Hey Champions,

Superheros unite this weekend! The Hurricane’s apprentice and Super Hero in Training is ready to help their opponents down the mat!

Unlock him with Shards in Grab Bags and Tours and redeem your Prize Wall Medallions for the BRAND-NEW Superhero Skill Plate and MOMENT!

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Super Rosey Showdown5/5 at noon PST5/8 at noon PST
Showdown Showcase Competition5/5 at noon PST5/7 at 4 pm PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)5/6 at noon PST5/7 at 4 pm PST

Available Rosey “Super Hero in Training” Shards

Solo Contest475300
Limited-Time Tour725
Web Shop Events at wwechampions.com200
Stamp Card100
More Shards will be available in Offers.

Solo Contest

Compete in the NEW Showdown Tournament and earn Super Rosey Shard Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, and Shards for Molly Holly “Pure and Wholesome”!

Redeem your Medallions for a GUARANTEED 3-Star Silver Rosey “Super Hero in Training” or his NEW Skill Plate.

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Earn up to 5,000,000 Points from the Showdown Competition Milestones!
Claim DAILY FREE Contest Points on wwechampions.com!
Spend 1 Super Rosey Loot Coin6,000
Spend your first Super Rosey Loot Coin60,0001
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Rosey “Super Hero in Training” in the First 24 Hours750,0001
Max Milestone9,000,000

Regular Rewards

11,200Super Rosey Showcase Medallions
100Tatanka “War Eagle” Shards
250Lex Luger “Total Package” Evo Tokens
1Super Rosey Premium Bag
15Super Rosey Basic Bags
16,550May Throwback Solo Contest Points
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

105,080Super Rosey Showcase Medallions
150Molly Holly “Pure and Wholesome” Shards
56-Star Bronze Tokens
105-Star Emerald Tokens
155-Star Diamond Tokens
155-Star Gold Tokens
204-Star Gold Tokens
105-Star Silver Tokens
154-Star Silver Tokens
100Tatanka “War Eagle” Shards
3Super Rosey Premium Bags

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 6-Star Bronze Rosey “Super Hero in Training” (Top 20)
30,000A Tier Sika “The Wild Samoans” Shards
20,000B Tier Hurricane Helms “The Hurricane” Shards
56-Star Bronze Tokens
3Ultimate Ruthless Aggression Power Straps
2Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance

Showdown Showcase Competition

Rank up in the Showdown Tournament Leagues to earn BIG Points! Get even more with selected Ruthless Aggression Superstars and progress in this Contest for Limited-Time Tournament Energy to keep you going and 5 MILLION Solo Contest Points!

Requirement 1 (M)Requirement 2 (F)
OffenseOpenRuthless Aggression
DefenseAttitude EraOpen
LeagueMin NotorietyMax Notoriety
Amateur League II079
Amateur League I80199
Professional League II200359
Professional League I360519
Elite League520759
Champion League760999
World Champion league10001499
Universal Champion league15002499
Elite Champion league2500
Limited-Time Tournament Energy refreshes every 30 Minutes

Top 10,000 Tournament Leaderboard Rewards

Up to 700,000Super Rosey Solo Points
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Earn Showdown Coins1
Max Milestone 1,800,000

League GoalsPointsLimit
Reach Lightweight League II (6)80,0001
Reach World Champion League (7)110,0001
Reach Universal Champion League (8)140,0001
Reach Elite Champion League (9)180,0001
Win a Showdown Battle withPointsLimit
Ruthless Aggression10,00048
Hurricane Helms “The Hurricane” in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Any Triple H in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Any Booker T in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Any “The Wild Samoans” in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Eric Bischoff “nWo Executive” in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Molly Holly “Pure and Wholesome” in World Champion League or higher30,0003
Rob Van Dam “The Whole Dam Show” in Universal Champion League or higher30,0003
Stacy Keibler “Super Stacy” in Universal Champion League or higher30,0003
Umaga “The Samoan Bulldozer” in Universal Champion League or higher60,0003


36Limited-Time Tournament Energy
5,000,000Super Rosey Solo Points
1Super Rosey Premium Bag

Top 800 Leaderboard rewards

Up to 50,000Super Rosey Showcase Medallions

Faction Competition

Play The Limited-Time Tour and Talent up your 6-Star Superstars for Super Rosey Contest Chests (and a chance at rare Superstar Shards and Poster), Contest Points, and Resources!

