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The Hart Foundation is ready to attack! Unlock BRAND-NEW Bret Hart at 4-Star Silver with Shards in Grab Bags, Tours, and Offers at wwechampions.com. Redeem Prize Wall Medallions for the NEW Hitman’s Battle Armor Skill Plate. 💜

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Hart Attack Scrimmage11/11 at noon PST11/14 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)11/12 at noon PST11/13 at 4 pm PST

Available Shards

Solo Contest700300
Limited-Time Tour (incl Trial)650
Web Milestones100
Offer Bags150
Stamp Card2525
Flagship Offer50

Solo Contest

Compete in the Showdown Tournament to earn Hart Attack Shard Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, and Shards for BRAND-NEW Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”! Climb higher in Milestones for MORE Prize Wall Medallions, which you can redeem for the NEW Hitman’s Battle Armor Skill Plate!

Earn all available Regular Rewards and enjoy 700 FREE Shards for Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”.

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Earn Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” Shards in the Challenge Match!
Claim FREE Contest Points on wwechampions.com!
Spend 1 Hart Attack Loot Coin2,750
Spend your first Hart Attack Loot Coin27,5001
Earn Showdown Coins15tbd
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” in the first 24 Hours500,0001
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Any Legends Era15,00060
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Any Technician11,00025
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Any Striker10,00025
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Any Showboat10,00025
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame”7,00010
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with British Bulldog “SummerSlam 92”7,00010
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Randy Savage “Macho King”15,0003
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”15,0003
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”15,0003
Win a Hart Attack SD Match with Jim Neidhart “Hart Foundation”50,0001
Max Milestone6,000,000

Regular Rewards

3Hart Attack Premium Bags
16Hart Attack Basic Bags
75Bobby Lashley “Dominator” Shards
11,200Hart Attack Scrimmage Medallions
300R-truth “K-Kwik” Evo Tokens
50Lita “Rebel” Shards
4,773Legend Classics Solo Contest Points
3,125Legend Classics Key
25-Star Diamond Tokens
35-Star Gold Tokens
55-Star Silver Tokens
44-Star Gold Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

225Bobby Lashley “Dominator” Shards
120,000Hart Attack Scrimmage Medallions
3Hart Attack Premium Bags
125-Star Emerald Tokens
415-Star Gold Tokens
25-Star Silver Token
154-Star Gold Token

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Silver Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” (Top 20)
1,000Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” Shards
55-Star Emerald Tokens
3Legendary Legends Era Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
2Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance

Faction Contest

Play The Limited-Time Tour and Talent up your Superstars for Hart Attack Bags (and a chance at TOP Superstar Shards and Poster), Contest Points, and Resources!

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Claim Free Contest Points EVERY DAY on wwechampions.com!
Play the Limited-Time Tour for more Faction Points!
Spend 1 Health Pack1
Increase Talent of Any Legends Era4
Increase Talent of Any Hall of Fame2
Increase Talent of Any Technician1
Max Milestone 10,000,000


11Hart Attack Contest Chests
500,000Hart Attack Solo Contest Points
3Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance
1,790Legend Classics Solo Contest Points
8,435Legend Classics Faction Competition Points
200Legend Classics Prize Wall Coins
15-Star Diamond Token
15-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

3Legendary Legends Era Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
45-Star Emerald Tokens
5Random Tier 4 medals

Limited-Time Tours

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” Shards, Grab Bags, Solo and Faction Contest Points, Tokens, and Resources.

If you clear everything, you can get 550 Shards of Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” (including Grab Bags).

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
Friday⭐⭐⭐⭐ CHALLENGE MATCHBret Hart “Hart Foundation” (Normal)
Legends Era (Hard)
Rick Rude “Hall of Fame” (Hell)
FridayHartbreakersDusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame”, British Bulldog “SummerSlam 92” (Normal)
Bobby Lashley “Dominator”, Peter Maivia (Hard)
Randy Savage “Macho King”, Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” (Hell)
SaturdayShot through the HartR-Truth “K-Kwik”
SundayCold Harted (Any Bret Hart)Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”


200Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” Shards
3Hart Attack Premium Bags
6Hart Attack Basic Bags
300,000Hart Attack Solo Contest Points
51,003Hart Attack Faction Points
14,064Legend Classics Faction Points
2,982Legend Classics Solo Points
16-Star Bronze Token
35-Star Emerald Tokens
15-Star Diamond Token
35-Star Gold Tokens
24-Star Gold Tokens
34-Star Silver Tokens

Showdown Scrimmage Shop

We have spiced up the Prize Wall a little with more TOP Superstar Shards, Class-specific Token Bundles, Skill Plates, and MORE!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Collect enough Medallions in the Solo Contest Milestones to get the BRAND-NEW Hitman’s Battle Armor Skill Plate!

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Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame”
Bobby Lashley “Dominator”
British Bulldog “SummerSlam 92”
Peter Maivia “High Chief”
Randy Savage “Macho King”
Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”
Skill Plates
The Hitman’s Battle Armor
The Dominator’s Drip
Bianca’s Braid Blade
Mella’s Mask
6-Star Bronze Token
Technician Token Bundle
Striker Token Bundle
Showboat Token Bundle
Legendary Scrimmage Straps with Guaranteed Bonus

5-Star GOLD Loot

Another Loot with Hart to set the foundation for a successful Roster! Spin it for a chance at BRAND-NEW Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” at 5-Star GOLD, alongside TOP Superstars that can help you in the Scrimmage Contest and beyond.


Earn AWESOME Bonus Rewards in the Hart Attack Contest! Every $1 spent rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Prizes! Get up to 68 MILLION Bonus Coins, 2x 6-Star Bronze Tokens, 200x R-Truth “K-Kwik” Evo Tokens, 4x Hart Attack Shard Bags, the BRAND-NEW Hitman’s Battle Armor Skill Plate, and MORE!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Bret Hart “Hart Foundation” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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