Hey Champions,

With BRAND-NEW Drew McIntyre we reach the FINALE in our MITB 2023 Journey. Welcome to Claymore Country!

Earn Shards in Milestones, Tours, and the BONUS Loot for the Master of the Claymore! Kneel to the Steel, baby!

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Claymore Country Solo Contest6/30 at noon PST7/3 at noon PST
Faction Boss7/1 at 2 pm PST7/2 at 6 pm PST
Web Shop Event6/30 at noon PST7/3 at noon PST
⭐ Every $1 spent at wwechampions.com rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Rewards! Get Claymore Country Medallions, Sheamus “The Brawling Brutes” Shards, Claymore Country Solo Contest points, and more!

Available Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards

Solo Contest600
Faction Boss Competition400
Faction Boss Shop120
Limited-Time Tours380
Prize Wall300
Shop Event Milestones at wwechampions.com100
*There will be more Shards in Offers.

⭐ Get him during the Contest and enjoy a 1-Token-only 6-Star Evolution!

LIMITED-TIME ONLY! Friday Only – Open the Claymore Country Loot for a 25% Discount on 40-Pulls! Look for the Master of the Claymore Loot Coin as a BONUS in the “Master of the Claymore Loot BONUS Pack” Offer on Saturday and Sunday! Open Master of the Claymore Loot and get guaranteed 300+ Shards for BRAND-NEW Drew McIntyre with every 3-PULL.

Faction Boss Info

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty, the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it. Winning with an entire team of Faction Members gives 2x the Faction Boss Coins.

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  • Every 1-2 Turns
    • Deal Damage Plus Bonus Damage Per Turn Passed
    • Mod Gems on Board into Silence Gems
    • Freeze Player Moves
    • Buff Boss Damage Per Silence Gem on the Board
  • Battle Attributes
    • Some Battle Attributes will now scale with increasing difficulty levels. Boost amounts below are max values at level 20.
      • Cross Break Gem Damage: +4,000% 
      • Blue Gem Dmg: +1,500%
      • Green Gem Dmg: +1,500%
      • Juggernaut Gem Generation: -100

Boss HP

Boss DifficultyBoss HP

Boss Abilities

  • Deal Damage and Create Random Heal Gems
    • Every turn, starting Turn 1
    • This applies to all difficulty levels
    • The number of Gems created ranges from 12-49 depending on the difficulty
  • Boss Heal
    • Every two turns, starting turn 2
    • Applies at difficulty levels 9+
    • Depending on the difficulty, heal ranges from 10%-20% of Boss’s Maximum Health.
    • Healer’s Steal Boss Breaker will reduce the effectiveness of this move and will apply to the next Boss Heal after activation.
  • Freeze Player Moves
    • Every two turns, starting turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels 6+
    • The number of Moves Frozen ranges from 1-2, depending on the difficulty.
    • The Freeze lasts 1-2 player turns, depending on the difficulty.
    • It can be removed by the Hell Freezes Over Boss Breaker.
  • Buff Boss’s Next Move Damage based on the Number of Heal Gems.
    • Every Turn, starting turn 1.
    • This applies to all difficulties.
    • Boss Damage Buff ranges from 10%-50% depending on the difficulty.
    • The buff can be removed with the Neutralize Boss Breaker.

Boss Level Difficulty Rarity Requirements

Higher Boss Difficulty Levels will require specific Superstar Rarities.

Rarity Req.Boss Difficulty

Battle Tips

Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” will test your team’s ability to board clear and use Cross Break Gems. Defensively, the boss will start by placing Silence gems on the board, overwriting any mod gems on the board, and he will then follow up by Freezing your moves. Take advantage of the extra Cross Break Gem damage and Superstars with good board clear to get rid of these Silence Gems.

Additionally, be prepared with the right Boss Breakers to remove his Damage Buff as well as remove the move Freeze. In addition to Cross Break Gems, take advantage of his weakness to Green and Blue Gems to take down the “Master of the Claymore”.

Useful Boss Breakers

  • Essential
    • Hell Freezes Over (Focused)
    • Neutralize (Chaotic)

  • Helpful
    • Exhaust (Aggressive)
    • Helping Hand (Defensive)
    • It’s Time (Chaotic)

Superstar Strategies

  • Use Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Focused Superstars
      • Hell Freezes Over Boss Breaker: Use this Boss Breaker to un-freeze your team’s frozen moves
    • Chaotic Superstars
      • Neutralize Boss Breaker: Use this Boss Breaker to remove the Boss’s Damage Buff before it takes effect during the Boss’s next turn.
    • Aggressive Superstars
      • Exhaust Boss Breaker: Use this Boss Breaker to reduce the damage of the Boss’s next Move. Especially useful in later turns as the Boss increases its damage the longer the match takes.
    • Superstars with Cross Break Gems
      • Cross Break Gem Damage is increased for this Boss Battle, so make sure to take advantage.
    • Superstars that utilize Green and Blue Gems
      • Green and Blue Gems also gain an increase in damage. This is especially helpful if the Superstar also uses Cross Break Gems to take advantage of all buffs.
    • Superstars with Good Board Clear
      • The Boss will periodically place Silence gems on the board. Use a strategy that can consistently clear the board or overwrite those gems to mitigate the effects of the Silence Gems.
  • Superstars to Avoid
    • Juggernaut Gem Users
      • Moves that create any number of Juggernaut Gems will be unable to do so, so avoid using Superstars that rely on those moves.

