Hey Champions,

We have some great Icons of WrestleMania News for you and excellent reasons to keep working on those Superstars.

First things first, if you check your Promoters, you will notice that we have added a 5-Star Gold Entourage Ability to all of them; yay!

But there is more to come this October.

ALL Icons of WrestleMania Superstars will receive significant Entourage Ability Boosts, enabling you to progress even faster in the respective Game Modes and leave your competition in the dust. 250% Notoriety or 50% Warscore Boost? Sure, why not!

But what about Straps? Yes, you will finally be able to get your hands on more Straps which you can equip on your Icons of WrestleMania Superstars. Where exactly you can earn them is still TBD and will be announced at a later point.

SummerSlam 5-Star Matches Road Tours

Last but not least, an update on the new Road Tours that were supposed to come out in September.

We know many of you are eagerly waiting for the next Chapters to be released. Their implementation takes a bit longer than expected, thus we decided to postpone their deployment into Q4 2021.

Stay tuned and Brace yourself!

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