Hey Champions,

Watch your back; this April is full of betrayal and Heel turns! BRAND-NEW Asuka The Empress Returns” is one of the party as your monthlong chase, along with Dexter Lumis as FREE CLAIM in the store!


  • Get NEW Dexter Lumis “Silence” at 2-Star Bronze for FREE in the Shop!
    • Unlock/Fuse him at 4-Star Bronze in various Starter Packs In-game and at wwechampions.com!
  • Unlock BRAND-NEW Asuka “The Empress Returns” at 5-Star GOLD with Shards, or get her with Superstar Prize Wall Medallions!
  • Earn Titles Loot Coins and get Medals, Strap Parts, RARE Skill Plates, and New Straps with better Boosts!
  • Play Tours, Climb Milestones, and Leaderboards, and check out wwechampions.com for extra Rewards.
  • Get Weekend Debut Contest Points in Weekly Faction Competition Leaderboards!
  • 6-Star Contest Superstars in the Flashmarket at wwechampions.com!

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🗓 Schedule

April Betrayal Contest4/3 at 11:30 am PST
Kick-off Talent Up4/3 at noon PST
Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition4/3 at noon PST
Loot, Perks, and Tours4/3 at noon PST
Faction Competition4/3 at noon PST
TP Contest4/3 at noon PST
Titles Loot4/3 at noon PST
Ends 5/2/23

Kick-off Talent Up

Increase the Talent of your FREE Dexter Lumis “Silence” to speed up your progress significantly and improve your overall Roster Talent with Tokens to win more Rewards!

Including Titles Loot Coins, two Ultimate Straps, Evo Tokens, NEW Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards, and much more!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Double-dip with NEW Dexter Lumis “Silence” in a dedicated Talent Up Competition just for him and win even more Rewards with and for him!

Tasks (for League 7+)Points
Increase Roster Talent by 1900
Increase the Talent of Dexter Lumis “Silence” by 11,800
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 2-Stars108,000
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 3-Stars360,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 4-Stars720,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 5-Stars1,080,000
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token97,200
Spend a 2-Star Gold Token54,000
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token129,600
Spend a 3-Star Gold Token86,400
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token162,000
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token270,000
Spend a 5-Star Gold Token194,400
Spend a 5-Star Silver Token291,600
Spend a 5-Star Diamond Token259,200
Spend a 5-Star Emerald Token405,000
Spend a 6-Star Bronze Token1,350,000
Spend a 2-Star Hall of Fame Token140,400
Spend a 3-Star Hall of Fame Token259,200
Spend a 4-Star Hall of Fame Token 1,188,000
Spend a 5-Star Hall of Fame Token2,527,200
Spend a 6-Star Hall of Fame Token7,560,000
Spend a Coin (max 75,000,000)1
Top Milestone225,000,000


12,270April Betrayal Solo Contest Points
2,940April Betrayal Faction Feud Turnbuckle
50Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evo Token
400Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards
1Legendary Dexter Lumis”Silence” Strap +20% Gem Dmg
5,000Titles Loot Coins
10Random Tier 5 Medals
1Skill Plate Picker Medallion
2Random Ultimate Straps
23,000Strap Parts
87,000Headliner Chips

TOP 250 Leaderboard rewards:

1Up to a 5-Star Gold Carmella “Untouchable”
8Random Tier 4 Medals
1Ultimate Modern Acrobat Strap with 20% Gem Damage (Women’s Division)

Dexter Lumis “Silence” Talent Up Competition

Talent Up Dexter Lumis “Silence” for up to 11,000 Solo Points and high rarity Tokens in Milestones, and Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards in the Leaderboard!

Increase Talent of Dexter Lumis “Silence”10
Collect Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evo Tokens15
Earn more Points by completing her Limited-Time Tour!
Max Milestone200,000


16-Star Bronze Token
11,000April Betrayal Solo Contest Points
1Random Legendary Strap
1Random Epic Strap
10Random Tier 4 Medals
9Epic Tier 4 Medals
15-Star Emerald Token
43-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Silver Tokens
55-Star Silver Tokens
35-Star Gold Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard Rewards

300Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards
5Random Legendary Straps

April Betrayal Solo Contest

Earn Contest Points directly in Tours, Blitzes, and Competitions. Use Contest Superstars in specific matches for EXTRA Points and Rewards!

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Succeed in various Competitions and Tours throughout this month to collect Contest Points.
Spend April Betrayal Universal Turnbuckles1
Max Milestone500,000
New Tasks and Competitions will be unlocked throughout the Contest, so come back daily to check them out!

❕ During the April Betrayal Contest, a handful of Superstars will have strong monthlong Boosts! Check the Superstars Tab in the Contest Overview to know which Boosts they got this month.

Collect League Bags with a chance at Asuka “The Empress Returns”, Resources and April Betrayal Prize Wall Coins, and Superstar Prize Wall Medallions in Milestone Rewards.

5April Betrayal League 20 Bags
8April Betrayal League 15 Bags
7April Betrayal League 12 Bags
8April Betrayal League 9 Bags
11,180April Betrayal Prize Wall Coins
14,675April Betrayal Universal Turnbuckles
250April Betrayal Tour Turnbuckles
16,310April Betrayal Faction Feud Turnbuckles
+ Straps

League Bonus Rewards:

League Bonuses depend on the League you are in. The higher your League, the better your Rewards.

4Superstar Prize Wall Medallions
1Legendary Asuka “The Empress Returns” Strap

TOP 100 Leaderboard Rewards

85-Star Emerald Tokens
1April Betrayal League 20 Bag
5,000Blitz Tickets
(Example: League 16+)

Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find valuable Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the Contest, including Tours, Coin & Evolution Contests, TP Contests, and MORE!
  • These can evolve and enhance Dexter Lumis “Silence” during this monthly Contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring him up to 4-Star Gold if you play all Competitions.
  • Consider bringing him up higher with all your Tokens if you get him in Loot!

