Update 9/28/23

Bronson Reed made it! Our 4 December Superstars are set, thanks to our Community.

⭐ Grayson Waller
⭐ Chelsea Green
⭐ Ludwig Kaiser
⭐ Bronson Reed

Thanks, everyone, for participating in this Fan Voting. Stay tuned for more info on how and when to get these NEW Superstars in December!

Previous Updates

Update 9/27/23

WOW, what a finish! Imperium with Ludwig Kaiser prevailed over Roman Reigns and will be one of your NEW Superstars this December!

There is only one more Vote to go, and we have our 4 NEW upcoming Superstars!


Update 9/27/23

Congratulations to Chelsea Green; she will be in our December Release Road Map! It is now up to the Community again to determine the Winner in our 1st Men’s Division Finale, Roman Reigns or Ludwig Kaiser?

9/25Women’s Division Winner
⭐ Chelsea Green
9/26Men’s Division 1st Finale
Roman Reigns VS Ludwig Kaiser
9/27Men’s Division 2nd Finale
Seth Rollins VS Bronson Reed

Update 9/25/23

What an exciting Weekend! The Community voted their Favorites into the Finals, which will start TODAY at 5 PM PST with the Women’s Division Finale and Chelsea Green versus Maryse!

Who do you want to see as a NEW Superstar Release this December?

9/25Women’s Division Finale
Chelsea Green VS Maryse
9/26Men’s Division 1st Finale
Roman Reigns VS Ludwig Kaiser/Giovanni Vinci (still ongoing)
9/27Men’s Division 2nd Finale
Seth Rollins VS Bronson Reed

Update 9/22/23

Due to the recent events at WWE, we have reserved the right to adjust the seeding for the upcoming Fan Voting Tournament.

We acknowledge Roman Reigns and his second-most votes in the first Fan Voting. Thus, our Tribal Chief will take a seat in the next Round!

1Roman Reigns (17%)
2Seth Rollins
3Mustafa Ali
4Bronson Reed
5Ludwig Kaiser
6Giovanni Vinci
7Elton Prince
8Kit Wilson

If there are no other changes at WWE, the Fan Voting Tournament will continue as follows:

DateContender 1Contender 2
9/22 @5PM PSTSeth RollinsKit Wilson
9/23 @5PM PSTBronson ReedElton Prince
9/24 @5PM PSTLudwig KaiserGiovanni Vinci
9/25Women’s Division Finale
Chelsea Green VS Maryse
9/26Men’s Division 1st Finale
Roman Reigns VS ?
9/267Men’s Division 2nd Finale
? VS ?

Update 9/21/23

Maryse prevailed against Trish Stratus and is in the Women’s Division Finale!

Women’s Division Finale
Chelsea Green vs. Maryse

Please note:

In light of the recent WWE news, we reserve the right to revisit the Fan Voting Tournament. Stay tuned for more Info.

Update 9/20/23

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chelsea Green is in the Women’s Division Finale on 9/25!

Today, the Community can vote on her opponent. Will it be Maryse or Trish Stratus?

Update 9/19/23

The WWE Champions Community has voted Grayson Waller as one of the December Releases! Well done! All remaining Superstars will enter the Fan Voting Tournament, starting on 9/21 with the 2nd Seed against the 9th!

1⭐ Grayson Waller20%
2Roman Reigns17%
3Seth Rollins16%
4Mustafa Ali13% (2608)
5Bronson Reed13% (2552)
6Ludwig Kaiser13% (2503)
7Giovanni Vinci3% (598)
8Elton Prince3% (546)
9Kit Wilson3% (486)

So let’s continue with TODAY’S Fan Voting and the Question who will enter the Women’s Division Finale on 9/25? Chelsea Green or Sonya Deville?

Hey Champions,

Here’s a little reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching. So, to ensure we all get our presents in time, let’s start with our WISHLIST this year!

Yes, it’s true, it’s damn true (again)! The Community can determine our DECEMBER Superstar Releases in another fantastic FAN VOTING at wwechampions.com! ❄

How does it work?

Like our successful Summer of Champions Fan Voting, you can VOTE DAILY wwechampions.com for your favorite Superstars – our upcoming Superstars in December.

You will vote on 3 Winners for the Men’s Division and 1 for the Women’s Division. The Voting and Tournament methods are based on the Community Feedback we received last time.

The first Fan Voting determines the first Winner and with that, one of the Superstars you can get this December. The remaining Superstars will enter a Fan Voting Tournament, where the 2nd favorite Vote gets face-to-face with the last one, the 3rd against the 8th, and so on. Those Winners will battle it out in the Playoffs for the last two seats in the December Sleigh!

The Women’s Division Votings are similar but shorter.

Fan Voting Schedule

DateFan VotingDetails
9/18ALL 9 Men’s DivisionThe winner will be one of the December Superstars. 2-9 get seeded 1-8 for the Fan Voting Tournament.
9/19Chelsea Green vs Sonya DevilleWinner moves on
9/20Maryse vs Trish StratusWinner moves on
9/21Remaining 8 Men’s DivisionSeed 1 vs Seed 8
Winner moves on
9/22Remaining 8 Men’s DivisionSeed 2 vs Seed 7
Winner moves on
9/23Remaining 8 Men’s DivisionSeed 3 vs Seed 6
Winner moves on
9/24Remaining 8 Men’s DivisionSeed 4 vs Seed 5
Winner moves on
9/25Women’s Division FinaleWinner gets in
9/26Men’s Division 1st Finale Winner gets in
9/27Men’s Division 2nd FinaleWinner gets in

What are the Superstar Options?

Men’s Division (9)Women’s Division (4)
Elton Prince (Pretty Deadly)Chelsea Green
Kit Wilson (Pretty Deadly)Sonya Deville
Giovanni Vinci (Imperium)Maryse
Ludwig Kaiser (Imperium)Trish Stratus
Grayson Waller
Bronson Reed
Mustafa Ali
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns
3 Winners for the Men’s Division and 1 for the Women’s Division.

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and give us your constructive feedback on this Fan Voting!