Hey Champions,

The Summer of Champions Fan Voting Tournament is over, and with YOUR chosen 4 NEW Superstars, we can’t wait to bring you a WWE Champions you have never experienced before!

While this is all still in development and won’t be released until Q3, we are happy to bring you already an appetizer for this year’s hot Summer! MORE REWARDS, MORE POWER!


Oh yeah, you asked for it, and we heard you! The Rewards you can earn by logging in daily will be drastically increased! That means MORE Coins, TP, Moment Coins, and for the first time, 4/5 Star Tokens!

All you have to do is, LOG IN DAILY, keep your LOGIN STREAK up, and try to LEAGUE UP for even BETTER Rewards!


WWE Champions enters a new META with the ability to evolve your Superstars to 6-Star Silver now!

Get to League 16+ to earn the NEW 6-Star Silver Tokens more easily and make your FAVORITE Superstars even more POWERFUL! Experience unprecedented Power levels, get an edge against your opponents, and take on NEW challenges, e.g., in NEW Chapters on the Survivor Series Tour with many 5-Star and 6-Star Bronze Tokens! (League 21 will be added later, tbd)

To evolve your Superstar to the latest and strongest TIER available in WWE Champions, you will need the following Tokens, along with Coins, TP, and 4000 Shards:

10NEW 6-Star Silver Tokens
166-Star Bronze Tokens
305-Star Emerald Tokens
365-Star Diamond Tokens

đź’Ş A 6-Star Silver Superstar at Max Level will have twice the HP and GEM Damage as a 6-Star Bronze Superstar.


With that the new 6-Star Silver Meta, we will also update a selected number of existing Superstars’ entourage abilities that currently do not scale into the higher Talent Levels.

Click here for the selected Superstars

Big E “The New Day”
Big Show “The World’s Largest Athlete”
Becky Lynch “Irish Lass Kicker”
Booker T “5-Time World Champion”
Booker T “Can You Dig It”
Bret Hart “The Hitman”
Davey Boy Smith “British Bulldog”
Bobby Roode “The Glorious One”
Braun Strowman “Monster Among Men”
Chad Gable “American Alpha”
Drew McIntyre “The Sluagh”
Doink the Clown “The Prankster”
Damian Priest “Broken Infamy”
Dolph Ziggler “DZ”
Eric Bischoff “nWo Executive”
Edge “The Brood”
Edge “Rated-Z”
Goldberg “Heroic Human Jackhammer”
Hurricane Helms “The Hurricane”
Triple H “The Game”
The Iron Sheik “Foreign Legion”
Jimmy Uso “The Bloodline”
Jim Neidhart “The Anvil”
Kane “Director of Operations”
Kurt Angle “The Olympic Hero”
Diesel “Big Daddy Cool”
Kevin Owens “KO”
Kevin Owens “The New Face of America”
Lex Luger “Wolfpac”
Liv Morgan “Watch Me Liv”
Randy Savage “Madness”
Molly Holly “Pure and Wholesome”
Mr. Perfect “The Perfect One”
Naomi “Feel the Glow”
Natalya “Queen of Harts”
NIkki Cross “A. S. H.”
Nikki Bella “Fearless”
Nia Jax “The Irresistible Force”
Pete Dunne “The Bruiserweight”
Rick Rude “Ravishing”
Rey Mysterio “Mask of Mystery”
Randy Orton “The Viper”
Randy Orton “RKBro”
Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy”
Roman Reigns “The Juggernaut”
Roman Reigns “The Shield”
Rhea Ripley “This is My Brutality”
Rob Van Dam “The Whole Dam Show”
Sami Zayn “The Underdog From The Underground”
Sheamus “The Celtic Warrior”
Sheamus “King Sheamus”
Stacy Keibler “Women’s Legend”
Shinsuke Nakamura “King Nakamura”
The Undertaker “Hall of Fame”
Mr. McMahon “No Chance in Hell”
Yokozuna “Banzai”

Their existing Entourage Boosts will be increased and should scale into the 21,000 Talent Range. (We will add no new entourage abilities.)

We plan to roll out those IMPROVEMENTS in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!

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