Collecting Evo Tokens will grant you points for the Dexter Lumis “Silence” Talent Up Competition! So, even when you think you don’t need them anymore, keep collecting!

Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:

Evo To:Token Cost
5-Star Silver5000
5-Star Bronze3000
4-Star Gold700
4-Star Silver575
4-Star Bronze500
3-Star Gold400
3-Star Silver350
3-Star Bronze300
2-Star Gold200
2-Star Silver150

His Evolution Tokens will change back to regular ones after the Contest is over, which means regular Tokens will be required again.

Weekly Faction Competitions (Mon-Fri)

Collect April Betrayal Faction Points by playing Limited-Time Tours and completing additional Competition Tasks or Contests, such as the Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition, for Solo Contest Points, Titles Loot Coins, and MORE!


The Faction Contest resets weekly with new Tasks. Leaderboards reward progress into the upcoming Weekend Debut Contests! (The Faction Contest will end 5 minutes into the Debut Contest to ensure Points count into it.)

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Bring up your NEW Dexter Lumis “Silence”, which will boost you in this Talent Up. Do it with Tokens or take a convenient shortcut with our Starter Packs in the Store.
Faction Competition TasksPoints
Collect April Betrayal Keys2
Earn over 100,000 points (including Points from Keys) in the Business Hurts Tour this week!
Earn 10,000 Keys in the Dexter Lumis “Silence” Tour every week!
Earn Points towards this weekend’s Debut Superstar Contest in Leaderboards!
Claim Daily Rewards and Points at wwechampions.com
Max Milestone20,000,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the Contest and new competitions.

Weekly Rewards

12,270April Betrayal Solo Contest Points
3,670April Betrayal Universal Perks
1,365April Betrayal Faction Feud Turnbuckle
100Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evo Token
275April Betrayal Prize Wall Coins
35-Star Diamond Tokens
75-Star Gold Tokens
2,000Titles Loot Coins

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

1,000April Betrayal Prize Wall Coins
5,000April Betrayal Solo Contest Points
267,500Weekend Solo Contest Points
Weekend Solo points may vary each week.

The Kickoff-Faction Tour Competition in Week 1 lets you play special Tours with rarity requirements. Play these Tours daily with and for your Faction, earn April Betrayal Keys in Loot Boxes, and get a Jump Start in the April Betrayal Contest!

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours for April Betrayal Bags, Contest Points, and MORE! Compete in weekly CHALLENGE TOURS that require 5-Star Gold and 6-Star Bronze Superstars and League 16+.

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Regular Tours

ChaptersStart (noon PST)End
Business Hurts – Ends Friday4/34/7 @ noon PST
Almighty Colossus4/45/1
McMahon Family Troubles – Ends Friday4/104/14 @ noon PST
Brutal Role Models4/115/1
Brother Against Brother – Ends Friday4/174/21 @ noon PST
Technician Takeover4/185/1
The Shield Implodes – Ends Friday4/244/28 @ noon PST
The Mega Powers4/255/1

Regular Rewards

April Betrayal Solo Contest Points
April Betrayal Faction Competition Points
Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evo Tokens
Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards and Bags
April Betrayal Blitz Turnbuckles
April Betrayal Showdown Turnbuckles
April Betrayal Keys
April Betrayal Prize Wall Coins
5-Star Diamond Tokens

Weekly Dexter Lumis “Silence” Tours

Talent Up your FREE Dexter Lumis “Silence” and play her Limited-Time Tours throughout this monthlong Contest. The higher you push him, the more Rewards you can earn in his Tour. Earn Rare Tokens, Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards, Solo Contest Points, and much more!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ A new Tour will start each week, and at the end of each Tour, you can earn SPECIAL Prize Wall Medallions for beating the Boss node with a 5-Star Dexter Lumis “Silence”.

Bayley “Damage CTRL”

If you managed to get Bayley “Damage CTRL” in our previous monthlong Contest, you could enjoy additional Rewards in her special Limited-Time Tour this month. Earn Resources, Keys, Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards, and more!

April Betrayal Prize Walls

Redeem your earned Medallions in the April Betrayal Prize Wall and choose additional Rewards, such as Shards for BRAND-NEW Asuka “The Empress Returns”, Coins, TP and Tokens of any Class, April Betrayal Turnbuckles, and much MORE! (Resets Weekly)

⭐ Heel Turn Prize Wall

Collect Heel Turn Prize Wall Medallions in Web Shop Leaderboards (Monday – Wednesday) at wwechampions.com, and with a chance in the daily Free Claim Bags!

⭐ Dexter Lumis Prize Wall

Earn Dexter Lumis Medallions from the Dexter Lumis Tour Hell Mode Boss EVERY Week for awesome extra Rewards, such as an Ultimate 100% Gem Damage Strap!

April Betrayal 6-Star Loot and Offers

⭐ Collect Title Loot Coins throughout the Contest and get a chance at RARE Skill Plates, Straps, and Medals!

Remember when MVP betrayed Bobby Lashley for Omos? Here is your chance to get them both, including BRAND-NEW Dexter Lumis “Silence” at up to 6-Star Bronze! Business truly does HURT! Including a Jackpot Chance at ALL 3 weekly Contest Superstars at 5-Star Gold from one Bag!

Spend your earned April Betrayal Keys for Dexter Lumis at 4-Star GOLD, Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards, and TONS of other Superstar Shards to help you to evolve your Superstars to 6-Star Bronze!

Get 10 “Super Rare” Items with every 55-Pull!

Get more Limited-Time EXCLUSIVES on wwechampions.com

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