Hey Champions,

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, it doesn’t matter when you jump into the Battle for Xmas for festive Rewards! Empty Loot Boxes in the Tour and spend your Candy Canes on the Prize Wall to reward yourself or your Faction.

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🗓 Schedule

Battle for Xmas12/15 at noon PST12/17 at noon PST

Faction Contest

Collect Candy Canes in the Limited-Time Tour to progress in this Contest and earn Christmas Conspiracy Points, Resources, and Shards for Sami Zayn “Conspiracy Theory”.

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Collect 1 Candy Cane from Limited-Time Tours53,000,000
Spend 1 Candy Cane17,000,000
Spend 1 Christmas Conspiracy Premium Loot Coin1,500
Max Milestone12,500,000


10,610Christmas Conspiracy Solo Contest Points
39,990Christmas Conspiracy Faction Competition Points
50Sami Zayn “Conspiracy Theory” Shards
50Nikki ASH Evo Tokens
295Christmas Conspiracy Prize Wall Medallions
10,000Christmas Conspiracy Keys

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

35-Star Emerald Tokens

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Nodes for Contest Points and collect Candy Canes in Loot Boxes to climb up the milestones. Use your Auto Clear Tickets to get the Candy Canes faster.

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Please note:
Auto Clear Tickets do not count towards the “Collect Candy Canes” Task in the Contest, instead you can farm Candy Canes with them and contribute points to the “Spend Candy Cane”.

ChapterContest Superstar
OpenMark Henry
Steve Austin “Austin 3:16”
John Cena “Veteran Salute”
Mankind “The Deranged”
Mankind “Mr. Socko”
1-Node only


25,000Battle for XMAS Points

Prize Wall

Redeem your Candy Canes on the Prize Wall for Battle for Xmas Presents and exchange them for Naughty or Nice Gifts. Be naughty and reward yourself, or be nice and gift something to your Faction!

Up to 5-Star Gold Tokens
Christmas Conspiracy Keys

Please note:
There are 10 Naughty and 10 Nice Presents, but only 10 Presents to exchange. So, you will have to choose wisely where your Presents go this time.

Christmas Conspiracy Premium Loot

Gear up for the Holidays! Get Mankind “Mr. Socko” and John Cena “Veteran Salute” with their Santa Gear at 5-Star Silver, alongside Santa Gear and Normal Gear for various other GREAT Superstars, such as Shawn Micheals “The Showstopper”, Walter “Ring General” and much MORE!

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