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The Undead live z-wice, they say. Let’s find out! Helmets on and off to fight this midweek’s Faction Boss. Take Randy Orton “The Undead Predator” down and earn the All-Bitey Gear, Tomb of the Undead Bags, 6-Star Bronze Tokens, and MOAAR! 🧠🧟‍♂

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You Only Live Z-Wice10/12 at noon PST10/14 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Beat the Faction Boss to earn Boss Currencies, Talent Up Superstars, and benefit from Offers to progress in this Contest. Earn awesome Rewards, such as the Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Gear, 6-Star Tokens, and Tomb of the Undead Grab Bags with a chance at RARE Zombies!

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Battle the Faction Boss and earn Points!
Earn Boss Shop Currency500
Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with any Zombie10,000
Spend 1 5-Star Emerald Token10,000
Spend 1 You Only Live Z-Wice Loot Coin10,000
Spend your 1st You Only Live Z-Wice Loot Coin today! (Wed)20,0001
Spend your 1st You Only Live Z-Wice Loot Coin today! (Thu)30,0001
Max Milestone11,250,000

Regular Rewards

16-Star Bronze Token Chest
56Dominik Mysterio “Unfortunate Son”
15,000Undead Uprising Keys
20,540Undead Uprising Solo Points
37,500Undead Uprising Faction Points

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” Gear
3Tomb of the Undead Bags
36-Star Bronze Token Chests
50Rey Mysterio “Mascara de la Muerte” Shards
10,000Undead Uprising Solo Points

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

46-Star Bronze Token PW Medallion
55-Star Emerald Tokens

5-Star Gold Loot

The Undead army can be withstood only by their equals. And what a coincidence, we have them right here in this AMAZING Loot. Spin it for a chance at “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan, Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”, Edge “The Undead Opportunist”, and so many MORE!

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