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Who you gonna call when the ring starts to slime around? GHOSTBUSTERS – finally here, trapping those pesty haunted souls and converting them into awesome Rewards!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Unlock BRAND-NEW John Cena “Ghostbusters” at 4-Star Gold in Milestones and chase “Ghostbusters” Roman Reigns and Steve Austin throughout the weeklong Contest.

🎁 Get started with a 3-Star Bronze John Cena “Ghostbusters” FREE to claim at wwechampions.com and in-game.

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Ghostbusters Part 111/7 at noon PST11/11 at noon PST
I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost11/7 at noon PST11/18 at noon PST
Faction Boss11/9 at noon PST11/11 at noon PST
Ghostbusters Part 2next week
The Community voted for The Fiend as the next Faction Boss, so let’s get it on!

Faction Boss Info

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty, the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it. Winning with an entire team of faction mates gives 2x the Faction Boss Coins.

Click here for Battle Tips

Battle Tips

  • The Fiend is a Faction Boss that aims to disrupt players and buff its moves to deal heavy damage. The Boss puts up a stalwart defense using Protect Gems, a Hardened Red Gem Shield, and Freezing player moves. Though The Fiend is not just defensive, watch out for when it increases its move damage to avoid taking heavy damage.
  • Boss Breaker usage will be significant in countering the Freeze and Damage Buff Boss moves.
    • Utilize multiple Neutralize Boss Breakers to ensure your team can remove the Boss Damage Buff every turn. (WILL NOT WORK FOR THE SHIELD)
    • If left unchecked, Frozen moves can cripple a team’s ability to take down the Hardened Red Gem Shield or deal damage; make sure to use Hell Freezes Over to regain access to frozen moves
  • Useful Boss Breakers
    • Essential
      • Neutralize (Removes the Boss Damage Buff)
      • Hell Freezes Over (Unfreeze Player Moves)
    • Helpful Alternatives
      • Life in the Fastlane (Decrease Boss Breaker Cooldown)
      • Exhaust (Lower’s Boss Move Damage)

Superstar Strategies

  • Use Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Chaotic Superstars
      • Neutralize BB
    • Focused
      • Hell Freezes Over BB
    • Generate/Destroy Blast Gems
      • Blast gems receive a significant boost to their damage
    • Generate/Destroy Red Gems
      • Take down the Red Gem Shield
  • Avoid Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Superstars with Red Gem Damage as a focus in their moveset

Boss Breaker Strategy

Essential Boss Breaker Abilities

  • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • All Difficulties
    • Counter for Boss Damage Buff
    • Ability works by removing a Boss’s Buff
    • Upgrade Benefits
      • Level 2-7 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 8-9 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Buffs removed
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown
  • Hell Freezes Over (Focused)
    • Difficulties 9+
    • Counter for Freeze Boss Moves
    • Ability works by unfreezing player moves
      • Level 2-5 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 6-7 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 8-9 : Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Teammates affected

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Available Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” Shards (in Part 1+2)

Solo Contest950200
Ghost Contest175
Solo Leaderboard600
Web Shop Events 100
Over multiple Contests (Part 1 and Part 2)

Solo Contest

Compete in Showdown, Stipulation Tours, and Faction Boss for progress and earn Ghost Traps, Slimers, a Chain of the Colossus Skill Plate, and 6-Star Bronze Tokens.

Rank up in the Leaderboard for more Slimers and up to a 5-Star Gold Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters”!

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Earn more Contest Points in the Limited-Time Tours
Spend 1 Legend Classics Loot Coins12,500
Spend 1 Legend Classics Loot First Time125,0001
Earn Showdown Coins (Monday)2,0801,200
Earn Showdown Coins (Tuesday)2,0851,200
Beat Stipulation Tour Hard Mode with any Ghostbuster200,0001
Beat the Men’s Division – Ends Friday Chapter with Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters”500,0001
Increase the Talent of any Ghostbuster (ends 11/9)5020,000
Max Milestone20,000,000

Regular Rewards

14Ghostbusters Ghost Traps
45,000Legend Classics Faction Competition Points
12,500Legend Classics Keys
56R-Truth “K-Kwik” Evo Tokens
15-Star Emerald Token
95-Star Diamond Tokens
95-Star Gold Tokens
115-Star Silver Tokens
164-Star Gold Tokens
104-Star Silver Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1Chain of the Colossus Skill Plate
5Ghostbusters Ghost Traps
1Slimiest Slimer
3Slimier Slimer
26-Star Bronze Token Medallions
190Lita “Rebel” Shards
105-Star Emerald Tokens
55-Star Diamond Tokens
155-Star Gold Tokens
104-Star Gold Tokens

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Gold Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” (Top 20)
2,000Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” Shards
1Slimiest Slimer
1Slimier Slimer
1Slimy Slimer

Faction Boss Competition

The Community voted for the Faction Boss Appearance, and now it’s your time to battle him for more Ghost Traps, Ghostbusters: Part 1 Solo Contest Points, and a Slimiest Slimer.

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Earn Boss Shop Currency200
Defeat the Boss on Level 205,000
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters”750,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with John Cena “Ghostbusters”350,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with John Cena “You Can’t See Me”750,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with Boogeyman “Comin’ to Getcha'”350,0001
Max Milestone8,000,000

Regular Rewards

5Ghostbusters Ghost Traps
7,500,000Ghostbusters: Part 1 Solo Contest Points
1Slimiest Slimer

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

5,000,000Ghostbusters: Part 1 Solo Contest Points
2Slimiest Slimer
3Slimier Slimer
1Slimy Slimer

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Contest

Collect Slimers in Contest Rewards, Loot, and Offers to UNLOCK BRAND-NEW John Cena “Ghostbusters” at 4-Star Gold and a 3-Star Bronze Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” with only 1 Million Contest Points!

Keep pushing for more Slimers and reward yourself with a BRAND-NEW 3-Star Bronze Steve Austin “Ghostbusters”, more Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” Shards, and 6-Star Bronze Tokens. Get the SUPER RARE John Cena “You Can’t See Me” True Form Gear in the Leaderboard!

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Hunt for Ghosts in Contests, Loot, and Offers at wwechampions.com!
Collect Slimy Slimer10,000
Collect Slimier Slimer15,000
Collect Slimiest Slimer75,000
Max Milestone 5,500,000


13-Star Bronze Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom”
2,000John Cena “Ghostbusters” Shards
58,840Legend Classics Solo Contest Points
255Legend Classics Prize Wall Coins

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

13-Star Bronze Steve Austin “Ghostbusters”
175Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” Shards
3,000John Cena “Ghostbusters” Shards
26-Star Bronze Token Medallions
1Undertakers’ Sigil Skill Plate
1Ultimate Ghostbusters Strap

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1John Cena “You Can’t See Me” True Form Gear
55-Star Emerald Tokens
4,000Undertaker “Glowing Phantom Phenom” Shards
3Legendary Ghostbusters Strap w/ Guaranteed Bonus

5-Star GOLD Loot

I Ain’t Afraid of that Loot! Feel safe and protected by BRAND-NEW Roman Reigns and John Cena as your “Ghostbusters” at up to 5-Star Gold, along with their Shards, Slimers, and other TOP Superstars such as Boogeyman “Comin’ to Getcha'”, Bobby Lashley “Dominator” and MORE!

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