Hey Champions,

This week, we roll out Update 0.52 for WWE Champions 2021, which includes the highly anticipated Login Streak and Notification Improvements.

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and functionalities are subject to change!

Login Streak

Claim your daily rewards for 7 consecutive days to build up a streak that gives you significant BONUS REWARDS every day that you maintain the streak.

  • We want to provide you a way to focus on what is really important at that moment, and still to fulfill all your daily tasks.
  • We give you an option to skip and complete all the repetitive tasks such as Daily Tours, Daily Tasks, and Deadman’s Daily with just one tap!
  • Each day you will be able to claim all the one-time rewards in those game modes with a single button on your home screen.
  • This new feature will be available from a certain League Tier onwards, so make sure to climb up the ranks anytime you can. The higher the league you’re in, the more stuff you’ll be able to auto-claim.

If you meet the following League requirements you can skip more and enjoy more rewards:

LeagueBase MultiplierDeadman Daily SkipsDaily Tour Skips
The higher your League, the more Daily Tours you can skip. There is always a chance to get a higher multiplier than the base but you should never get one below that.

Additional Reward Sources for now are:

  • Daily Missions and League Loot Coins
  • Free Daily Rewards
  • Active Subscription Rewards

Notification Improvements

  • WWE Champions 2021 provides content for everyone and we want to keep players in the loop of what is happening in their game.
  • Some notifications the game sends to your phone might not be relevant for everyone and it can get a bit spammy over time. Thus, we are planning to revamp the notification system with the goal to reduce the number and frequencies of those.
  • Notifications will be customizable and should show only relevant info for you to become a more essential and reliable part of your daily WWE Champions 2021 routine.

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Fix for Players getting stuck in a battle against AI opponents using certain moves
  • Fix for Some Players losing progress after uninstalling the game even when Ad ID was not reset.
  • Fix for Cash spent to refresh the Stipulation shop or Faction shop did not count towards contests.
  • Item Currency Quantity was not displayed during spinning the loot.
  • Fixed issues for Skillplates targeting specific gem types
  • Game stability fixes

The Update will be available on all major platforms in the next couple of days. If you don’t see it in your store come back later and try again.

Unrelated to this update but, in case you are waiting for the ALL-NEW League 18, you shall not wait any longer. We plan to release the new League Tier within the next 48 hours!

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