Hey Champions,

It finally happened! BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes has returned to the WWE and WWE Champions with an INCREDIBLE repertoire of Rewards. Earn Cody Rhodes Shards in various ways throughout the Contest, along with NEW Tier 5 Fury II Medals, 6-Star Tokens, Ultimate Straps, and MORE!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A 6-Star Evolution Dream comes true!
BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes can be evolved from 5-Star Gold to 6-Star Bronze with Shards and only one 5-Star Emerald Token until 9/7!

Please note:
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American Nightmare9/2 at noon PST9/6 at 10 am PST
Faction Frenzy (24hrs only)9/2 at noon PST9/3 at noon PST
Faction Boss (24hrs only)9/3 at noon PST9/4 at noon PST
Gauntlet Blitz (24 hrs only)9/5 at noon PST9/6 at 10 am PST
Limited-Time Flash Market (24hrs only)9/3 at noon PST9/4 at noon PST

Faction Boss Info

Not so mysterious anymore!

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty, the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it. Winning with a full team of faction mates gives 2x the Faction Boss Coins.

This time, you can battle through 20 Levels starting with 4-Star Superstars to climb up the mid Levels and use higher rarities to process further and survive the upper Levels.

Battle Tips


  • A defensive Faction Boss that utilizes a Black Gem Shield and the Damage Limiter move
  • Boss Breaker usage will again be important in tackling The American Nightmare
    • Essential
      • Raise the Roof (Damage Limiter Mitigation)
      • Regeneration-X (Bonus MP Generation per gem break)
    • Alternatives
      • Crack in the Shield (Shield Penetration) 

Superstar Strategies

  • Use Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Focused Superstars
      • Raise the Roof BB
      • Regeneration-X BB
    • Generate Multiply Gems
      • Utilize increased Multiply Gem Effect
      • Soft counter to increase MP cost
    • Generate Black Gems
      • Take down Black Gem Shield
      • Utilize increased Black Gem Generation

⭐⭐⭐⭐ You can redeem your earned Boss Coins in the Faction Boss Shop for Faction Boss Promoter Shards, Coins, TP, Tokens, Medals, 120 Shards for BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes, a random Ultimate Strap, and TONS of Superstar Shards that will help you with your next 6-Star Bronze Superstar Evolution!

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Available FREE Shards

Solo Contest650
Faction Contest Leaderboard (24 hours only)Up to 400
Faction Boss Competition (24 hours only)150
Faction Boss Shop120
Limited-Time Tours200
Get the rest in Offers and Events at wwechampions.com, Shard Loot, or future Contests.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour, Gauntlet Blitz, and the 24hrs-only Faction Contest for MASSIVE Points and 650 Shards of BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare”. Get further with Offers and Loot and earn NEW Tier 5 Fury II Medal Sets, and an “American Nightmare Returns” Logo that lets you choose dreamy rewards!

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Earn up to 6 MILLION POINTS in American Nightmare Tours throughout the weekend!
Earn nearly 5 MILLION POINTS in the American Nightmare Faction Boss Competition on Saturday!
Claim 200,000 Points in the Shop!
Claim 200,000 Points from the Store if you purchased this week’s Backstage Pass!
Spend 1 American Nightmare Loot14,000
Spend an American Nightmare Loot for the First Time140,0001
Recruit Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” during the first 24 Hours!1,500,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000

Regular Rewards

500Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” Shards
6American Nightmare Shard Bags
14,580Heatwave Solo Contest Points
50Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
250Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
25-Star Emerald Tokens
55-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
75-Star Silver Tokens
94-Star Gold Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

4Tier 5 Fury II Medal Sets (1 per Slot)
1American Nightmare Returns Logo
4American Nightmare Contest Shard Bags
4American Nightmare Shard Bags
10,000Heatwave Solo Contest Points
250Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
355-Star Emerald Tokens
165-Star Gold Tokens
204-Star Gold Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Gold Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” (Top 20)
4,000Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” Shards
205-Star Emerald Tokens
1Ultimate Strap with up to 100% Gem Dmg
1Ultimate Strap with Bleed immunity

American Nightmare Faction Boss Competition

Battle the Faction Boss and earn Boss Shop Currency for American Nightmare Shard Bags, Contest Points, and TONS of Coins. Up to 4,200,000 points in the Top 800 Leaderboard!