⭐ The TOP Leaderboard Faction can win the ALL-NEW Super Rosey Skill Plate for their members! The TOP 2-5 can get Super Rosey Faction Bonus Reward Bags with a chance at the NEW Skill PLate and MORE Prize Wall Medallions!

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Spend 1 Health Pack1
Increase Talent of any Ruthless Aggression Era Superstar by 14
Increase Talent of Any Trickster Superstar by 12
Increase the Talent of a 6-Star Bronze Superstar10
Spend 1 6-Star Bronze Token (Any Class, does not include Hall of Fame)200
Max Milestone 10,000,000


11Super Rosey Contest Chests
1,300,000Super Rosey Solo Points
36,000Strap Parts
6Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance
250May Throwback Prize Wall Coins

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Super Rosey Skill Plate (TOP 1)
3Super Rosey Faction Bonus Reward Bags (TOP 5)
3Legendary Ruthless Aggression Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
3Legendary Ruthless Aggression Straps with High Bonus Chance
56-Star Bronze Tokens
5Random Tier 5 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Rosey “Super Hero” Shards, Super Rosey Grab Bags, Medallions, Solo and Faction Contest Points, and MORE.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayChallenge TourNormal
Randy Orton “RKBro”

The Wild Samoans

Ruthless Aggression
FridayRosey “Super Hero in Training” Victory TourRosey “Super Hero in Training” CSS Rewards end Saturday at noon PST!
FridaySuper World OrderEric Bischoff
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
SaturdaySave The Day (Attitude Era)Lex Luger “The Total Package”
SundayHolding Out For a Hero (Ruthless Aggression”Stacy Keibler “Super Stacy”
Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops”


200Rosey “Super Hero in Training” Shards
5Super Rosey Contest Chests
3Super Rosey Premium Bags
9Super Rosey Basic Bags
400,000Super Rosey Solo Points
53,335Super Rosey Faction Points
28,000Super Rosey Showcase Medallions
12Limited-Time Tournament Energy
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens

Showdown Showcase Shop

Redeem your Prize Wall Medallions for a 3-Star Silver Poster of BRAND-NEW Rosey “Super Hero in Training”, the NEW Super Heroes Moment, 6-Star Bronze Token Chests, Ultimate Straps, and MORE!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Collect enough Medallions in the Solo Contest Milestones to get the BRAND-NEW Super Hero Skill Plate!

More Medallions can be found in Packages at wwechampions.com

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Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

3-Star Silver Rosey “Super Hero in Training”
The Super Heroes Moment Token
Super Rosey Skill Plate [Whenever you make 6 or more Leech Gems, increase your Purple and Yellow Gem damage by 75% for 1 turn]
KO’s Fighting Spirit Skill Plate
The Gremlin’s Ears Skill Plate
Queen’s Tiara Skill Plate
The Final Face of Foley Skill Plate
Scimitars of the Sheik Skill Plate
Ultimate Power Strap – Ruthless Aggression Era
Legendary Ruthless Aggression Strap
Star Fragment Cases
Strap Parts
6-Star Bronze Token Chests
Trickster Upgrade Bundles
Mighty Molly Gear
Umaga “Samoan Bulldozer” Shards
Stacy Keibler “Super Stacy” Shards
Molly Holly “Pure and Wholesome” Shards
Kevin Owens “Just Keep Fighting” Shards
Rick Steiner “Steiner Brothers” Shards

6-Star Bronze Loot

Superheroes unite! Get BRAND-NEW Rosey up to 6-Star BRONZE and other Supernova Superheroes in WWE Champions! All Posters are 4-Star Bronze and up!


Earn AWESOME Bonus Rewards in the Game of Fame Contest! Every $1 spent rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Prizes! Get Shards of Rosey “Super Hero in Training”, Super Rosey Showcase Medallions, 375 Shards of Umaga “The Samoan Bulldozer”, 850,000 Solo Contest Points, 24,000 TP, and MORE!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Rosey “Super Hero in Training” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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