Boss Breaker Abilities

  • Hell Freezes Over (Focused)
    • All Difficulty Levels
    • Counter for Freeze Boss Moves
    • Ability works by unfreezing player moves
    • Boss Breaker Upgrade Summary
      • Level 2-5 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 6-7 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 8-9 : Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Teammates affected

  • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • Difficulty 9+
    • Counter for Boss Damage Buff
    • Ability works by removing a Boss’s Buff
    • Upgrade Benefits
      • Level 2-7 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 8-9 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Buffs removed
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour and Faction Boss Competition for MASSIVE Points, Claymore Country Shard Bags, and Claymore Country Medallions.

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Earn over 4 MILLION POINTS in Limited-Time Tours!
Claim 300,000 Points from Stamp Cards on wwechampions.com!
Earn nearly 5 MILLION POINTS in the Faction Boss Competition!
Claim 200,000 Points from the Store if you purchased this week’s Backstage Pass!
Spend a Claymore Country Loot Coin13,000
Spend a Claymore Country Loot Coin for the First Time80,0001
Recruit Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” during the first 24 Hours of this Contest!1,500,0001
Max Milestone14,500,000

Regular Rewards

200Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards
1,000Health Packs
25Nikki Cross “Unpredictable” Shards
20Claymore Country Shard Bags
+ Coins and Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1,000Health Packs
37,100Claymore Country Medallions
1Ultimate Drew McIntyre Power Strap with Guaranteed Bonus
255-Star Emerald Tokens
76-Star Bronze Medallions
165-Star Gold Tokens
204-Star Gold Tokens
105-Star Diamond Tokens
100Nikki Cross “Unpredictable” Shards
1Legendary Drew McIntyre Strap with Guaranteed Bonus
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 1)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 2)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 3)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 4)

Top 200 Leaderboard Rewards

1Up to a 6-Star Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” (Top 20)
4,000Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards
205-Star Emerald Tokens
20,000Strap Parts

Faction Boss Competition

Play with Contest Superstars and earn Boss Shop Currency for Claymore Country Shard Bags, 4,700,000 Solo Contest Points, 150 Pat Patterson “The Blond Bomber” Shards, and MORE!

Earn up to 4,200,000 EXTRA Claymore Country Solo Contest Points in the Leaderboard!

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn Boss Shop Currency200
Defeat the Boss on Level 2020,000
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”1,500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with any Drew McIntyre600,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Jimmy Uso “The Bloodline”600,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with any Roman Reigns600,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with any Austin Theory1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with any Riddle1,000,0001
Beat the Boss on Level 15 with any Damian Priest1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 15 with any Sheamus1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 15 with Angelo Dawkins “The Street Profits”1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with Randy Orton “RKBro”1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with Sheamus “The Brawling Brutes”1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 18 with Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”1,000,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000


4,700,000Claymore Country Solo Contest Points
5Claymore Country Shard Bags
150Pat Patterson “The Blond Bomber” Shards
1,100TP Black
1Ultimate Modern Era Power Strap
46-Star Bronze Medallions
300Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards

Top 800 Leaderboard Rewards

Up to 4,200,000Claymore Country Solo Contest Points

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards, Claymore Country Medallions, and over 4,100,000 Solo Contest Points.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
Friday⭐⭐⭐⭐ CHALLENGE MATCH (Modern Era)Normal
Any Sami Zayn

Any Roman Reigns

Any Damian Priest
FridayVictory Tour: Master of the Claymore [Contest Superstar Rewards 24 Hours Only!]Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”
FridayLive by the Sword (Modern Era)Sheamus “The Brawling Brutes”
Drew McIntyre “The Sinister Scotsman”
SaturdayClaymore Country (Technician)Austin Theory “The Now”
SundayKneel to the Steel (Modern Era)Damian Priest “The Judgment Day”
Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior”
SundayKeep It Medieval (Modern Era)Normal
Viking Riders

Anoai Stable



200Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards
4,103,000Claymore Country Solo Contest Points
11Claymore Country Shard Bags
8,000Claymore Country Medallions
63,750Focused Boss Breaker Coins
86,250Aggressive Boss Breaker Coins
36-Star Silver Tokens
+ More Tokens

Prize Wall

Redeem your Claymore Country Medallions on this Prize Wall for Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards, Shards for TOP Superstars and 6-Star Evolutions, Straps, and Token Bundles!

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Screenshots are from a test environment. Costs are pretty much WIP and not final!

Aggressive B Tier Striker Shards
Focused B Tier Striker Shards
Chaotic B Tier Striker Shards
Defensive B Tier Striker Shards
Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” Shards
Pat Patterson “The Blond Bomber” Shards
Sami Zayn “Out of the Bloodline” Shards
Gunther “Imperium” Shards
Dominik Mysterio “The Judgment Day” Shards
Technician Token Bundle
Acrobat Token Bundle
Striker Token Bundle
Trickster Token Bundle
Showboat Token Bundle
Powerhouse Token Bundle
Strap Parts

6-Star Bronze Loot (NO SHARDS)

Spin the Loot for a chance at a BRAND-NEW 6-Star Bronze Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” and many other TOP Superstars that can help you in this Contest! Every Loot Coin spent earns you 13,000 Solo Points in the Clymore Country Contest!

Reward yourself with a 3-Star GOLD Poster of Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” or his Shards! Max Pull (3) will get you 300+ of his Shards!

This Loot contains ONLY Shards or Poster of BRAND-NEW Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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