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Just a trim or a little bit more? Don’t panic; good old Brutus will take care of you, strutting and cutting as a Faction Boss! Earn plenty of Hall of Fame Gold Tokens, Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” Shards, and a Winter of Wonder Hall of Fame Midweek Medallion!

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Struttin’ & Cuttin’1/18 at noon PST1/20 at noon PST
Faction Boss1/18 at noon PST1/20 at 9 am PST

Faction Boss Info

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty, the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it. Winning with an entire team of Faction Members gives 2x the Faction Boss Coins.

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Boss Summary

Boss Abilities

  • Deal Damage and Place Heal Gems on the Board
    • Every Turn, starting turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels
    • Heal Gems created varies from 12-49 depending on the difficulty
  • Black Gem Shield
    • Every 2 Turns starting turn 1
    • This applies to all difficulties
    • The shield lasts two turns
    • Shield HP scales from 30-110 depending on the difficulty
    • Can be affected by Boss Breakers
  • Buff Boss Damage Per Heal Gem
    • Every Turn starting Turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels 6+
    • Buff lasts two turns (Applies to Boss’s Next Turn)
    • Boss Damage buff ranges from 100%-200% depending on the difficulty
    • Can be removed by the Neutralize Boss Breaker
  • Heal Self
    • Every Turn starting Turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels 9+
    • Heal Boss Health for 30%-50% of max depending on the difficulty
    • Can reduce the effectiveness of the move with the Healer’s Steal Bossbreaker

Battle Attributes

  • Cross Break Gem Damage: +8,000%
  • Black Gem Damage: +1,000%

Battle Tips

  • Brutus Beefcake is a faction boss that will test your Boss Breaker usage with a Black Gem Shield, Heal, and Damage Buff moves. Utilize Neutralize, Healer’s Steal, and Crack in the Shield to mitigate the effects of his abilities. Also, take advantage of his weakness to Cross Break and Black gems.
  • Useful Boss Breakers
    • Essential
      • Healer’s Steal (Chaotic)
      • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • Helpful
      • Exhaust/Rage (Aggressive)
      • Crack in the Shield (Aggressive)

Superstar Strategies

  • Use Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Chaotic Superstars
      • Healer’s Steal Boss Breaker
      • Neutralize Boss Breaker
    • Aggressive Superstars
      • Exhaust Boss Breaker
      • Crack in the Shield Boss Breaker
    • Cross Break Gem Generation/Destruction
      • Take advantage of the increased Cross Break Gem Damage
    • Black Gem Generation/Destruction
      • Take down the Black Gem Shield
      • Take advantage of the increased Black Gem Damage

Essential Boss Breaker Abilities

  • Healer’s Steal (Chaotic)
    • All Difficulty Levels
    • Counter to Boss Heal Ability
    • The ability works by Reducing the effectiveness of the Boss’s next Heal ability
      • Level 2-5: Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 6-7: Decreased Cooldown and increased Effectiveness
      • Level 8-9: Increased Effectiveness
      • Level 10: Decreased Cooldown and Increased Effectiveness 
  • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • All Difficulty Levels
    • Counter for Boss Damage Buff
    • The ability works by removing a Boss’s Buff
    • Upgrade Benefits
      • Level 2-7: Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 8-9: Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Buffs removed
      • Level 10: Decreased Cooldown

⭐⭐⭐⭐ You can redeem your earned Boss Coins in the Faction Boss Shop for Faction Boss Promoter Shards, Coins, TP, Tokens, Medals, a random Ultimate Strap, and TONS of Superstar Shards that will help you with your next 6-Star Bronze Superstar Evolution!

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour and the Faction Boss Competition for Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Solo Points and a Winter of Wonder Hall of Fame Midweek Medallion. Climb higher in Milestones with Offers and Loot and earn 750 Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” Shards and Hall of Fame Gold Tokens!

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Earn 9,000,000 Points in the Faction Boss Competition and Tours!
Spend a Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Loot20,000
Spend a Struttin’ & Cuttin’ for the First Time200,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000

Regular Rewards

1Winter of Wonder Hall of Fame Midweek Medallion
86,030Winter of Wonder Solo Contest Points
10,000Winter of Wonder Keys
2,500Winter of Wonder PW Coins
45Ezekiel Shards
100Happy Corbin Evo Tokens
15-Star Emerald Tokens
75-Star Diamond Tokens
75-Star Gold Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

355-Star HoF Gold Tokens
524-Star HoF Gold Tokens
1253-Star HoF Gold Tokens
750Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” Shards
66-Star Bronze Token
105-Star Emerald Tokens
155-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard Rewards

20Tier 5 Fury II Medals
56-Star Bronze Token Medallions
106-Star Bronze Tokens
505-Star HoF Gold Token
504-Star HoF Gold Token
503-Star HoF Gold Token
305-Star Emerald Tokens
405-Star Diamond Tokens

Faction Boss Competition

Battle the Faction Boss and earn Boss Shop Currency for Hall of Fame Gold Tokens and Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Solo Contest Points.

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn Boss Shop Currency200
Defeat the Boss on Level 1720,000
Win With Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame” on Level 14200,0002
Win With Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame” on Level 17200,0002
Win With Rick Rude “Hall of Fame” On Level 12500,0002
Win With Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame” on Level 17500,0002
Win With Hulk Hogan “Hall of Fame” on Level 17800,0002
Win With Randy Savage “The Macho King” on Level 17800,0002
Win With Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame” on Level 17800,0002
Max Milestone17,500,000


7,000,000Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Solo Contest Points
155-Star HoF Gold Tokens
184-Star HoF Gold Tokens
353-Star HoF Gold Tokens
75-Star Gold Tokens
95-Star SilverTokens
114-Star Gold Tokens
144-Star Silver Tokens
123-Star Gold Tokens

Top 800 Leaderboard rewards

106-Star Bronze Token Medallions
20Tier 5 Medals

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Limited-Time Tour with Hall of Fame Superstars to earn 2,000,000 Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Solo Contest Points and 110x 3-Star Gold Hall of Fame Tokens.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayStruttin’ & Cuttin’ Tour (HOF)Normal Mode:
Hulk Hogan “Hall of Fame”
Ultimate Warrior “Hall of Fame”

Hard Mode:
Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”
Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame”
Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame”

Hell Mode:
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”
Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”
Jerry Lawler “Hall of Fame”


2,000,000Struttin’ & Cuttin’ Solo Contest Points
1103-Star HoF Gold Tokens

5-Star GOLD Loot

Shave the heads of your opponents with these awesome Superstars in the Loot. Get Hall of Fame Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Snoop Dogg, and many more to help you against the infamous star Barber and progress in the Contest.

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