Hey Champions,

The Ministry of Darkness has risen from the shadows, and under his rule, they’ve become one of the most dangerous alliances in WWE history!

Unlock BRAND-NEW Undertaker with Shards in Milestones, Tours, and on the Prize Wall, alongside 6-Star Silver Token Bundles and the BRAND-NEW Acolytes Moment!


The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest8/25 at noon PST8/28 at noon PST
Faction Boss8/26 at 2 pm PST8/27 at 6 pm PST
25% Discount on Max Pulls8/25 at noon PST8/26 at noon PST
Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards Only Loot!8/26 at noon PST8/28 at noon PST
⭐ Every $1 spent at wwechampions.com rewards progress towards AMAZING Milestone Rewards! Get The Ministry of Darkness Medallions, Solo Sikoa “Bloodline” Shards, The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest Points, and more!

Available Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards

Solo Contest550
Faction Boss Competition400
Faction Boss Shop120
Limited-Time Tours (including Trial)530
Prize Wall300
Shop Event Milestones at wwechampions.com100
*There will be more Shards in Offers.

⭐ Get him during the Contest and enjoy a 1-Token-only 6-Star Evolution!

Faction Boss Info

The Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” has arrived as this week’s Faction Boss! Figure out how to overcome his hardened Green Gem Shield and Silence gems. Boss Breakers will not affect the shield, so bring Superstars that generate Green Gems. Use Neutralize and Exhaust Boss Breakers to reduce the Boss’s damage and remove his damage buff. The Boss does have a large weakness to Botch and Trap gems! And moves that steal Health will be very effective against him!

Click here for Battle Tips
  • Boss Moves
    • Every 1-2 Turns
      • Deal Damage increasing per turn
      • Hardened Green gem shield
      • Spawn Silence gems
      • Buff Boss damage if Silence gems are on the board
  • Battle Attributes
    • Some Battle Attributes will now scale with increasing difficulty levels, boost amounts below are max values at level 20.
    • Trap Gem Damage: + 6,000%
    • Steal Health: + 8,000%
    • Botch Gem Damage: + 8,000%

Boss HP

Boss DifficultyBoss HP

Boss Abilities

  • Deal Damage and Extra Bonus Damage Per Turn Passed
    • Every turn, starting Turn 1
    • This applies at all difficulty levels.
    • Move deals bonus damage based on the Boss turn number
  • Hardened Green Gem Shield
    • Every 2 turns, starting turn 2
    • Applies at difficulty levels 6+
    • Shield Lasts 1-2 turns, depending on the difficulty.
    • Shield HP Scales from 25-150 depending on the difficulty
    • Shield will not be affected by Boss Breakers
  • Spawn Silence Gems
    • Every 2 turns, starting turn 2
    • This applies at all difficulty levels.
    • Creates 5-25 Silence gems depending on difficulty
  • Buff Boss Damage if Silence gems are on the board
    • Every 2 turns, starting Turn 3
    • Applies at all difficulty levels 9+
    • Buff lasts through Boss’s next turn.
    • Boss Buffs itself for 25%-100% extra Damage next turn if there is any Silence Gem on your Board.
    • The Neutralize Boss Breaker can remove this.

Boss Level Difficulty Rarity Requirements

Higher Boss Difficulty Levels will require specific Superstar Rarities.


Useful Boss Breakers

  • Essential
    • Exhaust (Aggressive)
    • Neutralize (Chaotic)
  • Helpful
    • Helping Hand (Defensive)
    • It’s Time (Chaotic)

Superstar Strategies

Use Superstars with the following characteristics

  • Aggressive Superstars
    • Exhaust Boss Breaker: Use this Boss Breaker to reduce the amount of damage damage the boss will deal next turn
  • Chaotic Superstars
    • Neutralize Boss Breaker: Use this Boss Breaker to remove the Boss Buff that increases his damage.
  • Superstars with Steal Health Moves
    • Steal Health Moves gain a large damage buff, so take advantage of this by using Superstars with moves that Steal Health.
    • Secondary steal health Effects (Traps, Countdown, etc) are not affected by the Buff.
  • Superstars that use Trap Gems
    • Trap Gems gain a large damage buff, so make sure to utilize Superstars that create and destroy Trap Gems.
  • Superstars that create and destroy Botch Gems
    • Botch gems gain a damage buff against the boss

Boss Breaker Abilities

  • Exhaust (Focused)
    • All Difficulty Levels
    • Counter for Boss damage
    • Ability works by reducing amount of damage Boss does
    • Boss Breaker Upgrade Summary
      • Level 2-5 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 6-7 : Decreased Cooldown and increased Damage reduction
      • Level 8-9 : Increased Damage reduction
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Damage reduction
  • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • Difficulty 9+
    • Counter for Boss Damage Buff
    • Ability works by removing a Boss’s Buff
    • Upgrade Benefits
      • Level 2-7 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 8-9 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Buffs removed
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown

⭐⭐⭐⭐ You can redeem your earned Boss Coins in the Faction Boss Shop for Faction Boss Promoter Shards, Coins, TP, Tokens, Medals, Shards for BRAND-NEW Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”, a random Ultimate Strap, and TONS of Superstar Shards that will help you with your next 6-Star Bronze Superstar Evolution!

