Hey Champions,

We unleashed all Zombies, and they are causing havoc all over WWE Champions! Fight and survive them to win fantastic rewards in Solo and Faction Contests! Oh, there is one more thing, you better prepare for the ultimate Finale this weekend – “The Unmortal” is near! 🧠🧟

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Zombie Havoc 202110/27 at noon PST11/1 at 10 am PST
Zombie Havoc 2021 – Skill Up10/27 at noon PST 10/29 at noon PST
Zombie Havoc 2021 – Faction Contest10/27 at noon PST10/29 at noon PST
“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Debut Contest10/27 at noon PST 11/1 at 10 am PST
Flash Feuds10/29 at 6 pm PST10/31 at noon PST
Zombie Mankind Flash ⚡ Market at wwechampions.com10/30 at noon PST10/31 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Level Up your Zombies and participate in upcoming Faction Contests to earn Solo Points and WIN Zombie Havoc Bags, Prize Wall coins, Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” Gear, The Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate, and much MOOOOOOAR!

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Collect Points in the Skill Up and Faction Contest
Max Milestone17,800,000
More Tasks will be added later this week!
Defeat any Boss in the Zombies Unleashed – Women’s Division Tour with: PointsLimit
Asuka “Empress of Yesterday”250,0001
Paige “Scream for Me”250,0001
Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection”250,0001
Sasha Banks “Legit Dead Boss”250,0001
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare”250,0001
Win a Showdown Match with:PointsLimit
Aleister Black “Fade to Black”250,0001
Roman Reigns “This is my Graveyard”250,0001
Undertaker “Deadman Walking”250,0001
Triple H “Skull King”250,0001
Kane “Big Dead Machine”250,0001
Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”250,0001
The Rock “The People’s Chomp”250,0001
Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”250,0001
Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”250,0001
John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”250,0001
Brock Lesnar “Beast Reincarnated”250,0001
Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style has arrived”250,0001
Jeff Hardy “The Decomposing Enigma”250,0001
Finn Balor “Squalor Club”250,0001
Kevin Owens “Bite Owens Bite”250,0001
AJ Styles “The Possessed One”250,0001
Edge “The Undead Opportunist”250,0001
Mankind “it came from the Boiler Room”250,0001


1Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie” Gear
1The Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate
25-Star Emerald Tokens
50Mankind “It came from the Boiler Room” Shards
75Edge “The Undead Opportunist” Shards
100Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare” Shards
22Zombie Havoc Bags
280Zombie Havoc Prize Wall Medallions
5,000Zombies UNLEASHED Solo Contest Points
Participate in the upcoming Warscore and Faction Contests for more points and with that more of these milestone rewards!

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

1Legendary Zombie Strap with 40% Gem Damage
55-Star Emerald Tokens

Skill Up Contest

Level Up Superstar Moves to progress in this contest and collect Zombie Havoc Solo Points, Zombies UNLEASHED Keys, Zombies Straps, and meh-meh-meh-mooahr!

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Increase the Level of any Superstar Moves500
Increase the Level of any Zombie Moves1,000
Spend TP10
Max Milestone300,000


1,500,000Zombie Havoc Solo Points
100Roman Reigns “This is my Graveyard” Shards
50,000Zombies UNLEASHED Keys
10Random Tier 4 Medals
5Epic Tier 4 Medals
6Random Legendary Zombie Straps
4Random Epic Straps

Leaderboard rewards (separated by Leagues)

50,000Zombie Havoc Solo Points
40Zombie Havoc Prize Wall Medallions
3Zombie Havoc Bags
500Roman Reigns “This is my Graveyard” Shards
3Zombie Havoc Feud Booster
League 13+

Faction Contest

Gather your Faction Members and collect all the delicious PumpKanes in the Limited-Time Tour. Use selected Zombies to speed up the progress and win Zombie shards along with plenty of Contest Points!

