Hey Champions,

What’s his name? Snoop Doggy, Do-oww-ohh-ogg!

WWE Champions is going old school this weekend! WIN the Top Dogg and his Long Beach self from 93 in Grab Bags alongside other fantastic Snoopadelic rewards in milestones! Including the launch of the highly anticipated Snoop Vault with even more Snoop inside!

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Get a chance to WIN his 4-Star Gold Poster in our Summer Jam Sweepstakes, alongside PHYSICAL PRIZES such as T-Shirts and AUTOGRAPHED SNOOP DOGG ALBUMS! Click HERE! 🔥

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Snoop’s Long Beach 93 Debut7/30 at noon PST8/2 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)7/31 at noon PST8/1 at 4pm PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com7/30 at noon PST8/1 at noon PST
Technomania Flash Market at wwechampions.com7/31 at noon PST8/1 at noon PST

Snoop Dogg Vault

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Collect your Snoop Vault Coins in his Debut contest and throughout this Summer Jam for INCREDIBLE Rewards! Get Snoop Dogg “The Top Dogg” at 4-Star Gold, his Gear, Sasha Banks “The Boss” Poster, her Gear, and Snoop Dogg’s Summer Jam Chests with a chance at BRAND-NEW Long Beach 93 Snoop or Snoop DoggThe Top Dogg”!

Solo Contest

From the depths of the sea, back to the block, Snoop Doggy Dogg is here ready to rock! Play Showdown to progress and earn plenty of Snoop grab bags, resources, and Vault coins for the new Snoop Vault! (more info below)

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Increase Talent of any Technician12
Increase Talent of any Trickster12
Spend 1 Snoop Loot Coin for 1st Time200,0001
Spend 1 Snoop Loot Coin5,000
Earn 1 Showdown Coin10
Max Milestone3,500,000
Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win in the Summer Jam Showdown with Any Trickster10,00050
Win in the Summer Jam Showdown with Any Modern Era10,00050
Win in the Summer Jam Showdown with Any Roman Reigns20,00025
Win in the Summer Jam Showdown with Any Becky Lynch12,00025


1Random Gem Skill Plate Bag
1Random MP Skill Plate Bag
1390s Snoop Tech Shard Bag
590s Snoop Premier Bag
1490s Snoop Basic Bag
75John Morrison Shards
13Snoop Dogg Vault Coin
25-Star Gold Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
500Health Packs
and more!

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Snoop Dogg “Long Beach 93”
55-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Get Shards of the Snoop Dogg “The Top Dogg” in Loot and progress in the contest to win his awesome Gear, Skill Plate Bags, over 80 Snoop Grab Bags (110 more in leaderboards!), 20 Million Freakin’ Coins, and more for your WHOLE FACTION!

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Collect Snoop Dogg “The Top Dogg” Shards in Loot800
Max Milestone4,000,000


1Snoop Dogg’s Master of Ceremonies Gear
1Random Gem Skill Plate Bag
2Random Legendary Straps
4890s Snoop Premier Bag
4090s Snoop Basic Bag
515Health Packs

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

6090s Snoop Premier Bag
5090s Snoop Basic Bag
55-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Limited-Time Tours

Play these very open Limited-Time Tours for Snoop Grab Bags, Contest Points, and TONS of Resources! Use selected Contest Superstars to get extra rewards!

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ChaptersContest Superstars
Technician TourAny Technician
Modern TourAny Modern Era
Sunday TourAny Roman Reigns
Any Becky Lynch

Rewards (Updated: 7/30)

Update (7/30):

The Coin rewards have been updated with the correct amount.

890s Snoop Basic Bag
8,800Summer Jam Solo Points
40,000Summer Jam Faction Points
164-Star Silver Tokens
65-Star Gold Tokens
65-Star Silver Tokens
75Sasha Banks “Boss Time” Evo Tokens
and more!

5-Star Silver Loot

Spinizzle fo’ Shizzle, it’s all about Snoop Dogg! Get a chance at BRAND-NEW Snoop Dogg “Long Beach 93” at 5-Star SILVER and his present self at 5-Star Bronze INCLUDING his AWESOME Gear! Additionally, win Shards and Posters of required and Top Superstars that will help you in this contest.

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