Hey Champions,

Let’s get this party star-dead with the latest Spring Outbreak Collection for various Undead!

Play Tours, climb up Milestones and Leaderboards, and Reward yourself with the hottest Zombie Gears in 2023!

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Radioactive Solo Contest4/11 at noon PST4/21 at noon PST
Zom-BIE a hero for your Faction (Week 1)4/11 at noon PST4/17 at noon PST
No-Brainer Blitz (Week 1)4/11 at noon PST4/14 at noon PST
An Undead Showdown Competition (Week 2)4/17 at noon PST4/21 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)4/17 at noon PST4/19 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (F/M)4/19 at noon PST4/21 at noon PST


+5 all MPSolo Contest Milestones
+500% X-Break Gem damageSolo Contest Leaderboard and Loot
+25% Trap Gem damageSpring Outbreak Prize Wall
50% Green Gem damage

Radioactive Solo Contest

Compete in various Events throughout the following 2 Weeks to progress in this Contest and earn the BRAND-NEW Rey Mysterio Spring Outbreak Gear, Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bags, Dead Man Walking Bags, and much more!

⭐ The TOP 20 can win the NEW Bianca Belair “EST in Piece” Spring Outbreak Gear in the Leaderboard!

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Earn Solo Points in the Spring Outbreak Tour!
Claim DAILY FREE Contest Points on wwechampions.com!
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak Loot Coin8,000
Spend your first Spring Outbreak Loot Coin80,0001
Beat the Get the Party Star-Dead Hard Mode Boss w/ Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”100,0001
Beat the Dead-End Hard Mode Boss w/ Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” (Wednesday)100,0001
Beat the Knock ’em undead Hard Mode Boss w/ Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare” (Thursday)100,0001
Beat the Knock ’em undead Hard Mode Boss w/ Bianca Belair “EST in Peace” (Monday)100,0001
Beat the Fright or Fight Hard Mode Boss w/ Shawn Michaels “The Heartless Kid” (Tuesday Week 2)100,0001
Beat the Leave No Tombstone Unturned Hard Mode Boss w/ Edge “Rated-Z” (Wednesday Week 2)100,0001
Beat the Deadication Hard Mode Boss w/ Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” (Thursday Week 2)100,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000
Earn MORE Points in Week 2, so bring your Zombies to the Showdown Feast!

Regular Rewards

36Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bags
10Dead Man Walking Bags
35-Star Emerald Tokens
245-Star Diamond Tokens
295-Star Gold Tokens
405-Star Silver Tokens
524-Star Gold Tokens
554-Star Silver Tokens
393-Star Gold Tokens
273-Star Silver Tokens
342-Star Silver Tokens
200Dexter Lumis “Silence” Evo Tokens
15,000April Betrayal Keys
80,000April Betrayal Faction Competition Points
56,460April Betrayal Solo Contest Points

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1Rey Mysterio Zombie Gear
31Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bags
16Dead Man Walking Bags
56-Star Bronze Tokens
105-Star Emerald Tokens
155-Star Diamond Tokens
155-Star Gold Tokens
205-Star Silver Tokens
104-Star Gold Tokens
154-Star Silver Tokens
300Asuka “The Empress Returns” Shards

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Bronze Bianca Belair “EST in Piece” (Top 20)
1Bianca Belair “EST in Piece” Spring Outbreak Gear (Top 20)
55-Star Emerald Tokens

Zom-BIE a hero for your Faction (Week 1)

Talent up your Zombies and collect Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” Shards for the NEW Spring Outbreak: Bash at the Beach 1998 Moment, Radioactive Solo Contest Points, and Spring Outbreak Blitz Tickets!

⭐ The TOP 3 Leaderboard Factions can win the Bobby Lashley “THe All-Bitey” Spring Outbreak Gear for their members!

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Spend 1 Health Pack1
Increase the Talent of any Superstar20
Increase the Talent of Any Zombie50
Collect Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” Shards10,000
Spend a 5-Star Emerald Token400,000
Level Up a 6-Star Superstar5,000
Max Milestone 602,999,999


2,000,000Radioactive Solo Contest Points
1Spring Outbreak: Bash at the Beach 1998 Moment Token
8Spring Outbreak Blitz Tickets

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Bobby Lashley “THe All-Bitey” Spring Outbreak Gear (Top 3)
400Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” Shards
3Legendary Zombie Straps with Guaranteed Bonus

An Undead Showdown Competition (Week 2)

Rank up in the Showdown Tournament Leagues to earn Radioactive Solo Contest Points and Spring Outbreak Contest Chests!

Climb up the Showdown Leaderboard for more Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Medallions!

Stay tuned for more info on next Week’s Showdown Showcase!

