Open (4-Star)
+20% gem dmg
Bot 4

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get 5 FREE Premium Blitz Tickets in the Limited-Time Tour!

SlotsPremium Blitz (Req: 3) | Costs: 5 Premium TicketsFill Bonus
Top 2Any Asuka (2-Star)
Open (2-Star)
all starting mp +3
Mid 3Open (2-Star)
Any Alexa Bliss (3-Star)
Open (3-Star)
+20% gem dmg
Bot 4


Doink The Clown “Clown Prince of Chaos” shards
MITB Premium Briefcase (Premium)
MITB Gold Briefcase
MITB Silver Briefcase
MITB Bronze Briefcase
5-Star Diamond Token (Premium)
4-Star Silver Token (Premium)
4-Star Gold Tokens
Health Packs
and MORE!

5-Star Silver Loot

Stop Clowning around and spin the Loot for a chance at BRAND-NEW Doink the Clown “The Clown Prince of Chaos” at 5-Star SILVER and his shards, alongside various other TOP TIER Superstars, such as Finn Bálor “The Demon King”, Alexa Bliss “Play or Pain”, and many MORE!

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