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Collect Pumpkins11,000,000
Spend 1 Zombies UNLEASHED Premium Loot Coin5,000
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Finn Balor “Squalor Club”500500
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”1,500200
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Edge “The Undead Opportunist”3,00050
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Zombie”5,00030
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare”5,00030
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”8,00020
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Mankind “It Came from the Boiler Room”10,00010
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey”10,00010
Beat Boss on any difficulty with Aleister Black “Fade to Black”10,00010
Max Milestone5,000,000

Regular Rewards

2,100,000Zombie Havoc Solo Points
95Kane “Big Dead Machine” Shards
200Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Shards
150Aleister Black “Fade to Black”
75Drew McIntyre “The Sluagh” Evo Tokens
2,150Zombies UNLEASHED Solo Points
53,000Zombies UNLEASHED Faction Points
445Zombies UNLEASHED Universal Perks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Speed up your progress and spin the Loot for more Contest Points and Faction Rewards

900,000Zombie Havoc Solo Points
55Kane “Big Dead Machine” Shards
500Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Shards
350Aleister Black “Fade to Black”
1,700Zombies UNLEASHED Solo Points
50,000Zombies UNLEASHED Faction Points
780Zombies UNLEASHED Universal Perks

Leaderboard rewards

40Zombie Havoc Prize Wall Medallions
500Kane “Big Dead Machine” Shards
3Zombie Havoc Feud Booster

PumpKANE Tour

Jump into the Tour and collect PumpKanes for the Zombie Havoc Faction Contest. Earn Aleister Black “Fade to Black” Shards, Coins, and Tokens on top of that!

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DifficultyContest Superstars
NormalSeth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”
Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection”
HardKane “Big Dead Machine”
Asuka “Empress of Yesterday”
HellUndertaker “Dead Man Walking”
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare”


200Aleister Black “Fade to Black” Shards
15-Star Gold Token
34-Star Gold Tokens
54-Star Silver Tokens

Prize Wall

Redeem your earned Zombie Havoc Prize Wall Medallions here for TOP Zombie Poster and Shards, alongside Zombie Stun Immunity Straps, Anti-Bleed Straps, and more! Collect enough Medallions and get BRAND-NEW “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan this weekend!

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More info on “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Debut Contest will follow this week! Stay tuned!

Flash Feuds this weekend!

Prepare your Roster for the upcoming Flash Feuds this weekend! The corresponding weekend Contest will be announced later this week!

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Endless Horror

10/29 at 6 pm PST10/30 at 3 am PST
min req4
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit3
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 100,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan
+2 starting all mp
+100% all gem dmg
+50% warscore boost
Zombie Powerhouse
Striker (3-Star)
+100% Blast gem dmg
+200% bleed damage
+30% warscore boost
Any Zombie (4-Star)
Any Drew McIntyre (3-Star)
Any Zombie
+25% multiply gem dmg
+25% power gem dmg

Eternal Darkness

10/30 at 2 pm PST10/30 at 10 pm PST
min req3
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit3
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 100,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Aleister Black “Fade to Black”
+2 starting all mp
+100% all move dmg
+50% warscore boost
Zombie Showboat (4-Star)
Any Mankind
+100% health steal boost
+200% bleed damage
+30% warscore boost
Any Brock Lesnar (3-Star)
Any Zombie (4-Star)
Any Edge
+3 Countdown Gem
+10% warscore boost

Unrelenting Nightmares

10/31 at 6 am PST10/31 at noon PST
min req3
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 100,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare”
+2 starting all mp
+100% botch gem dmg
+50% warscore boost
any Alexa Bliss (3-Star)
Any Trish Stratus
+100% health steal boost
+50% power gem dmg
+30% warscore boost
Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection” (4-Star)
Open (4-Star)
Any Sasha Banks
+100% Blast gem dmg
+10% warscore boost

Leaderboard rewards

Flash Feud Medallions
Up to Legendary Straps with random Bonus
Tier 2 to Tier 4 Epic Medal Bag

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