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn Boss Shop Currency200
Defeat the Boss on Level 155,000
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Cody Rhodes1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Xavier Woods “King Woods”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Shawn Michaels “Rocker”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 13 with “Stunning” Steve Austin500,0001
Max Milestone8,000,000


13American Nightmare Contest Shard Bags
1American Nightmare Champion Shard Bag
2American Nightmare Shard Bags
4,700,000American Nightmare Solo Contest Points

Top 800 Leaderboard rewards

Up to 4,200,000American Nightmare Solo Contest Points

Faction Frenzy Contest (24 Hours only)

Limited-Time Only! Collect Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” Shards in the Solo Contest, Offers, and Shop Events at wwechampions.com to progress in this Contest and climb up the Leaderboard for up to 400 Cody Rhodes Shards!

Earn a 6-Star Bronze Token, American Nightmare Legacy Blitz Tickets, and with that, a chance at more Cody Rhodes Shards in the special Shards Loot!

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Talent Up any Superstar20
Talent Up any Legend Era80
Collect Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” Shards10,000
Spend a 5-Star Emerald Token400,000
Max Milestone599,999,999


14Ultra Seek and Destroy Props (Choose 6 Gems to destroy)
38The Chosen One Props (Choose 3 Gems to make into Black Gems)
16-Star Bronze Token
150,000Focused Boss Breaker Coins
16American Nightmare Contest Shard Bags
7American Nightmare Legacy Blitz Tickets
6,000Heatwave Solo Contest Points
36,000Heatwave Faction Competition Points
200Heatwave Prize Wall Medallions
2,500Heatwave Keys

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

400Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” Shards
3Random Legendary Modern Strap with Guaranteed Bonus

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn American Nightmare Shard Bags, Contest Points, and Resources. Earn a 6-Star Bronze Token in the first Challenge Chapter with either BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes or Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayOpenAny Dusty Rhodes
FridayThe American Nightmare – CHALLENGE ICody Rhodes or Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” (Normal)
Any Rey Mysterio or Any Randy Orton or Any Dusty Rhodes (Hard)
Any 6-Star Modern Era (Hell)
SaturdayAlpha Academy + Modern EraChad Gable “Alpha Academy”
Otis “Alpha Academy”
SundayAny Rey MysterioRey Mysterio “WCW’s Ultimate Cruiserweight”
SundayThe American Nightmare – CHALLENGE II (Any Razor Ramon, Any New Day, Any RAW)Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” (Normal)
Xavier Woods “King Woods” (Hard)
Theory “All Day” (Hell)


6,000,000American Nightmare Solo Points
1American Nightmare Premium Shard Bag
4American Nightmare Shard Bags
16-Star Bronze Token
35-Star Diamonds Tokens
35-Star Gold Tokens
45-Star Silver Tokens
64-Star Gold Tokens
and more!


Watch out for Sunday’s Legacy Shard Loot and Offers incase you are close to the Unlock! TOP Shards value for a bargain! Progress in the Faction Contest for required Blitz Tickets and earn Legacy Loot Coins or Solo Contest Points in this Blitz.

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HellRequirements (4)Fill Bonus
Top 2
Mid 3
Bot 4Any Rey Mysterio (5-Star)
Any Dusty Rhodes (5-Star)
Any Randy Orton (5-Star)
Open (6-Star)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you can’t play the Blitz, you can redeem 1 Blitz Ticket for 1 American Nightmare Legacy Bag in the Shop, where you also can find more Bags to purchase with Cash and reach full pulls for the Loot.

Get 10 Pulls for only $3 in the Shop!


3American Nightmare Legacy Bags (Contains either Legacy Loot Coins or Contest Points)
5,000American Nightmare Solo Contest Points
Per Blitz Run

5-Star GOLD Loot & MORE

A Dream came true, the American Nightmare is finally in this POSTERS-ONLY LOOT! Get BRAND-NEW Cody Rhodes at 5-Star GOLD and celebrate his return to WWE with rare “Focused” Superstars (and Gear) to help you defeat him in Faction Boss! ALL Posters are 4-Star Bronze and higher! Don’t miss out!


Shards in the Flash Market and this Shard Loot will help you with the Unlock. Find 10 Pulls for $3 in Store on Sunday and finish off your Unlocks with this LIMITED-TIME source of Cody Rhodes Shards, including Poster and HUGE Shard amounts to help upgrade your Superstars!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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