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour and Faction Boss Competition for MASSIVE Points, Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards, Grab Bags, and Prize Wall Medallions.

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Please note:
Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!

Earn over 4 MILLION POINTS in Limited-Time Tours!
Claim 300,000 Points from Stamp Cards on wwechampions.com!
Earn nearly 5 MILLION POINTS in the Faction Boss Competition!
Claim 160,000 Points from the Store if you purchased this week’s Backstage Pass!
Spend 1 Ministry of Darkness Loot Coin18,500
Spend your first Ministry of Darkness Loot Coin100,0001
Recruit Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” during the first 24 Hours of this Contest!2,000,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000

Regular Rewards

150Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards
1,000Health Packs
14,100The Ministry of Darkness Medallions
20The Ministry of Darkness Shard Bags
500Kama “The Nation of Domination” Evo Tokens
250Summer of Domination Prize Wall Emblems
+ Coins and Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1,000Health Packs
81,300The Ministry of Darkness Medallions
1Ultimate Undertaker Power Strap
155-Star Emerald Tokens
76-Star Bronze Medallions
165-Star Gold Tokens
204-Star Gold Tokens
275-Star Diamond Tokens
125D’Lo Brown “The Nation of Domination” Shards
1Legendary Undertaker Strap with Guaranteed Bonus
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 1)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 2)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 3)
4Tier 5 Fury II Medals (Slot 4)

Top 200 Leaderboard Rewards

1Up to a 6-Star Bronze Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” (Top 20)
4,000Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards
205-Star Emerald Tokens
20,000Strap Parts

Faction Boss Competition

Play with Contest Superstars and earn Boss Shop Coins for The Ministry of Darkness Shard Bags, 4,700,000 Solo Contest Points, Solo Sikoa “The Bloodline” Shards, and MORE!

Earn up to 4,200,000 EXTRA The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest Points in the Leaderboard!

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn Boss Shop Coins200
Defeat the Boss on Level 205,000
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”1,000,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 9 with Braun Strowman “Strowman Express”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with Stevie Ray “nWo Hollywood”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 10 with Ken Shamrock “Master of the Ankle Lock”500,0001
Beat the Boss on Level 15 with any Edge “The Iconoclast”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with Solo Sikoa “The Bloodline”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”500,0001
Defeat the Boss on Level 18 with Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”1,500,0001
Max Milestone15,000,000


4,700,000The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest Points
5The Ministry of Darkness Shard Bags
150Solo Sikoa “The Bloodline” Shards
1,200TP Yellow
1Ultimate Attitude Era Power Strap
46-Star Bronze Medallions
300Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards
7,050The Ministry of Darkness Medallions

Top 800 Leaderboard rewards

Up to 4,200,000The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest Points

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards, The Ministry of Darkness Medallions, and 4,500,000 Solo Contest Points.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayDead Man Walking [Contest Superstar Rewards 24 Hours Only!]Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”
FridayPlague of Evil (Attitude Era)The Brood
Stevie Ray “nWo Hollywood”
D’Lo Brown “The Nation of Domination”
SaturdayTrickster Domination (Trickster)Kama “The Nation of Domination”
SundayThe Brood ExpressEdge “The Iconoclast”
Braun Strowman “Strowman Express”
SundayThe Deadman (Any Undertaker)Undertaker “Hall of Fame”
Undertaker “The Deadman”


4,500,000The Ministry of Darkness Solo Contest Points
125Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards
3,000The Ministry of Darkness Medallions
14The Ministry of Darkness Shard Bags
63,750Focused Boss Breaker Coins
86,250Aggressive Boss Breaker Coins
56-Star Silver Tokens
+ Tokens

Prize Wall

Redeem your Ministry of Darkness Medallions on this Prize Wall for RARE Superstar Shards, 6-Star Silver Token Bundles, and Strap Parts!

⭐ Earn enough Medallions for the BRAND-NEW Acolytes Moment!

Max Acolytes Moment Feud Boosts
+5 Color Gem Generation
+250% Power Gem Strength
+150% Protect Gem Damage
+150% Row Break Damage
+75% Red Move Damage
+50% Red Gem Damage
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Screenshots are from a test environment. Costs and items are not final!

The Acolytes Win Tag Team Championship
Focused Showboat Shards
Aggressive Showboat Shards
Defensive Showboat Shards
Chaotic Showboat Shards
Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards
Solo Sikoa “The Bloodline” Shards
Edge “Iconoclast” Shards
JBL “The Acolytes” Shards
Faarooq “The Acolytes” Shards
Ken Shamrock “Master of the Ankle Lock”
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man” Shards
Class-specific Token Bundles
Token Packs
Strap Parts
TP Packs

6-Star Bronze Loot (NO SHARDS)

Spin the Loot for a chance at a BRAND-NEW 6-Star Bronze Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” and many other TOP Superstars that can help you in this Contest!

LIMITED-TIME ONLY! Spin the Loot on Friday for a 25% Discount on MAX Pulls!


Shards in the Flash Market and this Shard Loot will help you with the Unlock. Find Shards and Loot Coins in Offers at wwechampions.com and finish your Unlocks with this LIMITED-TIME source of ONLY Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness” Shards or his Poster! (No other Shards or Poster in this Loot)

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