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Under the spell of the Brood, Edge enters the realm of the undead and craves the delicious flesh of pain-suffering humans. Play the Rated Z Showdown and collect enough shards to unlock this monstrous Superstar! 🧟🔥

Unlock him at 4-Star Silver.

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Edge “Rated Z” Debut Contest10/8 at noon PST10/11 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)10/9 at noon PST10/10 at 4 pm PST
Macho King Flash ⚡ Market at wwechampions.com10/9 at noon PST10/11 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Survive in the Rated Z Showdown, play the Limited-Time Tours, and work your way up the milestones to earn awesome rewards, including Zombie Edge Shard Bags, an ALL-NEW Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate, 5-Star Emerald Tokens, Zombie Aleister Black Shards, and MORE!

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Spend 1 Zombie Edge Loot Coin for the first time200,0001
Spend 1 Zombie Edge Loot Coin5,000
Increase the Talent of any Technician4
Earn 1 Showdown Coin10
Win a Rated Z Showdown Match w/ Edge “Rated Z”500,0001
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/ any 2020 Zombie75,00020
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/ any Aleister Black6,25010
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/ any Roman Reigns6,25010
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/any Jeff Hardy3,00010
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/any Seth Rollins3,00010
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/any Asuka5,00010
Win in Rated Z Showdown Match w/any Charlotte Flair3,00010
Max Milestone5,000,000


2Zombie Edge Gold Grabbag
11Zombie Edge Silver Grabbag
8Zombie Edge Bronze Grabbag
150Aleister Black “Fade to Black” Shards
1Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate
9,400Zombies UNLEASHED Solo Contest Points
46,000 Zombies UNLEASHED Faction Contest Points
35-Star Emerald Tokens
65-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Gold Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
35Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Shards
120Drew McIntyre “The Sluagh” Evo Tokens
180Sheamus “King Sheamus” Shards
3Random Legendary Straps
5Random Epic Straps

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Edge “Rated Z”
150Edge “Rated Z” Shards
105-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Talent Up your Zombies and collect Edge “Rated Z” shards for Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Shards and Zombies UNLEASHED Contest Points. Speed up your progress with FREE Contest Points in the Shop and adequate offers!

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Play the Limited-Time Tour for more Faction Points!
Spend 1 Health Pack1
Collect Edge “Rated Z” Shards40
Increase Talent of any Zombie1100,000
Max Milestone 4,000,000


10,000Zombies UNLEASHED Faction Contest Points
50Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Shards
15-Star Diamond Token
35-Star Silver Tokens
14-Star Gold Token
15Random Tier 4 Medals

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

35-Star Diamond Tokens
3Random Legendary Strap with a possible powerful Bonus
5Random Tier 4 Medals
2Random Epic Straps

Limited-Time Tours

In three chapters thou shalt prevail and a Kingdom full of rewards thou shalt lead! Earn Zombie Edge Gold Grab Bags, Contest Points, 5-Star Emerald Tokens, and more!

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ChaptersContest Superstars
Rise from the DeadZombie Jeff Hardy or Zombie Seth Rollins
The SluaghDrew McIntyre “The Sluagh”
Queen of the UndeadCharlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection”


15-Star Diamond Token
35-Star Gold Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens
3Zombie Edge Gold Grab bags
850,000Zombie Edge Solo Point
15,000Zombie Edge Faction Point
10Drew McIntyre “The Sluagh” Evo Tokens
11,500Zombies UNLEASHED Faction Contest Points
7,255Zombies UNLEASHED Solo Contest Points
and more Tokens!

5-Star Silver Loot

The Rated Z Loot is loaded with Brains and Zombies! What a Feast! Get BRAND-NEW Edge “Rated Z” at 5-Star SILVER, alongside Roman Reigns “Head of the Table”, Asuka “Empress of Yesterday” at 5-Star Bronze, and many MORE Zombies!

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