Hey Champions,

Make yourselves comfortable; things got a little out of hand. Bug fixes as far as the eye can see, and a sneak peek for 2023 at the end of this post.

We plan to roll out this update this week, latest at the beginning of next week. So check your preferred app store by then. If you don’t see the update yet, just come back later.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • The TP Slider allows you now to select which one (TP or Shards) to invest first using the max button.
  • Faction Bosses can no longer dodge Moves and Damage
  • The Notification Widget should no longer block you from tapping elements on the top bar, such as the back or home button.
  • League Rewards can be claimed with one Click now!
  • You can now join a Faction directly in the Global Chat.

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind that if an issue is not listed here, it will not be included in the update and, therefore, will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Players should stay now in the Faction Brawl Screen after completing a Faction Battle.
  • We fixed several issues with IWM straps bought in the Stipulation shop.
  • Promoters should be managed normally again through the whistle icon in the Pre-match screen without giving errors.
  • Rewards, Stars, and Victory text are not blurry anymore on some devices.
  • Fixed Some Women’s Division Superstar Victory Animations.
  • The Energy bar is now correctly displayed on the Tournament Showdown banner when going to the Event screen.
  • The Showdown start time should be updated immediately in case of changes.
  • The opponent’s in-match buff list doesn’t have duplicate Medals and Skill Plates if players change them during the matchmaking or the brawl.
  • You can now go to your Faction Feud Screen via the Quick Access Bar on the Home screen without any issues.
  • Selected Superstars with a Tag link should now be in the Links filter (ex: Ruthless Aggression).
  • The VFX of class advantages should appear in Slot 2 when switching the Superstar to Slot 2 in the tag team pre-match screen.
  • All Energy should stay the same after receiving an inbox message.
  • The Tag Link icon should change now when switching to a Superstar without a link.
  • The second Superstar entourage icon should now show the exact number of buff effects, and the buff list should show all buffs that Superstar has in the Tag team pre-match screen.
  • The Previous filter shouldn’t change when you tap slot 5 in the select entourage popup.
  • You shouldn’t get stuck anymore after trying to revive in Tour battles without having sufficient Cash.
  • The Injured time text should scale up when the second time is the 00s.
  • The Moment Poster value should not be rounded anymore to the higher value when it is between 2 values.
  • All Bianca Belair Versions have only one braid again.
  • After a fuse-up, the equipped trainer/coach/promoter shouldn’t replace the selected Superstar in the pre-match screen.
  • Some Move_Destroy buffs should work with all Superstars again.
  • The Number of color TP poster rewards in milestones should display correctly now.
  • The Manager rewards button and tab should stay visible when tapping on them in the Manager’s League screen after switching the language to Japanese/Korean.
  • The gem defense/move defense in the tooltip should be displayed correctly now on the Move tab in the Pre-match screen.
  • Deeplinks in-game should forward to the correct section now.
  • The Finisher Move damage should now update after equipping the trainer/coach for Color Move or Finisher Damage.
  • The Superstar tier should now be displayed correctly in the Loot preview screen.
  • The inventory balance on the tokens’ detail popup should show the correct amount again.
  • Fixed an error that appeared when a player completed the Faction Feud brawl.
  • After closing the Shard Conversion popup from the Promoter Screen, the Superstar screen should be displayed without issues now.
  • The “Raise the Roof” Boss Breaker should work correctly now.
  • The player should select the Superstar normally when selecting the second node of the Blitz, which is a tag team match.
  • Opponents should use a Move more often when the MP bar is full.
  • Fixed the chopped-up in-game tooltips.
  • The Shield should be counted normally when the player breaks the Botch gems made by the Faction Boss.
  • The background when recruiting a Superstar should be better synchronized now.
  • The Number of items in the description should be displayed correctly now.
  • Feud Promoter boosts should apply for the extra score from some other boosts.
  • The external Leaderboard should show the last Feud results during the prep phase.
  • Fixed some issues with rewards when redeemed with a Promo code on wwechampions.com.
  • The chat box text should read “Enter Text” before actually entering the text, and the player can view what they are entering in the chat box.
  • The Faction Boss shield should be counted normally when players break their Heal gems.
  • Players should be able to delete all messages from the Message tab.
  • After every game refresh, the messages and rewards should not rebadge in the Message or Reward tab.
  • After claiming all the rewards, the notification badge should be dismissed on the reward tab.
  • The Notoriety should be displayed correctly in the Battle Log screen now.

What’s NEXT?

Besides fixing those issues you encounter in the game, we continuously work on improving gameplay and overall experience for our Champions.

We are happy to inform you that a Straps Filter and a Superstars Search Function are in development, but our main focus is currently on something that will involve you soon!

You will get the chance to vote for your favorites as part of a NEW way to play WWE Champions! Stay tuned for more info this year!

Please note: There is more to come, but as always, these are our current plans, and especially in development, that can change for the good or the bad. There is no ETA on any of the aforementioned features. All we can tell you is that we are still working hard to deliver them in 2023!

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