Hey Champions,

“The Judgment Day” is rising in WWE Champions with BRAND-NEW Finn Bálor!

Unlock him at 4-Star Silver and redeem his NEW ULTIMATE Skill Plate on the Prize Wall, alongside a guaranteed 3-Star Silver Poster of him and MORE!

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The Demon of Judgment2/10 at noon PST2/13 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)2/11 at noon PST2/12 at 4 pm PST

Available Shards

Solo Contest400300
Limited-Time Tour700
Web Shop Events at wwechampions.com100
Stamp Card2550
More Shards will be available in Offers.

Solo Contest

Compete in the Showdown Tournament to earn Demon of Judgment Shard Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, and Shards for Triple H “Hall of Fame”!

Reach the 2nd TOP Milestone for enough Prize Wall Medallions to redeem a GUARANTEED 3-Star Silver Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” or his NEW Eyes of Judgment Skill Plate if you complete this Contest.

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Earn Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” Shards in the Challenge Match Tour!
Claim DAILY FREE Contest Points on wwechampions.com!
Spend 1 The Demon of Judgment Loot Coin7,000
Spend your first The Demon of Judgment Loot Coin45,0001
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Finn Balor “The Judgment Day” in the first 24 hours750,0001
Earn Showdown Coins30131,000
Max Milestone8,000,000

Any Modern Era3,00060
Any Showboat5,00039
Any Finn Balor12,00040
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”4,8005
Jimmy Uso “The Bloodline”4,8005
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”5,0005
Montez Ford “We Want The Smoke”5,0005
Triple H “Hall of Fame”5,0005
Damian Priest” The Judgment Day”25,0002
Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast”8,0006

Regular Rewards

16The Demon of Judgment Standard Bags
11,200The Demon of Judgment Prize Wall Medallions
250Ridge Holland Evo Tokens
100Butch “The Brawling Brutes” Shards
6,510February Fiesta Solo Contest Points
5,000February Fiesta Keys
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

150Triple H “Hall of Fame” Shards
89,580The Demon of Judgment Prize Wall Medallions
3The Demon of Judgment Premium Bags
100Butch “The Brawling Brutes” Shards
56-Star Bronze Tokens
5,000February Fiesta Solo Contest Points
+ More Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Gold Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” (Top 20)
30,000A Tier Justin Bradshaw “APA” Shards
20,000B Tier Big Show “nWo” Shards
56-Star Bronze Tokens
3Random Ultimate Power Straps
2Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance

Faction Contest

Play The Limited-Time Tour and Talent up your 6-Star Superstars for Demon of Judgment Contest Chests (and a chance at rare Superstar Shards and Poster), Contest Points, and Resources!

⭐ The TOP Leaderboard Faction can win his ALL-NEW ULTIMATE Skill Plate for their members!

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Claim Free Contest Points EVERY DAY on wwechampions.com!
Play the Limited-Time Tour for more Faction Points!
Spend 1 Health Pack1
Increase the Talent of Any Modern Era2
Increase the Talent of Any Raw4
Increase the Talent of Any Showboat2
Increase the Talent of a 6-Star Bronze Superstar10
Spend 1 6-Star Bronze Token200
Max Milestone 10,000,000


11The Demon of Judgment Contest Chests
500,000The Demon of Judgment Solo Points
3Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance
21,000February Fiesta Faction Competition Points
725February Fiesta Solo Contest Points
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Eyes of Judgment Skill Plate
3Legendary Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
3Legendary Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” Straps
4Up to 6-Star Bronze Tokens
5Random Tier 4 medals

Gauntlet Blitz (Ends 2/21)

Another great way to earn Judgment Day Member’s Medallions and plenty of 5-Star Diamond Tokens is to judge over this Limited-Time Gauntlet Blitz.

Meet the Requirements for this Limited-Time Gauntlet Blitz and play it on 2/20 with Tickets available to earn on that very Judgment Day!

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SlotRequirements: 3Fill Bonus
Mid 3The Judgment Day (5-Star)
The Judgment Day (5-Star)
The Judgment Day (5-Star)
Costs: 1 Judgment Day Blitz Ticket


1Judgment Day Medallion
505-Star Diamond Tokens

Limited-Time Tours

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Demon of Judgment Grab Bags, Solo and Faction Contest Points, Tokens, and Resources.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
Friday⭐ CHALLENGE MATCHFinn Bálor “The Judgment Day” (Normal)
Beth Phoenix “Glamazon” (Hard)
Modern Era (Hell)
FridayDemon of JudgmentAny Finn Balor
SaturdayShowboats of JudgmentThe Miz “AWESOME”
Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day”
1-2-3 Kid
SundayCoup de Grâce (Modern Era)Otis “Alpha Academy”
Angelo Dawkins “We Want The Smoke”
Jimmy Uso “The Bloodline”


3Demon of Judgment Contest Chests
4The Demon of Judgment Premium Bags
4The Demon of Judgment Standard Bags
375,000The Demon of Judgment Solo Points
60,000The Demon of Judgment Faction Points
15,000February Fiesta Faction Competition Points
16-Star Bronze Token
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens


Get Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” and collect all 3 Judgment Day Member’s Medallions from his Limited-Time Tour (or more in the Judgment Day Blitz) for more valuable Items of your choice on The Reckoning Prize Wall!

nWo Induction Moment
DX Induction Moment
Lion’s Gaze Plate Skill Plate
La Familia Skill Plate
The Baddest Jacket Skill Plate
Escape Artist Skill Plate
All Heart Skill Plate
Head Games Skill Plate
Goldberg “The Streak Begins” Shards
Tier 5 Fury II Slot 3 Medals
Tier 5 Fury II Slot 4 Medals
Ultimate Judgment Day Strap with Guaranteed Bonus

Showdown Scrimmage Shop

Redeem your Prize Wall Medallions for a 3-Star Silver Poster of BRAND-NEW Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day”, Hitman’s Battle Armor Skill Plate, 6-Star Bronze Token Chests, Ultimate Strap, and MORE!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Collect enough Medallions in the Solo Contest Milestones to get the BRAND-NEW Eyes of Judgment Skill Plate!

More Medallions can be found in Packages at wwechampions.com

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Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

3-Star Silver Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day”
Skill Plates
Eyes of Judgment (Whenever you make 6 or more Countdown Gems, deplete 6 MP from each of the opponent’s Moves!
Mella’s Mask
Hitman’s Battle Armor
Ultimate Opportuni-Z
Carmella “Untouchable”
Triple H “Hall of Fame”
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”
6-Star Bronze Token
Class Star Fragments
Showboat Upgrade Bundles
Ultimate Modern Era Strap with HIGH BONUS CHANCE

6-Star Bronze Loot

Unleash the Demon in you and get a chance at the Head of the Judgment Day! Get BRAND-NEW Finn Bálor at 6-Star Bronze, along with rare and required Superstars, to progress in this Contest.


Earn AWESOME Bonus Rewards in the Game of Fame Contest! Every $1 spent rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Prizes! Get up to 100x Shards of Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day”, 1x Judgment Day Member’s Medallion, 375x Shards of Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”, 1,000,000 Solo Contest Points, 24,000 TP, and MORE!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Finn Bálor “The Judgment Day” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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