Hey Champions,

After a whoppin’ 195,970,628 Overall Showdown Matches since 2020, you can get excited for a NEW Showdown Mode experience with the introduction of new and improved features!

NEW Features in a nutshell:


The NEW Showdown Mode is part of our R60 Update that we plan to roll out to all major Platforms next week, but the new features will be live after 3/17.

  • The temporary Showdown Prize Wall runs until 3/16, so redeem ALL your OLD Showdown Coins there. Once the NEW Showdown goes live, all Showdown Coins will reset to ensure a fair start for everyone.
  • Check your Inbox at Launch for some EXTRA-Free Showdown Rewards!

ALL-NEW Energy System

We removed the Showdown Coins cap, added more ways to earn Showdown Coins, and implemented a new Energy System, making it easier and more efficient to get awesome Rewards from the improved Showdown Shop! Fewer Matches, MORE Showdown Coins and Rewards!

  • Each Showdown Mode requires BRAND-NEW Energy to compete.
  • Energy caps and regenerates daily.
  • To speed things up, you can always purchase additional Energy and go over that cap for a finite amount.
  • 6 NEW Icons of WrestleMania help you to increase your Showdown Coins payout!
  • Additional Showdown Coins can be earned in the Global Leaderboard every week!

The Showdown Energy can not be used for the Trivia at wwechampions.com. That’s a different currency.

IMPROVED Matchmaking

  • We adjusted a few cogs in the Showdown Matchmaking that should help you to match against more appropriate opponents!
  • Your opponent and the following determine gained Notoriety:
    • Remaining % Health of your Superstars
    • The % Damage your Superstars have done
    • NEW Winstreak
      • You can earn even more Notoriety if you keep winning without losing a Match.
      • Important: The Streak can also be broken if you lose in Defense, so we recommend bringing your best Superstars to keep the Streak up and earn more Notoriety for higher Leaderboard Ranks!

NEW Leaderboards

  • Climbing up the Showdown Leaderboard (Top 5,000 for now) has finally become more rewarding! The NEW Showdown Mode now offers a WEEKLY Global Leaderboard where you can earn Rewards for your engagement!
  • Compete in the weekly Leaderboards and get rewarded with TONS of Showdown Coins based on your positioning. The higher you go, the more you get!

IMPROVED Showdown Shop

  • Get ready for a treasure trove of Star Fragments, Coins, TP, Tokens, Promoters, Top Tier Superstar Posters and Shards!
  • Some Prizes are up for grabs with whooping discounts!
  • Shop content depends on your League Progress. The higher your League, the better your Rewards.

NEW Icons of WrestleMania

In addition to the already existing Showdown Promoters that help increase your Notoriety, you will get the opportunity to obtain BRAND-NEW Promoters that can boost the Showdown Coins you earn after a Match!

Pro Tip: Use Notoriety Promoters first to climb up the Leaderboard with less Energy and switch to Showdown Coins Promoter to maximize your Coins payout!

Also, Showdown is a Tag Team mode, so you can use both types of Promoters in one match.

Get the NEW Promoters exclusively in the King of Kings Prize Wall with the King of Kings Pass!

IMPROVED Pre-Match Interface

Rush into the battle with all the essential information about your opponents and Superstars. No bulky menus and everything at a glance!

You get improved visibility on the following features:

  • Straps & Medals
  • Skill Plates
  • Entourage 
  • Perks
  • Moments 
  • Props

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind that if an issue is not listed here, it will not be included in the update and, therefore, will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Recruiting in Stipulation Mode shouldn’t cause issues anymore.
  • Loot Rarity Range should show 6-Stars now.
  • Converted Superstar Shards from Poster pulls in Loot should show the proper Tier.
  • Trainer descriptions should fit inside the text border again.
  • Move descriptions in the “Loadouts” Overview should be fully displayed.
  • A Server Error occurred when matching gems after Shinsuke Nakamura “Master of the Kinshasa” created the Juggernaut Gems with his Move “Good Vibrations”.
  • The Showdown Coins tooltip should show the total amount in the Post Showdown Match screen.
  • Time Traveling is history!

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