Limited-Time Tours

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour each week to earn nearly 6 MILLION Radioactive Solo Contest Points, Spring Outbreak Contest Chests, Prize Wall Bags and more!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
TuesdayEternal Dragon (24hrs) (Any Ricky)Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”
TuesdayGet the party star-dead (Any Zombie)Stone Cold Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”
Randy Orton “The Undead Predator”
WednesdayDead Man Walking (24hrs) (Any Undertaker)Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”
WednesdayDead-End (Any Zombie)John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”
Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”
ThursdayRecurring Nightmare (24hrs) (Any Rhea Ripley)Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare”
ThursdayKnock ’em undead (Any Zombie)Paige “Scream for Me”
Asuka “The Empress of Yesterday”


DayChaptersContest Superstars
MondayEST in Peace (24hrs) (Any Bianca Belair)Bianca Belair “EST in Peace”
MondayThe Infection Continues… (Any Zombie)Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”
Triple H “The Skull King”
TuesdayThe Heartless Kid (24hrs) (Any Shawn Michaels)Shawn Michaels “The Heartless Kid”
TuesdayFright or Fight (Any Zombie)Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”
Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”
WednesdayRated-Z (24hrs) (Any Edge)Edge “Rated-Z”
WednesdayLeave no tombstone unturned (Any Zombie)Kane “The Big Dead Machine”
Rey Mysterio “Mascara de la Muerte”
ThursdayThe All-Bitey (24hrs) (Any Bobby Lashley)Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey”
ThursdayDeadication (Any Zombie)The Rock “The People’s Chomp”
Hulk Hogan “The Unmortal”


7Spring Outbreak Contest Chests
5,995,000Radioactive Solo Contest Points
7Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bags
24Dead Man Walking Bags
+ Tokens

No-Brainer Blitz

Play with selected Zombies for Contest Points and Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bags!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get the required Premium Blitz Tickets in the Shop and Faction Milestones.

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NormalRequirements (min 3)Fill Bonus
TopJohn Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”
Any Zombie
LowDrew McIntyre “The Sluagh”
Dominik Mysterio “Unfortunate Son”
Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style Has Arrived”
Any Zombie
Costs: 300 Regular BLitz Tickets


1,500Zom-BIE a hero for your Faction Competition Points
HardRequirements (min 4)Fill Bonus
TopShawn Michaels “The Heartless Kid”
Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”
LowSeth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”
Kane “The Big Dead Machine”
The Rock “The People’s Chomp”
Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”
Costs: 1 Spring Outbreak Blitz Ticket


1Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Bag
125,000Radioactive Solo Contest Points

Spring Outbreak Prize Wall

Redeem your Prize Wall Medallions for RARE Zombie Posters, Shards, Gears, Straps, and Tokens!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Collect enough Medallions for the BRAND-NEW Heartless Kid Spring Outbreak Gear!

More Medallions can be found in Packages at wwechampions.com

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Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

5-Star Bronze Eternal Dragon
4-Star Bronze Dead Man Walking
4-Star Bronze EST in Peace
4-Star Bronze Mascara de la Muerte
4-Star Bronze Recurring Nightmare
BRAND-NEW The Heartless Kid Spring Outbreak Gear
Recurring Nightmare Spring Outbreak Gear
Rated-Z Spring Outbreak Gear
The All-Bitey Spring Outbreak Gear
The Unmortal Hulk Hogan Shards
Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room” Shards
Triple H “The Skull King” Shards
Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard” Shards
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare” Shards
Edge “Rated Z” Shards
Rey Mysterio “Mascara de la Muerte” Shards
Paige “Scream For Me” Shards
Bianca Belair “EST in Peace” Shards
Legendary Zombie Strap – Guaranteed Bonus!
Legendary Zombie Strap – High Bonus Chance!
Zombie Undertaker Ultimate Power Strap
Zombie Shawn Michaels Ultimate Power Strap
Zombie Rey Mysterio Ultimate Power Strap
Zombie Bianca Belair Ultimate Power Strap
6-Star Bronze Token Chest
5-Star Emerald Token Chest
5-Star Diamond Token Chest
5-Star Gold Token Chest

6-Star Bronze Loot

Get a Chance at the latest Spring Outbreak Gear Collection, with up to a 6-Star Bronze Poster of Zombie Bianca Belair, Randy Orton, Ricky Steamboat, and MANY MOAAA!


Earn AWESOME Bonus Rewards in the Game of Fame Contest! Every $1 spent rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Prizes! Get Shards of Bianca Belair “EST in Peace”, Spring Outbreak Solo Points, Chests, Prize Wall Medallions, and MORE!

Earn Spring Outbreak Prize Wall Medallions in the Milestones EVERY DAY to work towards getting the NEW Shawn Michaels “The Heartless Kid” Gear!

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